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Extra: Oil Rig Survivor Part 4

Posted on July 02, 2010 by bp complaints

“We are in bad trouble.” Deepwater Horizon’s chief electronics technician Mike Williams and a handful of other survivors are left behind during the chaotic evacuation.

BP Parody/Satire: British Petroleum’s CEO Tony Hayward defends BP’s role in “tiny leak” in Gulf of Mexico, according to this exclusive coverage of a press briefing by BP Spokesperson Kevin Nalts. Hayward, who remains CEO as of this evening’s press conference, is faring well despite the impact on him emotionally and financially. However BP is taking full responsibility for the event, despite the fact that petroleum is a natural element that might likely leak into the ocean under other circumstances. For more, see this account (not mine) www.twitter.com ** Note: No permission required to use clip. Public domain & satire/parody. Original script (cut and wandered from it yesterday): I’m Kevin Nalts, BP Spokesperson. I’d like to make a brief statement on behalf of BP CEO Tony Hayward. These statements will be documented through wall posts we upload on our Twitter account: BPGlobalPR. For those of you new to “Bitty Spill” (also called “Deepwater Horizon” by those not employed by BP)… a tiny amount of natural liquid petroleum found naturally on planet Earth is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. We at BP accept full accountability for this unfortunate situation because we happen to be drilling near the location… we wish not to blame the planet, the government’s lack of oversight, or the good people of New Orleans who GOD knows have already faced enough I’m sure we’d agree. We don’t even blame Halliburton, who built the well casing, or Transocean who owns it… with BP just

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  1. felipipi says:

    I have an Idea: Make a salad dressing out of OIL ( for the adds)

  2. h204lyf says:

    Earthling X says:

    “The entire planet has been “annexed” by big business interests the moment our society embraced a profit oriented economy. The sick, the hungry and the environment has been undermined in exchange for the “holy profit”. The future of this planet has been in their “drawing boards” without our participation. We can’t talk them out or shout them to death! We have to play it on our terms!”

  3. comaradella says:


  4. Zwank36 says:

    that wasn’t an accident that was criminal negligence, no other word for it.

  5. matreyia says:

    @JavyShortProductions an accident which could have been avoided if corners weren’t cut.

  6. JavyShortProductions says:

    @atlskatekrew420 What are you, a conspiracy theorist? Sometimes things happen no matter how ready people are. Though it seems that some of these people were acting weird, in general, it was an accident.

  7. atlskatekrew420 says:

    trufacts.yolasite com hey fox news stop lieng to our citizens we are fed up with all your lies telll the truth and wake up america

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  8. SilentKnight719 says:

    fake and gay.

  9. PanzerBlitz43 says:

    A five year old would make a better engineer than the “best minds” of BP

  10. Ayelyah says:

    Who owns BP? The Rothschilds. Who owns Barack Obama? The Rothschilds. How hard would it be to stage this accident and then ensure a failed response?
    The BP oil spill must be seen in the context of an ongoing covert war against America waged by the Illuminati, i.e. the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel led by the Rothschilds.

  11. kmckia says:

    ohhh predicting the future with that hurricane bp is good

  12. CoolJohnDog says:

    Lol “Where’s balloon boy!?”

  13. Choikesta says:

    side kill and kill bill lol

  14. laurenlovesdecember says:

    hes not funny at all.

  15. 5GemmaAnn says:

    bp is going to destroy the world

  16. frank63644 says:

    bp oil leak build the wall solution — youtube.com/watch?v=G1vW43AHdTI

  17. theclock101 says:

    Gary coleman is dead

  18. paigelz04 says:


  19. Baltolover95 says:


  20. 91WriterzStatus says:

    @Sammerkona lol…i like your idea

  21. killerq77 says:

    blah i keep getting an error :/ i wanna watch it! lol

  22. TheMorganobert says:

    i live in southern louisiana and as if katrina didnt hurt the great state enough, BP is screwing up our coast! F U BP!

  23. LivingBoyProductions says:

    Check out my Tony Hayward comedy video! Click my name.

  24. boxa888 says:

    @a please everyone nikola teslas wireless energy could have saved us from this 100 yrs ago! please look it up, i even put up information on my youtube to wake up everyone! time to build it and get over this dependence. please wake up! nikola tesla tried to warn us 100 yrs ago! look up “increasing human energy” by nikola tesla. its a brillant piece of work he wrote for you! start learning wireless power now before it happens again!!! we can easily ween off oil quite fast if we build it USA!

  25. prolestop says:

    Check out youtube’s “financial deform” hahaha

  26. acorntechnique says:

    A pathetic waste of 3 mins and 51 seconds of my life.

  27. OILSONGdotcom says:

    my OIL SPILL song at OILSONGdotcom

  28. proffromgview says:


  29. TheCaracaras says:

    @Sammerkona Maybe they didn’t like the name.

  30. zneumannwebs says:

    Doylestown Courthouse : D haha I’m like 20 mins away from there.

  31. nalts says:

    @ntala My home town!

  32. impeachbobama says:

    What a pile of Sh!t

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