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BP Says Limits on Drilling Imperil Oil Spill Payouts – New York Times

Posted on September 03, 2010 by bp complaints


BP Says Limits on Drilling Imperil Oil Spill Payouts
New York Times
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  1. Stephanie says:

    BP made billions – with a B – in profits last year and now they can’t (or is it won’t?) afford their clean up responsibilities unless allowed to go back to drilling in the Gulf? This sounds like blackmail. Really what it sounds like is something akin to paying the local gang for “protection”; let us do what we want and we’ll “leave you alone” – heck, we might even cough up the funds we promised if you’re nice enough to us.

    There’s been so much that’s come out already about cut corners on that drilling platform. Why should we (or the workers for that matter) trust them to drill again? Besides, it was THEIR responsibility to be prepared for potential disasters. If the disaster their own cut corners effectively caused now cause the company to go under just because our government finally grows a spine and refuses their request to drill again – so be it. I know this much, if this is the end of BP, I won’t be warming up any violins to play them a sad song. Nor will I be giving them quarters to call someone who cares. They’re on their own. The PEOPLE and the ENVIRONMENT I’ll help – but not a company that’s so clearly without ethics or conscience. I’m particularly unwilling to let such a company further risk people and the environment in the name of helping people and the environment hurt by their prior damage. Surely they don’t think we’re all that stupid.
    Stephanie Mcnealy
    Customer Service Team

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