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Posted on May 29, 2010 by bp complaints

Camelot Source projectcamelotproductions.com Terrormap img683.imageshack.us FOLLOW THE MONEY hotair.com Vulcano in the Mexican Gulf ( Texas coastline ) www.utdallas.edu Bullit proof seismic surveys. www.slb.com Mexican Gulf www.geoexpro.com geology.mines.edu en.wikipedia.org www.spiderednews.com www.dailymail.co.uk blogs.clarin.com www.independent.co.uk www.returntoatlantis.com www.gizamap.com Movie “Knowing” – BP oil spill and the plot behind it It occurred to me that the oil spill had to be engineered from higher levels and my only question was, why? What did they hope to gain? A source has contacted me to reveal the following: Apparently, a faulty gasket was installed and allowed to fail. The ultimate objective has to do with the movement of the North Atlantic conveyer… In the end, what we have here is a move in the chess game of Weather Wars. From Wikipedia: “It is believed that North Atlantic Deep Water formation has been dramatically reduced at times during the past (such as during the Younger Dryas or during Heinrich events), and that this might correlate with a decrease in the strength of the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic drift, in turn cooling the climate of northwestern Europe…” Although the exact way this will play out is unclear. However, the gist of it all is that the spill moving up the Northeast coast of the US will head toward Iceland (what is it about Iceland that is such a trigger point/focus for things at this time one wonders) and then over to
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