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BP Complaints

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill 2010

Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

The government has crossed the Rubicon at this point- maybe NOW all those red staters down in the Gulf will realize oil is a dirty business that sometimes destroys entire ecologies and industries? Where will your shrimp be now, Louisiana? The time for a massive, popular switch to wind and solar and hydrogen is NOW.
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  1. Khultan says:

    Aw, ha ha ha…what more can happen now? Ha ha ha…

  2. Botany101 says:

    She’s getting drilled by her husband so they can spread TriG some more

  3. Khultan says:

    Where is she now? That leader with the awesome chant: “Drill, baby, drill!” Oh, yeah, Sarah Palin.

  4. evilresidence4 says:

    no! they will decapitate our precious little birds!

  5. myfingerisup says:

    Do you back your states conviction of the Jena six? And the hanging of the noose that led to that racist debacle?

  6. myfingerisup says:

    To apply the red state mentality – maybe god is punishing them for their rampant “faggotry”. Bearing in mind that South Park has redefined the word “fag” to mean people who believe that they look really cool by being stupid, loud and obnoxious. Although it works by the old definition too, what with yet another conservative getting caught diddling a boy young enough to be his grandson.

    Great video, botany101

  7. imurhucklberry1 says:

    @flannelking well if you dont like louisiana get the hell out, i live in chauvin louisiana on the coast and we flood and have our problems but im not gonna get on here and downgrade my state. so you egotistacal faggot suck me and get out i dont like you either and i back my state.

  8. energyxprt says:

    You got it. America is so far behind the rest of the world it makes me sick. The reason. Fascist corporate takeover of course. The bigger the companies the more say they have about the direction of the US. I even heard excuses by people that solar panels will block fire rescue crews from roof access. Not true. They are easily broken or removed. The big players know whats going on. If its approached right the economy will improve else the big players will F— up renewable energy too.

  9. Botany101 says:

    FIrst you have to send an invite

  10. sweetypie000 says:

    Rubicon ? wtf does an exotic fruit juice have to do with anything?

    i agree, kill and eat the rich, burn them for fuel !

  11. iamrainhawk says:

    I love your sarcasm haha… so true. Check out the video about how hay cleans up oil..

  12. DREwestcoast says:

    we also have the economy to solve the starvation in africa and so on, but they’re not doing it.

  13. DREwestcoast says:

    @Th3N1nj4Xx creepy

  14. flannelking says:

    @flannelking i meant morals ABOVE the economy

  15. flannelking says:

    I live in New Orleans and it sickens me how unconcerned people are about all that oil leaking. Louisiana is a fucking conservative shit hole too which only makes it worse. Louisiana is also banning the herbal incenses that people use as marijuana alternatives this month because they hold “morals” about the economy in New Orleans.

  16. Botany101 says:

    It;s the Vermont pronunciation

  17. Chewbacca121314 says:

    you said wind turbans :]

  18. Th3N1nj4Xx says:

    @Botany101 accept my facebook friendship dammit

  19. Th3N1nj4Xx says:

    @Botany101 DRILL BABY DRILL

  20. Botany101 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA pure amazingness

  21. VesselOfLucifer says:

    If you dont have a good reason why you hate clowns when i come back, i will kill your whole fucking family.

  22. remy1121 says:


    something that doesn’t cover animals

  23. Bludflecked says:

    Agree 100% bro

  24. Botany101 says:

    Eventually solar panels will beget more solar panels.

    Clean energy is renewable- unlike fossil fuel

  25. NatureCitizan says:

    im 100% ur idea!
    we have to change or we will waste our lovley planet!
    do ur part! protect ur mother earth!

    greetings, barney

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