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Today’s Holocene Mass Extinction 0

Posted on June 23, 2010 by bp complaints

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Today’s Holocene Mass Extinction
bp oil spill 2010
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U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Aspen transits the Panama Canal
bp oil spill 2010
Image by Deepwater Horizon Response

Gulf Oil Spill: Extinction or Evolution? 1

Posted on May 16, 2010 by bp complaints

Gulf Oil Spill: Extinction or Evolution?

It was only a matter of time before something of this magnitude happened.  The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that began April 20th, 2010 may be an evolutionary marker common to every sentient life form throughout the Universe.  Nuclear fission is an example of one. The gamma burst from a planetary nuclear device is probably the best way for an alien species to know with precision the location of intelligent life in the galaxy.  Sightings of alien craft were frequently witnessed during the mid-1940s after atomic testing and the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The event currently happening in the Gulf could be a watershed moment in our evolution if the scales of its effects are global. Poking a hole into a massive, abiotic oil reservoir with methane hydrates to boot is just the end result of a desperate grasp to keep the age of hydrocarbon energy (and the age of money) from ending. The natural drive for us to find ever larger supplies of cheap, easy energy has grown to peak intensity while becoming ever more elusive.

The masters of the main energy supply function as the load bearing pillars of the monetary system.  These people by their nature, will not relinquish control unless something pushes them aside due to its enormity.  If the Earth begins to die, this confusing fog of the old paradigm will be sucked away in an instant.  Money, power and our other make-believe constructs will be replaced by a cold, brutal race against the clock that will require our calmness, ingenuity and unquestioning loyalty to each other on a community level. Everyone will matter because everyone’s efforts will be needed at top form.  This atmosphere of cooperation will bring a joy to us that we forgot existed.  We are hardwired to be with each other, physically. Have you ever wondered why we started as tribes?  It is because our children could not hunt until ages 10 to 14.  We had to bind together in tribes to protect our young as they grew.  Contrast this to a tiger cub who can hunt after a year.  We are meant to be together in the flesh.

Now… what is next if the spill continues to bleed from the Earth at a potential peak amount of 100,000 barrels of oil a day?  Probably some chaos, but if we are all under the threat of dying, because we cannot live without the oceans, then we may just see a shift in our collective mind toward survival which will only succeed if we come together in our efforts.  No one will have to explain this to anyone.  It will just be a fact.  This is the massive paradigm shift that will catapult us through the first major evolutionary step of the collective human mind, or it could be the actual birth of the collective mind in its complete but untested and undeveloped form.

Through the relearning of values that come from depending on others for your life coupled with the knowledge that scarcity of energy is a lie, will open our eyes to new possibilities.  With ample energy to help us build such things as new and clean geothermal plants, wind farms, and spray-on solar cells, we will understand that the monetary system is unnecessary. Combine endless energy with advanced robotics and the need for mundane, physical labor diminishes and the creative abilities of the human mind will begin another great expansion.  A new world will emerge from the aftermath, where manufactured scarcity will be gone forever.

War will end.

Comfortable, community-minded people do not war over religion or governmental systems.  The captains of industry have used these institutions throughout history to steal other’s property.  When abundant resources are enjoyed without the trauma of slave labor or financial distress, individuals choose not to kill each other over “isms”.  War has always been about the theft of resources.  Fighters on the ground might believe the cover story, but the cover story is never why they are fighting.  War is about someone trying to take something that doesn’t belong to them. It is carnal and never spiritual.

This dilemma in the Gulf of Mexico has no short or easy answer.  If we can clean the planet from this oil menace and stay alive, enough generations will pass so that our posterity will know the values that come with being absolutely bound through teamwork in order to survive. This is what peace will look like on a global scale, and no one will want to play monopoly anymore.  If someone stands up to give a political speech, they will be speaking to empty seats because that trick will be irrelevant. In fact, no one will covet leadership because we will all be the leaders and saviors of each other.  Positions of power will be replaced by positions of responsibility.

Whether this disaster in the Gulf is part of what Isaac Asimov referred to as a type of pre-ordained “psychohistory”, remains to be seen.  It would not surprise me in the least if not one but numerous sentient species are observing what happens next.  I believe they are waiting to see if the human paradigm shift is triggered soon and what triggers it. Wouldn’t you be curious to see how unity and peace are born?  If you had witnessed it before, wouldn’t you take great joy in seeing it happen again?

The paradigm shift to unity and peace will be filled with years of heartache, terror, fighting, love, teamwork, constant struggle, innovation, victory and joy. Some of us will not be here as long as we had wanted, and others will survive long enough to see the beginnings of a new world risen from the ashes of the oil age. Something wonderful is about to happen, but we must forgive ourselves first.  Get ready to bring a strong heart, a clear mind and all of the empathy in your spirit.  We are all about to experience the reason we are here; the destiny of our planet.


My story is simple. I care about humanity and the resolution of confilct between countries and people in general.  I pray for the best outcome and for peace to reach every person.

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