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Gulf oil spill: local impact

Posted on May 10, 2010 by bp complaints

Gulf oil spill: local impact

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  1. gam3377 says:

    They have stopped the oil leak look here –> 338568fd.thesefiles(DOT)com

  2. Allamericom says:

    To LONG to LATE to BIG The failure of Government is all around us
    America is going to believe the cretin politicians are now oil experts. Please stay away and find experts that can cap off the well. Are you here to cover up and make them a welfare States too? Use a bunker missal or one used on the pentagon . Bring back our troops Demorepublicans we can use them here and now. Katrina and this differs Nature / Man another Obamanation of America and its seas. Wake up America to these cretins

  3. Habasch78 says:

    Now we need a Oil Spil forecast.

  4. jbtutt13 says:

    There is a solution….help get the word out. Please view the video located under “megaborg oil spill” on YouTube. They used microbes to eat the oil. This solution has been used successfully by the State of Texas. It leaves a biodegradable waste product that does not hurt fish, shrimp, crabs or oysters.

  5. mcriggins1 says:

    I live on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida and we are screwed.

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