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BP Complaints

oil fire rig fire off the coast of New Orleans La Deepwater Horizon

Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

oil fire rig fire off the coast of New Orleans La Deepwater Horizon Video Courtesy US Coast Guard Atlantic

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  1. democratichypocrit says:

    I love how everyone states “end of times”. It was simply human error & equipment failure. If u dont want oil & gas 2 pollute the sea, air & ozone, come up with a good alternative. Put pressure on the govt to do that, otherwise stand on the side of the road & beat your meat or continue yacking cause the majority of us arent listening. If they stop offshore drilling tomorrow, oil & gas prices will skyrocket & then u will complain about that.

    fuckin hypocrites. Dont u love utube

  2. unitywave says:

    The UNITYWAVE has begun

  3. ThePlastron says:

    Idea to reduce the Oil Slick Problem 2010 by Plastron

    Please contact me, the second try would work also ….

  4. All4GayUSA says:


    Too bad you have to drive all the way to work tomorrow instead of telecommuting like I recommended. And don’t forget to top off the gas in your car, I noticed your tank was half empty. Remember the last time you ran out of gasoline and I had to come get you stuck out on the freeway stuck in gridlock?

  5. mochoz250109 says:

    I jumped for joy upon hearing of phoebe prince’s death. she’s a fat ugly irish slut. I love watching her writhe in pain. I’m reliving her moment of spectacular death. She tossed and turned on from the rope. Maggots crawled out of her eye sockets and nostrils. Then her body went stiff. She gasped for air, choking on boyfriend’s semen. Then her body went limp and she was no more I wish I were there to capture that kodak moment on camera. I’m gonna pee on her irish grave.

  6. Darlenehere says:

    @MrAnonymous2012 ..yes!, I understand and see the end of times are on us now..and have been for a long time. I just wish this had not happened. I fear the Gulf Of Mexico is going to die because of this terrible spill., and also because the greed of black gold! (Oil)!

  7. kennyroks111 says:

    @1ilovemj your a fucking idiot

  8. yerfucked says:

    I’ve worked in the oil industry. Without a doubt, BP will ultimately blame the 11 dead workers from the Horizon rig for this massive fuck up.
    Another thing to be aware of is that it’s not only crude oil coming out of that hole in the ocean floor. Deadly H2S gas is also a huge factor for all those wondering why birds and mammals are turning up dead on the shore with no signs of contamination. H2S gas is the deadliest gas known to man, and is highly water soluble. Really bad news for sea life!

  9. MrAnonymous2012 says:

    Rev 8:8 and as it were a great mountain burning with fire (the Oil Rig?)was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood (The red clay colored oil slick?);
    9: And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; I wonder ?

  10. Kandanna says:

    One more wake up call!

    If we can use the same amazing powers we have that can cause so much destruction, to do more good to this planet… The change would be beyond measure!!!

  11. reallyidontknow says:

    im not tryin to preach, i want everyone to know that if they do preach or hate on the preachin then everyone’s inner asshole will surface.
    on videos irrelavant like this.

  12. rockman6012 says:

    @reallyidontknow stop preaching then, hypocrite.

  13. 1ilovemj says:

    1.take a deep breath
    2. think of someone u like
    3. press F10 5 times
    4. send this to 5 youtube videos
    5. look at ur backround

  14. mnmumul says:

    1:10 Its the Tardis! on the right side!

  15. reallyidontknow says:

    why does all of this religious stuff pop up everywhere?
    a message to both sides:
    Religious:not the right place to be prophets on youtube, cause most people dont care

    atheists: just shut up and live with the fact that there is something greater in the world, not necessarily a christian god.

  16. mbenson2790 says:

    @mbenson2790 excuse the typo

  17. mbenson2790 says:

    @TheJerBeare that is all any religion is, don’t single out just one

  18. enday5 says:

    New video

  19. TheJerBeare says:

    Dont call him a fucktard because your ignorant and afraid…and dont say your not afraid because you are..its all christianity is..fear. it makes you a weak and blind person. dont even reply to this because im sure it will be childish or pointless religious bullshit.

  20. dahoss2x says:

    BP was an inside job, Obama is an environmental terrorist!

  21. Perktube1 says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if some eco terrorist did this to stop the drilling Obama wanted.

  22. PeaceProfit says:


    Drill Baby Drill… Six million a day to cap the spill,

    Tic Toc… Tic Toc, poison fish stocks, oil slick rocks,

    Burn Baby Burn… Money that could have created… True*Profit,

    Had Greed not driven your Creed…


    (Beware the False – Profits… for there are MANY…

  23. godspure64baby says:

    fuck god there is no god bitches

  24. prekrcac says:

    @PAIGEFUKINFARRELL – You are complete fucktard…..


    @JesusPaid4You MATE THATS bollocks if theres a fucking god why does all this shit happen!! like war and that?? and about ” for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son” thats all lod of shit hu wud give up there child because i wudnt even if i was offerd millions and millions so wot sort of god is that, so stop talking shit sorry if i upset any one but think about things it aint riocket science its just fucking REAL LIFE!

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