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Chemical Testing Finds Gulf Seafood Safe to Eat, Says FDA – eMaxHealth 0

Posted on November 01, 2010 by bp complaints

New York Times

Chemical Testing Finds Gulf Seafood Safe to Eat, Says FDA
have declared that the tests indicate that no widespread contamination has occurred from the dispersants used to break up the oil from the BP Oil spill.
Gulf fish is free of contaminants, says FDAExaminer.com
NOAA, FDA Add Test for Dispersant in Gulf SeafoodFood Safety News
Green: Gulf Seafood Is Safe, Officials SayNew York Times
Reuters –Medical News Today
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Gulf Oil Spill Impacts Families, Children’s Health – eMaxHealth 0

Posted on August 06, 2010 by bp complaints

Globe and Mail

Gulf Oil Spill Impacts Families, Children's Health
than 1200 adults who live within 10 miles of the Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Mississippi to determine the impact of the oil disaster on their health.
Scientists criticize White House minimization of Gulf disasterWorld Socialist Web Site
Defenders of Wildlife Reacts to NOAA Report on Gulf Oil DisastereNews Park Forest
Oil spill enters new phase: restoring the Gulf, learning from the disasterNOLA.com
FOX 4 News –USA Today –CMAJ
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