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RED ALERT – Methane Gas explosion IMMINENT in GULF

Posted on July 05, 2010 by bp complaints

www.helium.com — If you have loved ones in the states around the gulf of Mexico, (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Carolinas) please send this to them ASAP! They need to understand what is happening! I don’t even want to think of what’s gonna happen when they nuke it! I remember Benjamin Fulfords words: “The Illuminati will be trying to carry out new atrocities. Since they are sun-worshippers, people need to be especially wary around the time of the June 21st summer solstice when sacrifices involving fire are required by their belief system. The explosion of missing South African nuclear weapons and the possible torching of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are two scenarios to be wary of but this is only conjecture. Who knows what they might try next.” benjaminfulford.blog.shinobi.jp/ God bless..
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  1. bobjay999 says:

    I like the video..I was wondering if the gulf of mexico could explode because of the fireworks display since it is so flammable…hmmmm..

  2. MrSmhansen says:

    This is so sick, and sadly true…

  3. thetombaxter says:

    I keep forgetting, none of you guys have a basic physical science background.
    Go to some firefighters pages and see how to fight uncontained methane/gas fires.
    Somethings burn under water, but they have to carry their own O2 or pull O2 from H2O, like thermite.
    Now they might cause methane powered mud vocano, but no explosion nor fire till it mixes with O2.

  4. Moonshine420420 says:

    @thetombaxter Search for the flames in the oil spill, there is so fire!

  5. KreepyKrow13 says:

    I support truth, good job DreadyTube, keep up the great work : ) … where all about to get F’ed in the A for the greed of oil companies…

  6. thetombaxter says:

    Total BS. No fire without O2. No explosion without fire.

  7. tealmarlin says:

    fuck with mother nature, It will fuck with you

  8. phyllischristlieb says:

    @Dreadytube can yousend the address?

  9. TerrenceAym says:

    “How the ultimate BP Gulf disaster could kill millions”

    The original article that went viral around the world… read it now…


  10. TerrenceAym says:

    “How the ultimate BP Gulf disaster could kill millions”

    The original article that went viral around the world… read it now…


  11. skeetereze says:

    This is sounding worse and worse all the time.

  12. saithix says:

    dude this is so true plants and crops are dying in florida alll the way through texas saying a gas or something toxic is destroying everythng

  13. DismayOfficial says:

    i was watching skandi rov1 cam on bp website at like 3 in the morning the other night and saw the seabed holding their equiptment collapse straight into the ground, there was smoke and like embers or something red flying all around and the camera froze (or was switched off) for about 3 minutes, when it came on.. the rov was speeding out of there and you could see the smoke/dirt swirling all around from where the seabed had just dropped it was fucking hectic, ive still read nothing on it

  14. Dreadytube says:

    everybody: /watch?v=jm-AJrmQ4-I

  15. Dreadytube says:

    @msg2urudy /watch?v=jm-AJrmQ4-I

  16. msg2urudy says:

    that sentientmind is a fckn twat,, on ya m8

  17. Wildrosestands says:

    There is absolute evidence pointing to their plan to kill 200 million of us in the U.S., alone. We have uncovered a 2006 IBM internal document that states just that. Get right with your spirit and ask for cosmic intervention. Otherwise, we don’t stand a stinking chance of fighting this thing off or surviving.
    I cannot even walk outside anymore, without my skin itching horribly. I am watching for the birds to die and the spots to appear on my plants. Then I will leave here, of my own accord.

  18. Doversreturn says:

    look just stop worrying about shit you cant prove anyway,just live a little and stop looking for an end to your miserable lives by making up some phantom disaster.

  19. nonuworldorderforme says:

    @SENTIENTMIND your an opionated dope head drinking the brain washing of the elite.Spoon feed yourself with some truth and quit drinking the propaganda of the fools.

  20. SENTIENTMIND says:

    @Dreadytube hey dude, don’t take it too serious! If ya do ya research on Terrence Aym you’ll find out he has reported on a number of bogus claims, for instance he has reported before on a skull which was found in Mexico he claimed it to be the Alien Star child. The obvious find of this skull clearly indicates the child suffered a cranial disease which causes the skull to grow abnormally, which is called Aperts syndrome. This is why i say do the research and cross reference before you post!

  21. Dreadytube says:

    @SENTIENTMIND So glad, please leave me alone.
    And indeed, I do not handle mindless critisism too well.

  22. SENTIENTMIND says:

    @Dreadytube a big mouth lol, no i call it how it is! If you can’t handle the criticism, well i have nothing more to say DUDE!!!!

  23. Dreadytube says:

    @SENTIENTMIND You have a BIG mouth, dude. ‘Obvious garbage’, that is your opinion. I observe information and share, if you have a problem with that I ask you to leave my channel.

  24. SENTIENTMIND says:

    @Dreadytube lol well expect this kinda stuff to happen when you post obvious garbage, and especially from people who are mindless drones, who need to be spoon fed rather than doing the obvious research and cross referencing. You have a responsibility to people, i mean look at half of your comments! If that’s not an indication then i don’t know what is!

  25. Dreadytube says:

    @SENTIENTMIND & @nonuworldorderforme
    You guys are beginning to bore me. Find somewhere else to play your game.

  26. thatguy2 says:

    …………. um, don’t you need o2 mixture for an “explosion”, further even if a giant “bubble” of the methane were to escape the pressure would cave in on it making it difficult for it to escape in mass to the surface. (unless it had a vector such as a pipe, but this would just be a localized release and explosion similar to that which probably sunk the deep water horizon) In short, these claims are a bit overblown and alarmist.

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