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Posted on May 20, 2010 by bp complaints


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  1. 0nesilver says:

    If any other industry claimed that the prices of their product were high because of the war; then at the end of the year report a $5 to $27 billion dollar profit, that industry would come under investigation by governments and law agencies.

  2. rag4k says:

    Just as long as its free of fertilizer though… Nitrogen in the fertilizer has already caused some areas of the ocean with scant amounts or even no oxygen. This mean organic hay would be needed which is not in huge abundance. …and that’s when bad news becomes worse. There is no organic hay to be had. Supply cannot meet today’s demand. Its simply tapped out.

  3. americanhogs says:

    @ColeFried81 what about other countires?? supply some hay…great job i think

  4. GodGunsGutsGlory777 says:

    WOW! Great work!

  5. oldnotweak says:

    why waste good oil when you can just put a big cap over the oil rig and pump the oil off the surface of the water (cause oil floats) and run ships back and fourth carrying the oil shipments as it gets pumped seems easy enough but i guess you could use this apparently there all ready using hair to strain the oil that has spread around but the oil thats still escaping the rig should be pumped off like i said

  6. EvergreenFox says:

    Because neither the government nor the oil companies thought of it. Just goes to show that the so-called experts don’t have all the answers.

  7. mskarenmoore says:

    There is a big difference between filling muddy farm ponds that consists of water and mud due to the fact that the mud covers the hay. In the case of water and oil. Since you are a Biologist you should know that oil is less dense than water therefore it floats on water.

  8. inDpendant says:

    awesome, good ole american engineering!!!, amen for these guys!!!

  9. hipp6y says:

    genius of simplicity!

  10. 100crawma says:

    msnbc sucks—obama has done nothing—this is obamas katrina and the liberal media is trying to cover it up—-obama doesnt care about the south–he has not even gone to nashville tenn. yet—he could care less about country people

  11. 1911arthur says:

    They know if all else fails, they still have a roll of duct tape!

  12. TheSciFiCat says:

    Much better that using human hair alternative since it is far more plentiful.

  13. brucemcdaniel1 says:

    I think these boys might be on to something…however, leave it up to congress or govt. and it will get screwed up somehow. I’m posting this to facebook and my youtube in hopes that it catches on.

  14. thudmother says:


  15. keoki93 says:

    Could be the difficulty of separating the oil from the straw. I think that any oil company would want to salvage as much as they can in the most cost effective way. Just the idea of pulling oil off straw makes me wonder if its possible. They don’t call it black gold for nothing.

    I certainly don’t expect any big oil company to do the right thing, save the environment as quickly as possible, apologize and eat the full cost of their F-up.

  16. aqwiz says:

    @SweetHere111 Same reason the dog/human hair/pantyhose scenario aren’t being used, BP is in charge, and they are a bunch of bumblers.

  17. InvariantVirus says:


  18. s44nd says:

    Copy this a spread! Get the word out any way you can!

  19. korona3103 says:

    They can already skim the oil off with trawlers dragging booms.

  20. maver1ck89 says:

    It’s like a cooking show from a dystopian future.

  21. Jamboreen says:

    This man should be in charge of the cleanup.

  22. Mutiny32 says:

    Holy crap.

  23. aprillayher says:

    Unfortunately they are wrong about hay or straw floating indefinitely. After it becomes thoroughly water-soaked it will sink to the bottom. As a biologist,I have, for years, used hay to clarify muddy farm ponds for people. It definitly sinks after it is thoroughly soaked so if this method is used, the soiled hay would have to be removed within a day.

    • woody says:

      OK, if it has to be picked up same day, is that doable? I first saw the Youtube video two weeks ago and it appears NOTHING has made national news on this. Sad, sad, sad.

  24. palttrog2 says:

    @desire4liberation getter done dammit

  25. palttrog2 says:

    A+ idea getter done now

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