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#oilspill news – dredge excavator dredging suggestion video JT Industrial 0

Posted on June 21, 2010 by bp complaints

Oil Spill suggestion ,www.jtindustrial.co.za, eco friendly cleanup solutions ,hay obsorbent,construction of oil spill pollution barriers with round or square grass bales proven techniques used during recent pollution cleanup projects. This easy construction method just below on hightide mark or floodline to be instant barrier to prevent contamination. Can be stacked to privide barrier 1 t 3 meters high. Recyclable and can be used as energy source after initial use JT Industrial Waste Management www.jtindustrial.co.za Cleanup teams ready to assist. mobile +27837442161 Eco friendly.

U.K. press, IEA dredge up memory of Piper Alpha 0

Posted on June 10, 2010 by bp complaints

U.K. press, IEA dredge up memory of Piper Alpha
Imagine: a foreign oil company’s disastrous actions leading to civilian deaths and a harmful oil spill. It’s the story of BP’s current situation in the Gulf of Mexico. And it’s also the story of Occidental Petroleum’s Piper Alpha.
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