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James Fox – Gulf Oil Spill and Toxic Gas along with Acid Rain coming!

Posted on July 11, 2010 by bp complaints

PropheticSeer — June 22, 2010 — Before the storms blow in the toxic chemicals, I would suggest you get a gas mask if you are going to stay. If you can move, I would say do it now.
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    Oil Spill News

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  1. theroilsoil says:

    You mean the “foxes in the henhouse” – our government employees have too much vested interest – more horror to come.

  2. jackfr3 says:


    Shadow Government? You mean the Israeli AIPAC Communists.
    Israeli Zionist communists are wrecking America, while plotting fresh war and terrorist attacks. Period.

  3. doc2earth says:

    Never will I believe mainstream media. Shadow government is most likely behind this.

  4. Wildrosestands says:

    Thanks Dready, I know of Dr. Ott & her work with the volunteer victims of the Exxon Valdez cleanup.If you are smelling it and getting headaches from it, you are more than likely already contaminated with the carcinogens from it.Don’t hold your breathe on getting a rescue from the Feds. Many of them are behind the “Great Culling” that has been planned for our nation. Those demons are dancing a jig up there, in Washington, right now.

    Just don’t breath it in or go out in the rain.


  5. dirtyred21362 says:


  6. Charmer4856 says:

    CNN aint the way to go…they have a fake oil spill cam up and they went along with the doctored news footage on 9/11

  7. AdonisKingAXC says:

    Please see my video regarding the DENVER AIRPORT MURAL..ty ~a~

  8. guar gum says:

    Where is President Obama on this? We are sick and tired of these meetings! We are angry and mad as hell. The U.S. Government is sitting on their hands !

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