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Is The Gulf Oil Spill Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy?

Posted on July 07, 2010 by bp complaints

Obama Appoints Another Muslim. Comedy Break. How To Please God.
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0 to “Is The Gulf Oil Spill Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy?”

  1. nineballssj9 says:

    Israel is bombing everybody

  2. LordThykingdomcome says:


  3. patbooneministries1 says:


  4. maureensuits1958 says:

    Just found your videos. Keep up the good work of information flowing. God Bless you!

  5. toptech777 says:

    Way to Go Darrell. I truly 100% believe in your initial ure. If we Bless and Love the Jews no matter what their sins, we will be blessed as well.

    You’re Right Darrell, Jesus Himself said he has told us all this would happen ahead of time. Matthew 24:25. We need to heed that warning. Good Stuff.

  6. Daphdong1 says:

    @frito27 I don not care what colour a person is…Itis how they present themselves, their morals, their values. It is not about who their parents it is about who they are. thw ehite man probably did not come from Edom (That is the so called ‘Palestinians”)
    They probably came from the sea going people from Babel. After all Stonehenge came from before the Pyramids. Judgement, my friend is coming down on ALL peoples. If there is hatred in your heart then you are doomed.

  7. DarrellMyatt1963 says:

    @frito27 Wow!! You and your channel are so full of hate. May God bless you and may He help you with your lack of love and your anger issues. Thanks for judging and for the name calling. May the peace of God be upon you in Jesus name.

  8. frito27 says:


    • WiseOne says:

      That’s right..the white man is Esau according to the Bible..and the people who are in Israel are NOT the real jews…REV 2:9 and 3:9….WAKE UP…
      Those Jewish people are NOT Israelites..The Israelites are black….American Negroes,Haitians,Jamaicans,Puerto Ricans,Cubans,Mexicans,Dominicans, All of Central and South America(of either Negro or Indian decent), the Somoans, the people of Fiji Islands and etc..

  9. valu777 says:

    preach it brother , all need to turn to Jesus christ and pray to be saved

  10. jyul777 says:


  11. DarrellMyatt1963 says:

    @altops That will come about after the antichrist has been revealed. He is the one to enforce a peace agreement with Israel. Then, 3 1/2 years into that agreement he will put a stop to the daily sacrifice. On a wing of the temple in Jerusalem he will make himself known. He will say he is in charge there and demand the world to worship him. I think the mark will be imposed at that time. May God guide us and protect us in Jesus name.

  12. DarrellMyatt1963 says:

    @abseconPC To bring America down to a point of surrendering our liberty to a one world government. I pray that he fails but I trust God’s plan to be far better than anything I could come up with. God bless you and protect you in Jesus name.

  13. jakeyboy2001 says:

    Where are the rest of your video’s? I can only find this one! Please keep posting!

  14. altops says:

    @DarrellMyatt1963 isn’t the world population supposed to have the mark of the beast first?

  15. patienceprence says:

    God says “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land,” 2 Chronicles 7:14

  16. patienceprence says:

    We need to pray….

  17. mousey1952 says:

    Well I think there can be no trumpets until God calls His Church home, the anti Christ will not be revealed until after the Rapture, I think like Hal Lindsey and Chuck Missler

  18. prosperousindividual says:

    @DarrellMyatt1963 Very accurate summation. The sixth angel is puckering his lips right now.

  19. smoothsailing07 says:

    Be careful in the realm of insulting dignitaries,the headlines are our report cards as believers,we’ve a responsibility,to whom much is given much is required.Remember we’re not warring against flesh & blood but against principalities,powers,the rulers of the darkness of this age,spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places (read in Amp. vers)

  20. smoothsailing07 says:

    All the World Leaders Political and Religious Need More Prayer that they Do the Will of God and God’s Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven, More Than We Do Anything Else! Thanks for sharing this vid! Smooth

  21. abseconPC says:

    what do you think is obama’s purpose

  22. noimplant4me says:

    Most of America’s problems have been orchestrated to bring about the demise of American strength and bring about world domination and the New World Order…the seat of antichrist.

  23. noimplant4me says:

    I say maybe…but there is alot of evidence pointing to it being intentional. Even former fema director indicated as much. Bp ceo sold 44% of stocks just weeks before the disaster…etc etc…look into it. You will be shocked. Reason to be… pushing Obama’s green plan, carbon taxes and cap and trade, world tyranny. Also explains the insane delay with Obama to take action.

  24. CTastic1 says:

    @JMFSpike Every Black person in the united states is racist. They won’t admit it, but when the doors are closed. U can bet at least 95% of African Americans voted for Obama, and of that 95%, 94% voted for him because he is black. As for the white people? I have met a few white people who voted for Obama, they are dumb as bricks, and live at home with mommy at the age of 40. Stupidity, and voter fraud won the election for Obama. Now he will destroy America and introduce us to Sharia law.

  25. DarrellMyatt1963 says:

    @bravetoday I have a different opinion than most. I think WWI was the first trumpet and WWII the second. Did you know that the Ukrainian name for wormwood is chernobyl? I think we are facing the 6th trumpet which is the war that starts at the Euphrates River and ends up killing 1/3 of mankind. We have had over 145,000 troops stationed on the banks of the Euphrates for over 8 years and that war is growing. Just my thoughts. I guess we will see soon enough.

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