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I Told You So (Remix for the Pelicans) 2

Posted on July 03, 2010 by bp complaints

Click on the little corporal’s stripes icon directly to the left of “views” for lyrics and more. Watch a curious eel investigating the deep sea gusher. I Told You So If you’re so happy with your new love Baby why you calling me Are you finding out that what he said Ain’t what turned out to be Chorus: I told you so wo wo wo I told you so I hate to have to say it but I tried to let you know I told you so Tried my best to patch it up But you had someone else to do Now I see that someone else is steppin’ out on you Repeat chorus: Bridge: Told you that he’d break your heart Knew someday he’d make you blue Now it’s time the payback starts And you got lots of payments due I told you so (inst. verse) Repeat bridge I told you so I told you so I told you that boy was no good for you I hate to have to say it but I tried to let you know I told you so Live recording, Branson, Missouri, 1998 © Copyright 1997, Unpublished songs(SESAC) PO Box 120811, Nashville, TN 37212 Has “Drill, Baby, Drill” has turned into “Spill, Baby, Spill?” news.yahoo.com If anybody out there with more likes the song and wants to use it make their own video, you can download an mp3 for free from my website and take a crack at it yourself. I won’t sue you as long as it’s not for profit; It’s only a demo.. willrichardson.net Here’s the site for the oil rig that exploded, causing the spill. The specifications on the site say the maximum drill depth is 30000 ft. It was built in 2001. www.deepwater.com The Deepwater

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