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OBAMA FURIOUS – I Didn’t Appreciate “Ridiculous Spectacle” Of BP, Halliburton Playing Blame-Game

Posted on July 06, 2010 by bp complaints

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0 to “OBAMA FURIOUS – I Didn’t Appreciate “Ridiculous Spectacle” Of BP, Halliburton Playing Blame-Game”

  1. medicbr549 says:


  2. jjcsr74 says:

    @qerrtre , Good Job bankrupting our kid’s future….Way to go! Moron

  3. MrScott4665 says:

    he is a great lair he done nothing to help what a asshole to be playing politics on this one we need to get him out of office

  4. streetwhereulive says:

    When our President came down here, he wouldn’t take the fresh shrimp we had for him so he could share them with his children. He has declared the seafood in the Gulf to be safe for human consumption so what was his problem? Come on down and have some. Our President wouldn’t t lie.

  5. Realitycleans says:

    What a load of crap…Olay-ma, you are such a liar of haunting proportions…

  6. njnpoet1980 says:

    Please join the Facebook group: “Oil & Congress Don’t Mix! Cut off the flow of campaign contributions.”

  7. vanityvideo says:

    meanwhile mexican drug cartels are tearing apart Arizona’s and the texas border, the sheriff is begging for troops to be deployed and this trash of a president is doing nothing, fake piece of shit, you are gone in 2012 or impeached sooner fucking garbage

  8. Sam78Man says:

    Holy shit there is alot of hate for Obama.

    Guess what people he is the President of the United States, the best country on earth. I am not saying you must like or agree with him but to simply RESPECT him.

    I gave respect to George Bush even though I did not agree with him. The extremists in BOTH parties is what’s wrong in this country

  9. jerkmcgerkin says:

    How about admitting failure and letting the army Corp of Engineers fix it. Give ’em a week. Done.

  10. SIGISBAR1 says:


  11. michaelm2fscopm95 says:

    @oskilifbonzo Perhaps by protecting BP’s cash-flow, the government will be better equipped to clean-out BP for all the damages.

    Without obstacles like a boycott, BP will be unable to weasel-out of coughing-up MASSIVE SUMS OF MONEY to re-stabilize the area & residents.

  12. wilderalt says:

    @69aDime I know right I wish he could be more like Bush and say nothing about the whole issue and just go on being a politician.

  13. wilderalt says:

    I mean what do want him to say? It’s all my fault this happened

  14. 69aDime says:

    This son of a bitch isnt doing shit… its sickening just listening to all the fucking lies that come out of his mouth

  15. JimmyFormerMarine says:

    @ballon1123 So what you are saying is you only voted for Obama because he is black? Is that the only reason? Or were there other issues involved in your decision?

  16. federalwarhawk says:

    Obama had to get a blame Bush jab in there, by saying in the last decade, the federal government has been too cozy with oil companies, the same policies were
    there during the Clinton years also, why didn’t he say , the last 25 yrs.or for too long the federal government has had lax policies toward big oil companies. I don’t know whats worse BP or BS from Obama.

  17. ballon1123 says:

    you mean democrates or blacks? Oh and your mother voted for Obama

  18. JimmyFormerMarine says:

    @ballon1123 You are wrong. I am working 24/7 to see that the Dems are defeated in November. They are the source of all trouble in america.

  19. ballon1123 says:

    TAx payers are not paying for this people. HE said that BP is paying so calm down people.

  20. ballon1123 says:

    well i dont see you doing anything to help out our gul coast so this dumbass is abviously smarter than you so I suggest you stop talking because U ARE NOT DOING SHIT. Oh and how did he become president. YOUR MOM VOTED FOR HIM BITCH.

  21. JimmyFormerMarine says:

    How did a dumbass like Obama ever become our President? Can someone explain that?

  22. jimjam69 says:

    WOW …holy shit batman you got it allllllll worked out !!…….stupid piece of shit. you play the blame game allllll the fuckin time asswipe.

  23. whateverinclinton says:

    @TheModelification Why in the HELL should he pay for something BP did. They are one of the biggest oil companies. They CAN afford to pay the damages. And Obama should NOT use tax payers money to fix BP’s problem. They messed it up and WILL pay for it. and they knew the well was unsafe and that this may happen a few weeks befor it did. they should have done something then. They are worst then Toyota. and these are facts.

  24. MetalDetroit says:

    @DerekTheComic I give Obama credit; he is the only man in the country who could make me wish Hillary Clinton was President.

    Obama makes Bush look like Thomas Jefferson….

  25. MetalDetroit says:

    @oskilifbonzo I give Obama credit; he is the only man in America that could make me wish Hillary Clinton was President…..

    Obama guy makes Bush look like Thomas Jefferson…..

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