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BP Fails Booming School 101 Gulf Oil Spill (MIRROR)

Posted on May 23, 2010 by bp complaints

Original post www.youtube.com PLEASE MIRROR THIS AND MAKE IT VIRAL! Thank you also to desire4liberation for your continued and excellent coverage of the spill
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  1. TheFallibleFiend says:

    @CityzenJane Neither me nor any other viewer should have to “google that shit.”

  2. TheFallibleFiend says:

    @skybirdbird 1. To answer your Q directly, “No. I don’t have any reason to believe that BP is doing a good job or even that they ever did a good job or that they have or had good intentions or even that they have any remote clue what they’re doing right now.” I’m not defending BP. I’m defending intellectual integrity. I find this critic’s take very believable, but it would be good to back it up with a few connected dots.

  3. oillift says:

    brilliant how do I mirror this?

  4. skybirdbird says:

    @srhfjimenez lol…that would be good…

  5. srhfjimenez says:

    Someone should make a flash game
    “Are you better than BP at booming? The Game!”

  6. skybirdbird says:

    @Cybermagellan ok…have fun splitting those hairs….

  7. Cybermagellan says:

    @skybirdbird think isn’t fact. If I get in a car accident you may think I’m a horrible driver, though it could very well just be the other persons fault…but doesn’t mean you can go around telling people I failed the driving test.

    A more apt title would be “Example of improper booming” or “BP fails to boom properly” but as the title stands now it makes it sound like something found through wikileaks or similar.

  8. skybirdbird says:

    @xcusemeprincess imo they are!

  9. skybirdbird says:

    @Cybermagellan i think you will be hard pressed to find anybody who thinks bp is doing anything remotely close to a good job….

  10. skybirdbird says:

    @TheFallibleFiend lol…tkx …2 comments!…they all help!

  11. skybirdbird says:

    @bkiddo72 trolls…what is funny is that they don’t realize thumbs up or down…they all count toward pushing the vid to the top…the more views, comments, ratings…the more visible this vid becomes….THANK YOU TROLLS!

  12. skybirdbird says:

    @TheFallibleFiend yes, i suppose…but that research time could probably be better used…did you or do you believe on any level that bp is doing a good job?

  13. xcusemeprincess says:

    @diah4 you’re an idiot, the problem is oil production, and that won’t be solved by individual choices, it needs to be systematic.

    BP is no more negligent than all other oil production and drilling companies

  14. skybirdbird says:

    @827rover yes…and bp owns the patent on the chemicals being used….

  15. skybirdbird says:

    @jessicaweirdly because the msm too is owned by the corporations….

  16. skybirdbird says:

    @diah4 yes…keep track of morningmayan for a full boycott list…include dawn dish liquid while you are at it…

  17. skybirdbird says:

    @shazzbot007 hopefully this will grab the attention of even those who are not yet aware….

  18. skybirdbird says:

    @justonemorename it certainly seems that way….

  19. skybirdbird says:

    @GermanyBln lol…your channel doesn’t even exist….and you are correct over 16K views certainly shows the lack of interest…i love trolls like you that boost views and comments…helps get the message out…THANK YOU!

  20. skybirdbird says:

    @angelthebusines yep…

  21. skybirdbird says:

    @rito502 no…it seems they don’t….

  22. skybirdbird says:

    @tiewebb yes it is…

  23. skybirdbird says:

    @cusanusnicolas you got it!

  24. skybirdbird says:

    @OjnoTheRed yes MrHereistruth did a great job on this vid…

  25. OjnoTheRed says:

    Thank you heaps for explaining that. Yes, I learnt something about booming from this video – and it does make perfect sense. As soon as I saw that channel vvv diagram, I knew what was wrong with those fluoro-orange single lines. Great explanation, thank you. Great use of alternate media to cover what the MSM isn’t!

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