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BP Complaints

VIRAL VIDEO! The VERY REAL danger to HUMAN life from the Oil spill disaster!

Posted on July 04, 2010 by bp complaints

This video speaks of the actual chemicals that are being released from deep below the earth and how toxic they are to all living beings. The winds will blow these chemicals into the main land and kill many. The Government is NOT WARNING anyone!!! Pass on this video as a viral to all your friends that live on the east coast as it WILL AFFECT THEIR LIVES!!!

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  1. dreamssofblue says:

    a heads up from saskatchewan canada also considered to be the bread basket of canada. 30 percent of our crops did not get seeded. hopefully harvest will be good.

  2. LaCosteFamily says:

    I tried to type this info, too much here, please listen and pass it to your loved ones on the coast lines and up the East Coast.

  3. jh4dc5s says:

    fear mongering bullshit imo.

  4. Igotthatgoody says:

    Its not a Prophecy. Its Men in power manipulating that power. They know most people believe in 2012. So they can get away with anything & let the radicals claim, “Its the prophecy coming to life” In away I can see why they think we are all expendable. There are so many idiots out there. But this is the end game either way.

  5. spencerussery says:

    Words and action coming from fear do little to combat fear tactics. Yes, this information needs to be shared, share it with a love for enlightening people of truth.

  6. elguebasomio says:

    @JJRage420 wow this is really fucked up. whats gonna happen to this country.

  7. thatstheguy07 says:

    They did this on purpose.

  8. frankensteinmoneymac says:

    @OzzyPatriot Yep, good point….we (as a country) dont have a good record with that sort of thing do we? LOL! These should be the people who get the first, and best treatment. I’d like to think things are completely different with the new administration…but Im not that naive! Even so I think things are getting better….if a bit too slowly.

  9. DJTonyAllen says:

    This may definitely be catastrophic, the Illuminati didn’t have their way depopulating through the scam swine flu/vaccine debacle, but this I think will be definitely do some widespread depopulation. I hope I’m wrong.

  10. OnFireToRetire says:

    This is unreal!!

  11. JJRage420 says:

    @RaiZdbyDINGOES Also, this oilspill will put our citizens into a position where they will not refuse martial law. You see, Halliburton also owns all the FEMA emergency camps. This oilspill will eventially cause a major evacuation of the gulf coast. Those evacuated will be taken to these “emergency camps.” Halliburton will profit from that as well.

  12. slessar says:

    YOU realise petrol used to contain benzene and you breathe it in every time you fill your gas tank ? .
    Hydrogen sulfide smells of rotten eggs and is fairly soluble in water so by the time it rises thru 5000 feet of water there will be little left .
    AnD if your worried about Dichloromethane (DCM or methylene chloride) dont let your kids stick plastic models together because its used in the glue .

  13. vaticanantichrist says:

    @RaiZdbyDINGOES – i have known about the NWO since i was a kid way before early 90s. The head of the NWO is the vatican. they will work with the USA to bring on a one world religion. They wont suceed in a one world governemnt. The mark of the beast is Forced sunday worship! Worshiping the beast(pope)

  14. RaiZdbyDINGOES says:

    @Zimba9810 yeah I believe it, if they can kill 2000 or so people over 9/11 just to bring in a terrorist propaganda, i’m sure they would do this. I have been researching all this since 2003.But didn’t think these high ups would resort to THIS pathetic tactic so they can make money? Just goes to show they don’t care at all. I just hope one day someone will have a conscience and release this information to someone like wikileaks. To do this just to profit is bloody ridiculous.

  15. OzzyPatriot says:

    @frankensteinmoneymac Indeed. The cleanup boat people etc should be warned. About the gas if close enough, and that dispersant sounds very harmful. But then, unfortunately, we know how first responders are teated by the US gov, now don’t we.

  16. ForcedAgenda says:

    Some info I came across: British Petroleum rep. Randy Prescott’s quote: “Louisiana and Mississippi aren’t the only places that have shrimp.”
    Here’s Randy’s office phone number: (713)323-4093 give him a call! You can tell him…”And BP isn’t the only place that has fuel for my car!”
    His email…is:

  17. frankensteinmoneymac says:

    @OzzyPatriot Yeah, exactly….this is all about WHERE the test was…..if it was taken out on the ocean directly above the leak…well then, I would imagine that it wouldnt be anything to worry about…Now if they found those levels testing the air inside a closed room 3 miles from the beach…then, yeah, we might as well say bye, bye to anyone we know that lives on the coast LOL! I imagine the former scenerio is MUCH more likley, Still, perhaps people on boats near the spill should be warned!

  18. youngbleeb says:

    Ahhhhhh we’ll be alright *thumbs up* somebody light a match!

  19. OzzyPatriot says:

    @KrazieeeKat lol. I’m not a ‘BP chap’ but I know something about gases. they mingle with atmosphere like adding Aspirin in water. The spread out, they’re not like a jelly/stay in a block/cloud. The volume of atmosphere to gas is the PPB ratio. You’re not talking gas in a tank here. You’re talking gas mixed in open air (itself a combo of gases.) The volume of air dissipates the gases ‘toxicity’ And again, where were the tests from epa taken? If it was in NOrleans. Then yeah. You’re fucked

  20. hpsapphire915 says:

    Yeah, this sounds about right! I’m glad that someone is explaining this correctly… Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  21. Zimba9810 says:

    @RaiZdbyDINGOES the bigger and more tragic the “accident ” or event it is, the easier for them to cover up. Because most of the population thinks like you, which is something this bad cant be done on purpose.

  22. KrazieeeKat says:

    @OzzyPatriot EPA did the tests, started first wk of May, two days (one day apart) showed readings in excess of 1000ppB. That was five weeks ago. Can you imagine how big that gas cloud is now? One good whiff will knock you unconscious, immediately. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter how far away it is from shore now, it WILL reach the shore, just like the oil did. You must be a BP chap, who still thinks it’s just a little spill.

  23. RaiZdbyDINGOES says:

    @JJRage420 thanks for explaining that. It makes more sense now. a planned oil spill? why do these people go as far as that? Over basically greed and money. I really appreciate your comment. I didn’t realise the whole market manipulation behind it. and now apparently the fumes will kill thousands of people (depopulation) another agenda they want. I know who Halliburton are, they are the construction company hired to build iraq. I’ve watched all the zeitgeists, esoteric agenda, and Kymatica

  24. KrazieeeKat says:

    BP will not go belly up, they have billions. I think they will push for a cap on the spending, & walk away (with double insurance value on the rig they lost). If the earth has been fractured, there is no cleanup until Mother Nature says so. Meanwhile, the buildup of flammable, highly toxic fumes of hydrogen sulphide (deadly, almost odorless) & benzene (cancer causing) may become what’s known as the DEATH WINDS. It’s time to get out.

  25. lights21002003 says:


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