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Posted on July 06, 2010 by bp complaints

BP Oil SPill is Old News Propaganda runs in circles. When History Attacks presents: When Midnight Comes After witnessing the incredible BP spill at the Deep Water Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico, learn more about when history attacks. Written, Directed, and Edited by Jeff Burns Produced by Steve Paul Editorial Consultant David Schneider Tariq Abdus-Sabur Featuring Contributions From: American Harvest (1955) This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archives Cinematography: Gordon Avil, Pierre Mols and Robert Tavernier. Music: Samuel Benavie. Narrator: John Forsythe. Revised from the original 1951 version. Producer: Handy (Jam) Organization Destination Earth (1956) This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archives Producer: Sutherland (John) Productions More Power to You (1930) This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archives Producer: Handy (Ja) Organization Narrator: Lowell Thomas. Faith Films Presents Oil Today Power Tomorrow This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archives Production Company: Frith Films When the Circuit Breaks: Americas Energy Chrisis (1975) Producer: Concept Films, Inc. This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archives Desert Venture (1958) This movie is part of the collection: Prelinger Archives Producer: Richie (Robert Yarnall) Plastic Age Anniversary produced weekly by the National Association of Manufacturers. 0590 PA8201 Industry on Parade: Plastic Age Anniversary This movie is part of the collection

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  1. morph995 says:

    I don’t remember. How long ago was it? I think the market as gotten more corrupt and so there is more manipulation going on these days. You know how these people like Ron Paul and Alex Jones scream that the economy is going to collapse and the dollar will be destroyed? I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. Instead, they are going to keep bleeding us little at a time like they are doing now. history shows that collapses lead to revolution

  2. mummbleswers says:

    @morph995 I know, you’re right. The derivatives market and price speculation play a big part of how much we pay at the pump, but that will only take people so far. Remember when prices were above $100 a barrel? Well it couldn’t sustain because demand fell off a cliff and the economy collapsed. Speculation is only part of it.

  3. morph995 says:

    these speculators are invested in gasoline and want the price to go up

  4. morph995 says:

    because the price of gasoline isn’t based on supply and demand, it’s artificially run up from speculators…look up on google something like “gasoline speculators”…

  5. CAESARbonds says:

    HAIL to the Gasoline.
    I feel the urge tu burn some. must sell prius, and buy an big audi. must burn oil…

  6. mummbleswers says:

    @morph995 I understand that perfectly but I thought you just said they wanted to bleed us slowly. So that kind of goes against your idea that they want to raise prices. Trust me – if they wanted to raise prices they would get it done through OPEC or a derivatives market (see Enron). The problem is that I just don’t understand your point. We’re being taught to conserve so they can raise prices? If we conserve the price will go down. Simple economics. What am I missing here?

  7. morph995 says:

    @mummbleswers the corporations own the USA…sorry if you don’t understand that…they’d like to increase the price of gas

  8. mummbleswers says:

    @morph995 First of all – who are “they.” Second of all – you ever think we are being taught to conserve so that maybe we wont be so dependent on countries that hate us? Why do conservatives always talk national security and then want to be in bed with the countries in the middle east that can never stop fighting and will never respect our way of life. That’s why we need to conserve – so we can tell those people to fuck off and fight their own wars while we ship our energy to other places.

  9. morph995 says:

    does anyone ever stop and wonder why we are being taught to conserve? Ever think that maybe they want to increase the price of gas and rather than bankrupt you immediately, they’d rather bleed you and bleed you a little bit…if they bankrupt you, you are govt dependent, they’d rather bleed you little by little…that way, they can increase the price of gas and get a nice return on their investment

  10. gingafinga says:


  11. westkan says:

    Never too young to be feed propaganda old timer.

  12. sankow2 says:

    Wow!! What an interesting time we live in. So much for the best laid plans. It only took 30 years for us to stop dreaming and start to remember what our grand and great-grandparents knew “conservation is a good thing”.

  13. whenhistoryattacks says:

    Thanks Doc!

  14. sophiaalmaria says:

    Great job at gathering all this together and brilliantly edited together!

  15. apostoutehace says:


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