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Is the gulf oil spill effecting the crawfish in Louisiana? 5

Posted on May 16, 2010 by bp complaints

Question by Me: Is the gulf oil spill effecting the crawfish in Louisiana?
We need to bring some crawfish to my uncles up North by June 1st. Are the crawfish being effected by the oil spill in the gulf?

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Answer by JustCurious
Yes, they will be affected. To what degree will be the question. Depending where you get for crawdads from there may or may not be toxic contamination.

The main line will be the depth of saltwater intrusion. Where ever there is salt water in LA, there will most likely be contamination. Once the salt water makes it up the rivers and flood plains as much as it does if there is fresh water continuing up stream there will most likely be minor contamination.

The rate of the contamination and depth inland will depend on what is done at land/river-sea interface. Communities should start preparing for defense, either bioremediation, nutralization, damming, many ideas should be starting to be come up with. Wait for the government or BP and it will be too late nor can they defend the 300 +/- mi of coast.

SOOOO…. If there are crawdads in a body of water a ways from the coast should be “ok”. Depends when you go for them. I give it 2 weeks before its a ways up some of the water ways.

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