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NASA Aids Nation’s Response to Oil Spill with Aircraft, Satellites

Posted on May 25, 2010 by bp complaints

NASA has mobilized its remote-sensing assets to help assess the spread and impact of the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico at the request of US disaster response agencies. The aircraft is monitoring the spills path and spread, while the research aircrafts instruments can reckon its thickness and depth.

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  1. jeangrey65 says:

    At my grooming shop, we are saving all hair and sending it to “Matter of trust” to help the clean up. If you or someone you know, gets their dog groomed, please send it to “Matterof trust org” and contact a groomer or hairdresser with the info. Help save our ocean. Please thumb up so all can read this message.

  2. tituel says:

    they will use it 4 narcotrafic too

  3. Frenzal88 says:

    money cant fix the damage done to the environment

  4. shadowace421 says:

    funny how that soil looks like a hurricane, hurricane spill headed towards louisiana again…

  5. erikvvold says:

    bp better be paying for this!

  6. J801506 says:

    @grybold damn right!

  7. mdr48371 says:

    The oil spill actually affected delivery of the external tank from Michaud. They had to use other boats to pull the external tank barge around the spill so NASA’s regular tow boat could get to it without getting gummed up with oil.

  8. grybold says:

    I hope NASA bills BP for the costs of these flights and any associated preparation and administration.

  9. jhmoonman says:

    Great job NASA !!!

  10. jhmoonman says:

    Great vidio NASA !

  11. bosconaut says:

    Good job at NASA in this emergency.

  12. NatureCitizan says:

    wow nice thx nasa 🙂
    so sad it is but to know where it is and how much it is… after u cant trust bp… to mobile forces to deal with.
    hopefully this spill is stopped soon!

    do ur part! protect ur planet!

  13. GalileosMandolin says:

    The sad part of this is that they likely waited weeks for “budget approval,” or “resource re-allocation,” bureaucratic red-tape cripples everything. The amazing thing is that sts-132 is on schedule, not surprising. NASA rocks!

  14. quackstar84 says:


  15. kevinShady100 says:

    wow nice :P……………….. hm

  16. kevinShady100 says:

    wow nice 😛

  17. AdamEtheredge says:

    God save NASA.
    Personally, I still have no idea why they haven’t put NASA in complete charge of this horrible nightmare. The Oil Whores keep comparing this to Apollo 13, and idiots like Sarah Palin keep comparing Oil exploration to the work of the Space Agency.
    They don’t know much about the Space Agency.
    If NASA were in charge, this shit would have never happened in the first place. The Space Station runs on SOLAR.
    Please bring some rationality, sanity and common sense to this, Spacers!

  18. ThisBoyTV says:

    NASA any signs of the oil moving into the Gulf stream?

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