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Top Kill Operations

Posted on July 03, 2010 by bp complaints

The mobile offshore drilling unit Q4000 holds position directly over the damaged Deepwater Horizon blowout preventer as crews work to plug the wellhead using a technique known as “top kill,” May 26, 2010. The procedure is intended to stem the flow of oil and gas and ultimately kill the well by injecting heavy drilling fluids through the blow out preventer on the seabed, down into the well. Footage courtesy of the US Coast Guard, Petty Officer 3rd Class Patrick Kelley.
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*Profanity warning* BP Fails Booming School 101, creates environmental disaster and is failing to take lead in cleanup. But our federal government is also failing. Please Mirror this video. original posted @ www.youtube.com
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  1. phqinhippy1 says:

    when this oil gets to the atlantic deepwater convection current we are all fucked, these idiots are killing us,,,,,

  2. cv1122 says:

    @kdbrown777 awesome comment.

  3. cv1122 says:

    @erngre YOU are the *moron* had you read the description you would know I am not the maker of this video. what is even MORE moronic, is the fact that they have not done the proper booming.

  4. erngre says:

    What an asshole video. You “Fucking” moron.

  5. Hardwyre says:

    There’s a vast difference between mature use of profanity, and pointless excess. I swear fairly freely, and even I was finding her speech irritating and childish. But hey, nice try at being the venerable internet crusader there chief. :/

  6. kdbrown777 says:

    @Hardwyre I think you mean “trite,” not “contrite.” Also you said “bullsh*t” which is in itself ironic considering the fact that you are critiquing the profanity. Good job, sir!

  7. Hardwyre says:

    BP is going to “pay” for everything by firing everyone. They’ve already laid off thousands in Alaska.

  8. Hardwyre says:

    The profanity in this video is pointless, contrite, and immature. Why not try making it again without all the childish bullshit.

  9. AquarielCharms says:

    @ZeroFiftyNine – Those first few days I kept thinking … “this isn’t happening, it’s just a nightmare and I’ll wake up.” And now – I still think the worse is yet to come, but I’m coping much better. Thanks Bo!! <3 AC

  10. ZeroFiftyNine says:

    I think (and that’s just my own humble opinion) that they have created this disaster on purpose to lower the vibration of people like you, who care about nature, water, animals and life … please don’t let them get you down AC.

  11. GrayRealities says:

    @PleaseStayTuned ooh yeah they will walk away free and we the people (the slaves) will pick up the tab watch and see…those greedy fuckers

  12. mohalishaf says:

    The greatest f*ckin greed story of all.. if you’re too greedy abt somethin, God will let you have it all for you too handle.. START! sanctionin the s*ckin & f^ckin OIL…

  13. AquarielCharms says:

    Correction: “Safety” not safely. I’m surprise I can type a sentence at all because I’m sobbing so much.

  14. AquarielCharms says:

    I would like to know the name of this woman but would not want to jeapardise her safely. I hope somedays she knows how much I appreciate her words in this video. That’s all. I must go. We may not deserve it but I ask Diving Creator to help us fix this problem and marine animals lives.

  15. AquarielCharms says:

    I have listened to this video probably 10 times, maybe more. I keep replaying whilst trying to finish up household chores because family are due & within minutes for the memorial weekend. Thank God my sister will be primary hostess because honestly the volcanic rage & heartbreak I feel when I hear this woman explain what booming is too much to bare. I just don’t know what to do about anything anymore. It’s like nothing else matters to me but this.

  16. AquarielCharms says:

    P.S. To the woman who spoke in this video – THANK YOU!! I have not heard anything in the dozens of videos I’ve watched better said than what you have stated here. <3 AC

  17. AquarielCharms says:

    @aquarielcharms – Correction: the oil vampire “are” covering their asses. Further, I think this is PART 2 KATRINA. All TPTB needed was the right major crisis & the Nation will accept the NWO. Millions of marine animals will suffer horrible deaths because of govt & the oil vampires who are in business together, suppress zero pollution technologies.

  18. AquarielCharms says:

    There are 5,300+ active oil rigs in the world & nearly 4,000 in the Gulf. Tons of oil mishaps by tankers have occured for many yrs & nothing was done. I am so sick of hearing this called a “spill,” that’s incorrect, it’s not a spill, the oil is gushing out from the belly of Mother Earth. Send this video to the President because the oil vampires are not covering their asses! And btw BP was originally called BEYOND PETROLEUM.

  19. sleepyriggles says:

    A video showing precisely why the clean-up effort is fail and half you fuckers only seem to care about the swearing…

  20. PleaseStayTuned says:

    @asbestosicould They were in a hurry to beat China out. BP has had a long history of cutting corners and lobbying so that they are basically unregulated by the US, they use the lifted regulations to save bucks, there is plenty out there to prove it. The fact that they have no remote BOP shut off when drilling in the US and are regulated to use them in other countries is just one example. Our gov has a long history of letting companies like them call the shots and walk away free.

  21. asbestosicould says:

    @asbestosicould The people in charge are accountants and lawyers. They wouldn’t know a BOP from a bite in the ass. They see a 25,000 square mile oil formation 35.000 feet below sea level and think, “Hey let’s go button this up before someone else does. The engineers think this is a bad idea? Fuck ’em, there’s money to be made here!”

  22. asbestosicould says:

    @PleaseStayTuned I know, and that’s why I respond to you. The negligence is not on the drill hands, or even the engineers’, heads. They drilled into the Macondo field- it was never fully researched, a top-level management decision. It wasn’t a rubber seal that caused this. The workers knew. The engineers knew, well before this blowout that they had entered uncharted territory. I watch TV, to find out what I’m “supposed” to know about.

  23. PleaseStayTuned says:

    @PleaseStayTuned Your position that all media coming out of your tv set being total propaganda is not true, mostly true, but not absolute. It’s up to us to dig around and research all info to decipher the truth, as we are not getting it from main stream media, and we are not getting it from AJ either. I do tons of research by the way, far from being a sheeple, I am one of the most cynical people I know. Stopping the leak and clean up is #1, but big corps no accountability has got to stop.

  24. PleaseStayTuned says:

    @asbestosicould As I said, the damage was done by the seal being in the closed position when the pipe was pulled through. I am not trying to take a side, just find the truth, but I do think that BP was negligent, they new the seal had been damaged. Proving negligence is important, to stop future negligence, and the fact that BP been able to get a cap placed on how much they have to pay, yet they have been negligent, and new it before the “asccident” happened. The seal is not the only negligence

  25. asbestosicould says:

    @hrosemd Some years ago, a dim-witted employee came to my counterpart (shift work), posing a question. After a brief consult, the employee said, “If you want a horse to run, ya’ hafta open the gate.” My counterpart replied, “Yeah, but first, you gotta understand what a mf’ing horse looks like!” Not as eloquent as Mencken, but just as true.

  26. asbestosicould says:

    @WalkingThroughOut What is God? What is truth? If you, or I “believe” something, it is truth- for us. Throughout the centuries, there have been many versions of God(s). Islam has theirs, Christianity has another, Judaism has another one still, and the Buddhists and Atheists believe that we are God. We’re all steadfast in our beliefs- and we’re probably all dead wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

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