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SurfJunkie Update: Tar Balls Reach Cuba, Pink Clouds In Orlando

Posted on July 11, 2010 by bp complaints

BP Oil Spill: Important Update 6/18/2010 Part 1: Documentary filmmaker and reporter James Fox on the scene of the Gulf Oil Spill. www.youtube.com Confused, angry, frustrated, concerned? Want to help and don’t know what you can do or how? Participate in the Oil Spill Project! oilspillproject.org
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There has been a great effort to mislead the public regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. It has now come out that the ‘live feed’ of the leak is of a smaller leak, about 5-6 miles away from the one that is spewing about 100 000 barrels of oil into the Guf every day. Last Wednesday, May 28, BP made and attempt at the ‘top kill’ method of pumping drilling mud into the hole and claimed soon after that this was somewhat working. But on MSNBC, Nicholas Pozzi of WOW Energy Solutions said the probability of top-kill working is low, may also cause explosion and blow top off, making it worse. Have not put an o-ring in it, so they are basically just pumping mud into the water.( An O-ring is a mechanical gasket to join 2 parts together, creating a seal.) www.youtube.com May 29 it was revealed that the top kill method has failed, as anticipated by Mr. Pozzi. www.youtube.com Ixtoc 1 Oil rig blowout of 1979 Drilling mud being replaced with seawater (in this case accidentally, as opposed to the intentional replacement of it at Deepwter Horizon, overseen by Haliburton) led to the blowout of this rig in the Gulf of Mexico in 1979. All methods of stopping the leak failed except for drilling a release well. You would think something would have been learned by the oil industry from this experience, but BP is nonetheles attempting all the methods that failed at Ixtoc 1. www.project-syndicate.org UN VEHICLES AT REYNOLD”S AIRPARK TheTrutherGirls blog entry thetruthergirls.wordpress.com E
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  1. heavymuseum222 says:

    I’ve seen these pink clouds too paul!!! I live in Lafayette, LA less than 250 miles away from the coast. What is going on?

  2. PaulTheSurfJunkie says:

    @ddshears Thank you so much! Please add any and all of your information to our Oil Spill Project, located at Oil Spill Project dot Org. Please refer anyone else you know who has solutions and information to the website as well! Thanks

  3. ddshears says:

    Thanks for these reports. I’m on the north Oregon coast and am sharing info with who ever will listen. I even emailed Erin Brockovich and she emailed me back and said that she and her staff are getting ready to make their 5th trip down to ground zero. They are working with the people who are getting sick…getting them blood tests and evaluations for toxic chemical exposure…

  4. MutantKush says:

    Pauls the man.

  5. faceintree says:

    Thanks for the info!

  6. hefeltbad says:

    Take it on the road…please please please.im subbin ya bro

  7. HorseofPaulRevere says:

    Thanks for the update, video response approved

  8. vaughnmauser says:

    excellent ,looking forward to your on the spot news cast.

  9. nickyjohnny1 says:

    Thank you…

  10. supercashgirl says:


  11. ThePresidentialTouch says:

    Thanks Paul, good stuff.

  12. ketch33 says:

    thanks paul for all of your reports on this oil spill situation. It is people like you that help the rest of us not down there, get a better perspective as to what is going on. Keep up the great work.

  13. Conspiracy1Nut says:

    This chick has guts to put her opinion out there. She is taking some heat. At least she is trying to understand the problem. What are you naysayers doing. Naysayers are to stupid to even look for evidence!

  14. nnwo2010 says:

    Full 1 hour documentary chronicling all of the events involving the BP oil spill: The prior knowledge, the sales of shares of stock, the poisons used to “clean” the spill, the Cap and Trade agenda, the mass evacuation, people getting sick, the media blackout, the BP-Goldman Sachs-Government link, bioremediation, the lethal methane levels—Spread the word!


  15. bahanas301 says:

    Anyone with common sense would know that this oil spill is intentional. It’s apart of the new world order to bring america to its knees. They know that if they destroy the fishing industry more americans would experience financial ruins. They don’t care about the oil loss, these people have to much money to care.

  16. landedmagrunt says:

    Well said…

  17. MsRandom411 says:

    tell it like it is

  18. NUFCSuperMac says:

    Karl Pilkington has got a head like a f cking orange

  19. mspookie says:

    @crazydaysful Whatever, junior. Go pop your zits.

  20. crazydaysful says:

    @mspookie – ms pookie you smell like dookie!

  21. mspookie says:

    @crazydaysful Booo! Now run to your momma and hide under her skirt, little man!

  22. crazydaysful says:

    @mspookie – if you are calling me koo koo then you are really koo koo and you are scared of me exposing the truth because you are evil!

  23. mspookie says:

    @crazydaysful Thank you, Captin Kookoo!

  24. mspookie says:

    @The6000Sabre LOLz! Watch what then? FauxNews?

  25. fhattest says:

    obama works for the same society manipulators as bush did,this was on purpose,the reason why everyones kids are fd in the head cause of what disney and friends feed them,the reason why so many people choose to film violence instead of stopping it,the reason y da the banks control too much, reason why everyone is getting addicted to pills,they are in power on every level and most say its not so or the say an individual cant make a difference,the only way to stop this is to begin with yourself

  26. sunkissedbeach says:

    I also get frustrated with the lack of real information out there and the casual attitudes by 99% of the people I speak with have.
    It is like Americans believe that since we can stop astroids from hitting earth and aliens from taking over our earth that we are ok because we always win!!



  27. crazydaysful says:

    I believe this BP oil spill is a set up by evil Britain and Obama and other fake american government officials to help destroy America’s wealth and goodness and food source to cause chaos. Obama is NOT for America and Britain wants America to no longer be the superpower! They can close that oil spill if they want.

  28. angie7dino says:

    i`m in Australia and i`m shitting myself…. i just watched an interview on youtube ….Lindsey Williams talks with Alex Jones about deadly gases leaking from BP oil spill… its a fucking disaster that they cant fix !

  29. The6000Sabre says:

    Please DO NOT watch those lying fucking on MSNBC.

  30. Sharpish79 says:

    “I hope I am wrong”.

    Why is it that I find myself saying this several times a day now.

    People are waking up slowly, but I fear it is already too late sweetheart. 🙁

  31. OHIOspikey says:

    Yes, they could and could have done more to stem the oil disaster from being as bad as it is. However, there is not some big conspiracy involved in this. Rather, there is likely a mixture of an unorganized national response coupled with international bureaucracy that is keeping swift action from happening. Blame it on our system of government rather than pointing the finger at any one individual or company. My advice to you is to take larger steps from being influenced my media propaganda(S-flu)

  32. ahaaaaaaaaah says:


  33. ahaaaaaaaaah says:

    you ever got fucked in your life???

  34. ahaaaaaaaaah says:

    you americans are so naive,
    you are fooled the whole time
    by government and so on, hahaha,
    and really, this disaster means nothing
    concerning the total picture of earth-health,
    the globe is already poisened allover,
    this just makes us go down a little faster…

  35. smp156 says:

    i’m freak’n scared.
    i live in brooklyn ny.
    and this place could turn into cannibal-central

  36. dougat says:

    I just can’t believe you are talking about the oil spill disaster when Justin Bieber swore at a tv producer! I mean my god! That’s far more important isn’t it?

  37. rustyscrapper says:

    better question. Why are 60% of canadians so stupid they stil havent figured out that vaccines are voluntary retard shots.. I havent had a vaccine since I was 12. Never even had a cold since then. Before that I was sick every god damn year.

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