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BP caller said no shoreline impact anticipated

Posted on May 26, 2010 by bp complaints

BP caller said no shoreline impact anticipated
Link to April 21, 2010, phone call to Louisiana State Police Hazardous Materials hotline from a representative for the oil rig Deepwater Horizon. The audio is very clear for State Police hotline officer Walter Hingle.
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  1. Ed Marx says:

    Bp gives a form to fill out through the internet, it is a general form and no room for sketches. When I called the BP hot line 281 366 5511 the operator told me they did not have a Fax for me to send sketches and gave me all kinds of complicated procedures to get my idea and sketches to them.It seem as if DP is making things so complicated to the skills of the average computer operator That they very well may miss some good ideas. Ed Marx XramInc Pres.

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