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Allen: ‘Impossible to lead cleanup efforts’ without BP – CNN 0

Posted on August 22, 2010 by bp complaints


Allen: 'Impossible to lead cleanup efforts' without BP
(CNN) — The government's point man in charge of the response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill said it is "impossible" to lead cleanup
BP starts removing drill pipe from damaged wellheadAFP
BP told to submit blowout preventer removal planReuters

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Gulf Oil Spill makes surfing IMPOSSIBLE! or not? 14

Posted on May 31, 2010 by bp complaints

Tom, Joe, Pat, Ryan getting schacked! also James Bower, Darrin Niener, Barny ward getting pitted in the water.

Big Setback in Oil Battle – May 11, 2010 (The Witness, SA) “BP said yesterday that it had incurred 0 million in costs so far from the spill, suggesting that the final bill could be much higher than many analysts had predicted and sending its shares to a six-month low.” “Alarm over the use of dispersants to combat the huge US oil leak is being raised by Gulf fishermen and scientists alike, warning that even if the spill is held at bay, the chemicals used to do so may do untold damage. Approximately 1,23 million litres of dispersant have been deployed so far in BPs effort to break up the spreading oil slick (…) and over 1,9 million litres more are available. But the effects it will have on marine life, the shoreline and the people spraying the chemicals are largely a mystery an issue raising concerns in itself.” Unlike the human, some things know no boarders… Commentary by Bernard Poolman Desteni DesteniProductions www.desteni.co.za
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