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Posted on July 04, 2010 by bp complaints

Bil Ryan , of Project Camelot/Avalon discusses the latest on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill with Dr Bill Deagle. Dr Deagle says there is a real danger we could see a tsunamia triggered by an underwater volcana that BP drilled into. He also talks about how this event could result in a mini ice age in europe due to disruption to the flow from the gulf stream. Also, Dr Deagle goes into the dangers of the gases being emitted from the sea floor. This catastrophe is only just starting to unfold. The worst is still to come. projectavalon.net

The Obama administration and BP kept the public in the dark about just how bad things were beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. The US Coast Guard and the Obama administration had video tapes released to them by BP that show 2 enormous leaks not displayed to the public until now. BP ordered the obama administration not to release the tapes to the public, On May 1, 11 days after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, and nine days after oil began spilling into the Gulf, the Coast Guard had still only released a single image of oil leaking a mile beneath the surface — a fuzzy photograph of a broken pipe spewing oil even though the obama administration had videos of the major leaks not shown to the media until now! abcnews.go.com www.infowars.com
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  1. brebre7156 says:

    Got dammit fuckin BP fuckin everything up fuckin dumb bitches

  2. SnallygasterBrew says:

    This is awesome, I really do hope that this get worse and worse, I hate the human species. They do nothing but destroy everything in their path, mother nature is pissed and we are all doomed. Just start praying that is ends quick, because the most painful thing to have happen is to watch yourself die slowly. It is time for humans to leave the living world and rest with the dead….

  3. wirejacker says:

    Union Carbide (no American executive was ever held accountable for the corporate manslaughter of 1000’s of Indians), the piper alpha disaster (where 167 people died due to U.S oil Co. negligence) the unwillingness to sign up to the Kyoto agreement, a society based on guzzling huge amounts of oil, agent orange……..the smell of hypocrisy assaults my senses. Yes B.P. fucked up ! the U.S. is 5 % of the world population yet uses 25% of the oil. Think about it

  4. FRVIP says:

    you realize it is on fire now right?

  5. gloryboundkev says:

    @whiteyvanpeebles Read my book listed at my channel and you will see how the New World Order is fulfilling Bible prophecies right now. It’s free to read online at the website listed.

  6. strido527 says:

    September 19th 2010 I’ll be forgetting to buy a present for my wife on our anniversary. Thanks for reminding me.

    Aside from that, NOTHING. NO TSUNAMI! Stop the hype this is bad enough without it.

  7. whiteyvanpeebles says:

    @gloryboundkev Really? Where in the Bible does it talk about climate change?

  8. KnowShall says:

    ON HIS OTHER NEWER VIDEO “FIRE AT THE WELL HEAD” — @ :54 seconds you can see the entire collector pipe is totally super heated and glowing!!!!!!!!! ut-oh!! People of the gulf should get the “F” outta there

  9. gloryboundkev says:

    @whiteyvanpeebles I don’t listen to Alex Jones. I read the Bible.

  10. amphibian62 says:

    Yes come to Washington and buy our houses cheap. Let me know.

  11. whiteyvanpeebles says:

    @gloryboundkev Boy, you’re just Alex Jones’ little dancing monkey, huh?

  12. marsproxy says:

    I just saw the Discovery Channel documentary on this Oil Spill. Although not presenting all the details (the value of the pressures, the type and concentration of leaking gases, the options IF the relief wells fail, etc) and other “sensible” things, the program was dramatic and differently from most other programs, this one hadn’t an end, showing to the public that a REAL BIG problem is out there.

  13. TheEndTimesAreNear says:

    ★ ★ ★ SEPTEMBER 19th, 2010 ★ ★ ★ → What will happen on this day???

  14. TheOcturian1111 says:

    50 years ago, a man invented a car that ran off of pure water and ran 110 laps on a racetrack. Shell oil bought the patent, this is the truth no lie, So why do we still need oil…Our governments have been supressing technology with over 600 patents of clean free energy…..again we have been supressed, now look at the mess from the greedy. its time for them to stepdown… we the people LoL, them the greedy….

  15. boxa888 says:

    NIKOLA TESLA could have saved us from this 100 yrs ago! please look it up, he created a wireless energy system that allowed energy to be obtained anywhere on earth! i put up info on my youtube and i demostrate a 20 ft wireless transmission to prove that the system works! we could build it right away and get off of this oil dependence, you can run cars wirelessly and never need oil again. please read teslas “increasing human energy” it tells you all the reneable resource man can use safely!

  16. strido527 says:

    This tragedy is much, much worse than anything we’ve ever seen. We DO NOT need conspiracy theorists claiming massive tsunami’s 200 feet high to make things worse. It’s already a worst-case scenario.

  17. solomoon136 says:

    It is way worse than you think. The reason why “topkill” did not work is that the shaft from the ocean floor to the oil reservoir is compromised. When they tried to cap the well, the pressure caused mud, oil and methane to push out of the well into the surrounding rock. Each day the sand and grit that is being forced up the shaft is sandblasting the inside. Over and inch of the shaft’s thickness has been blasted away. They are hoping the relief well can cap it below the damage on the shaft.

  18. gloryboundkev says:

    They should take all their resources used to promote the phony global warming problem and divert them to cleaning up this problem.

  19. truthkoolaid says:

    Great video dude!

  20. volksrepair says:

    We’re screwed.

  21. lilac8752 says:

    Why isn’t the A-Whale in the Gulf yet? How long is the EPA going to keep it tied up in Virginia, when it could be skimming 500,000 barrels a day??? Why weren’t the 17 nations who offered ships to help allowed in the Gulf?

    Americans, who are in harm’s way deserve to know!

  22. REALxDEALxKILLA says:

    This is very scary stuff!!! I hate to even post this link, just because of the fear it will bring. Their is a whole lot of conspiracy theories on youtube right now. Some of them really make sense. I want everyone I know to at least see this to make your own decision. I’m going to post more links to stuff I heard and watched that has me a little freaked out now. I hope that this is just clever people trying to generate web popularity to try to make $.

  23. celtickev999 says:

    @wookiepoosy BP officially stood for Bristish Petroleum. But in 1988 Amoco and British Petroleum merged and renamed the company to the simple initials of BP in a effort to distance the name from the British tag.

    They might have dropped the word british m8, but ppl will always refer to them about that…

    wat interests me m8 is the smell your going on about

    if u can smell it, then its hurting ya….. u should think about going up north for a while if your circumstance permit it

  24. wookiepoosy says:


    what do you mean BP isnt British Petroleum? I confused?

    also, if you don’t agree with this you should come smell pensacola. it freakin stinks dude.

  25. celtickev999 says:

    @dew02005 your actually quite crap at being a troll

    goodbye, happile blocked

  26. dangt06 says:

    don’t worry about how much oil is being dumped into the ocean go watch fox news

  27. 1221solstice2012 says:

    Keep reproducing, everyone, more people are needed on this planet. (Please note bitter sarcasm.)

  28. WildlifeDen says:

    “I would caution you not to get fixated on an estimate of how much is out there.”

    drop dead you fkn bitch. is that a threat? These fuckers caused this spill. they have no plans to clean it up or even stop it. The ocean will run red with poison.

  29. usagoodbyeisayhello says:

    That guy Nelson is a jerk off.

  30. AreYouConcerned says:

    Stil 312 views. Why is utube censoring this video?

  31. AreYouConcerned says:

    312 views @ 5:00 PM

  32. AreYouConcerned says:

    When is obama closing gitmo again? Why does obama habe US troops guarding opium fields in afghanistan? Why is BP giving orders to the US coast guard? You’ve been proven wrong about GM and so you attack me personally! Now let me attack you.You can’t see the clouds rolling in on you when your head is stuck up obama’s ass!

  33. Fringe111 says:

    @AreYouConcerned You just can’t stand it when things start to work out can you. Sad.

  34. BabyJustWin says:

    I don’t think it is a mud volcano, because BP is trying very hard to get all that black gold without losing its rig. If bp destroyed the rig, they would have to apply for another permit. Why is BP the one giving all the orders! It appears as though the corporations run the US,

  35. thetruthergirls says:

    The news will not even touch the evidence that what is leaking is not only oil but a mud volcano. oil is black. what we see in the gulf is red and yellow. there is much they are hiding, not just the amount of oil.

  36. AreYouConcerned says:

    Yes I did see the major leak. That is the main leak coming out of the BOP. The leak BP shows you is a leak from a pipe attached to the BOP. Search “oil gushers”

  37. AreYouConcerned says:

    You’re clueless to the GM situation. Do some research before you start talking out of your ass.Uncle Sam gave GM $49.5 billion last summer in aid to finance its bankruptcy and only $6.7 billion as a pure loan! So when Whitacre says GM has paid back the bailout money in full, he means the 6.7 billion payed back with a 13.7 billion government grant. You want to regurgitate msm talking points while I do my own research.! You’re the one who needs to get off the soap box!

  38. Fringe111 says:

    @AreYouConcerned GM was one of the companies that was bailed out. However they have now paid back their loan to the gov’t six years before schedule and workers are being hired back. Also close plants are reopening. For the first time in 5 years GM turned a profit. I’d say the President did the right thing. So get off your soap box

  39. brickly77 says:

    holy crap did you see that third leak in the video.

  40. danmarino1970 says:

    Revelation 16:3

    The ocean dies.. we are next.

  41. danmarino1970 says:

    Controlled chaos.

  42. AreYouConcerned says:

    Some people are waking up, but the majority are too busy watching idol instead of learning what is going on in their world.

  43. BabyJustWin says:

    Rate thumbs up if you think bp is lying about the oil leaks!

  44. BabyJustWin says:

    Exactly, you can clearly see that the smallest of the 3 leaks is the only one shown to the public via the live leak. The only thing bp lets obama do is spin how bad the situation has become thanks to either bp’s incompetence or arogance.

  45. BabyJustWin says:

    Dosen’t that look like bp is calling the shots and not obama.

  46. BabyJustWin says:

    Many people still have blinders on, but it looks really bad that bp orders obama around.

  47. AreYouConcerned says:

    Don’t forget obama said he was in charge from day 1. Notice the major leaks are never shown to the public.

  48. AreYouConcerned says:

    The media is just as guilty as obama and bp. However I applaud ABC for showing the real oil leaks not being shown to the public!

  49. AreYouConcerned says:

    The corporations run the US, only a moron would be unable to see that now.

  50. AreYouConcerned says:

    In many ways obama is worse than bush. obama has continued the whole bush agenda. Then obama spent trillions on bailing out corporations.

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