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Smart Pipe Company Inc-Proposed Solutions for Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on July 05, 2010 by bp complaints

Smart Pipe is the the only company in the world that can manufacture, buoyancy controlled high strength, light weight pipe in diameters from 6″ to 48″ and in lengths from 100 feet to miles. This can be done “on site” — close to where the pipe is needed for emergency response situations, as in the case of our country’s greatest environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. View our website at www.smart-pipe.com for more information.
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  1. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    Why are all you people so easily misled?

    All BP has to do is simply remove the blowout preventer valves from its pedestal by on bolting it from the pipe below and simply placed another valve system on top that is already manufactured and sitting on the deck of some barge someplace?

    What you people don’t understand repeatedly is that they simply don’t want this to end they want a catastrophe and they want everything in the Gulf of Mexico dead!

    These things already exist C MY VIDEOS

  2. Rogefeldt says:

    lets do it ! ~ ! ~ !

  3. Starwheel6 says:

    This is great. There may be initial pressure problems that can be overcome.
    Why not first insert the bottom pipe section into the top hat containment dome that BP already has? This 4-story containment dome can then be filled with concrete to help hold the pipe in place given the enormous pressures.
    Then you can put your pipe into a coupling adaptor system developed an set on the top of the containment dome. This will help you overcome the incredible initial pressures that may destabilize.

  4. TimFix says:

    this should work .Send this video everywhere :congress, bp , obama!

  5. debn1954 says:

    This sounds fantastic.. Hoping they will use it.. but really have my doubts as I believe it is a sabotaged scenario.. Good work though my friend. Will pray that they take heed.. They=government.

  6. No3Patriot says:

    wow. Go to it and get it done!

  7. worryphree says:

    Yes! Smart people, welcome to planet earth. We’ve been waiting for you!

  8. jjccccc says:

    wont work pressuse to great and would force riser pipe upwards or bend pipe riser. the existing valve has to be removed diverting the flow to multple vavles for a graduated reduction of oil flow. the barge idea is ok but if you have a very long v shaped trough at the front of a barge and fire the oil mix at the v under high pressure capilary action will separate the oil water below oil above to be split it works to there are existing patents out but its not being used

  9. LaraGeel says:

    I learned one thing : ” Share information and knowledge ” – Then build better things. Those people deserves all chances at BP. Lara.

  10. mkhov says:

    The president of this company has been trying, so far without success, to meet with British Petroleum to present his solutions. If you know anyone in authority at BP, please send this to them.

  11. hrvatwrestle says:

    all ideas should be implemented at the moment. but for some reason it looks as if they want this oil spill to make maximum damage. They could at the very least send thousands of boats and ships into the area to drag those collection buoys around th e gulf. Im sure america has the money and the means to pay for a huge operation. They have money to fight wars.

  12. sttoad says:

    Sadly this will not handle the pressures involved, 20,000 to 70,000 psi


  13. desire4liberation says:

    another great idea

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