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Extra: Oil Rig Survivor Part 3

Posted on July 03, 2010 by bp complaints

“It’s a raging inferno…” Once the Deepwater Horizon’s chief electronics technician Mike Williams got topside, he started looking for other survivors.
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  1. pcos22 says:

    I’d like to take all the oil soaked birds, turtles, dolphins, fish and throw them on the White House lawn. We need action so this NEVER happens again.

  2. hawkermustang says:

    We will pay for this mess at the pump!

  3. DaFukOuttaHere says:

    BP needs to be held responsible in the Billions….

  4. 1964GJH says:

    I hate being forced by Google to watch commercials at the beginning of a video.

  5. nono11895 says:


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