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CWR Demo Coastal Dune Lake_0001.wmv

Posted on July 04, 2010 by bp complaints

Walton County Sheriff’s Office views new deomonstration by CW Roberts to save the coastal dune lakes from the Gulf oil spill.

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  1. Jamesisshit says:

    @dustin1993 you are r3tard

  2. badbaty1 says:

    all you ppl that are crying about the oil spill and bitch about bp taking so long i really hope you all are not using any electric, not drive cars, using cell phone everyone of you need to do some research and look at what is made out of oil in some way oil is use to make products and service that we as Americans enjoy everyday. All you ppl that thank the government can do it better ask yourself what has the government ever do “RIGHT”.

  3. tipafew2many says:

    let along the fact that we are going to be eating this oil for years to come in our seafood.

  4. tipafew2many says:

    so far, this is the only rational effort i’ve seen to clean up this mess. get’er done boyz! maybe the hay will be combustible after it dries.. that can be contained. there is more than enough hay to feed the livestock this winter. this makes sense to do this. what is everybody waiting for? all our sea creatures will be dying soon from this oil and the chemicals they spread.

  5. elpadroney says:

    great lets create even more oil spills

  6. dustin1993 says:

    Ok so this just proved that the hay works, good on you there! But these morons pretty much ruined this little pond and the grass around it. Sure were thinking about the larger problem but could they not have maybe done this in like a simulated pond? Not something that was useful before?

  7. tinman842 says:

    thats the dumbest wave ive ever seen just proves my point again.. to make a wave you dont need to drive the tractor ten miles an hour through the water.. all he had to do was sit there and put his bucket at a 30 degree and patty cake it in and out of the water. and that would have made several waves. just like the ocean.. he made a fk suenami..thas because they have no concept of scale.. or how to keep it simple..

  8. shaunbaker04 says:

    This is awesome it’s alot easier to cleanup oil soaked hay instead of oil soaked sand…alot more labor once it sets in….

  9. tinman842 says:

    i bet anyone a million dollars his men going out in the pond and getting oil on their clothse and boots.. didnt wipe their boots and jeans off with hay to clean them.. they either went to carwash or trashed the boots and jeans..

  10. tinman842 says:

    so why arent they getting that pond cleaned up… i see one giant mess now when it was a simple oil spill now is one giant mess and notice their not scooping up the hay or showing how much hay to get that small pond cleaned up a looking good.. alls these videos about cleaning up the oil and beaches and look when are they gonna show something actually getting cleaned up..

  11. kayelynnw says:

    I’m so sick of these clowns

  12. getareeljob says:

    just go do it ,just go do it ,just go do it we can worry about the who cleans up the hay later we cant afford to wait the government or corporate just do it its an awesome idea
    a you can also separate the the oil the same way blood is separated from plasma with a centrifuge

  13. zzaaak says:

    Everybody mow your lawn and dump grass clippings at the beach.

  14. WaveRunnerLa says:

    Cows will be hungry this summer and winter but this will work.

  15. TheSwabbie says:

    Awesome Idea guys! Sometimes the Simplest answers ARE the correct ones. Good luck and I hope the powers that be see how effective this actually is and try to use it. I think the booms would be effective.. if they can be made quickly and deployed..

  16. TheSwabbie says:

    @Pcolachic71 Dude, it matches FINE. What they have CLEARLY shown is that it WORKS… works better and is more safe than hundreds of thousands of gallons of CHEMICALS to make the oil go to the bottom and pollute the gulf for half a century… and more realistic than trying to get hair salons to send them hair to make booms like what they just made with Hay.. Why dont people GET IT? Ackems Razor..

  17. tomsay0120 says:

    this is great to bad BP just wants to dump chemicals in our waters to sink their oil to the bottom of our gulf. it is british patrolium after all, all they care about is taking our money and their not worried about killing our enviornment. I say we should boycot BP and all their subsidiaries until they clean up the mess they made. they need to get off their butts and get to work on this plan.

  18. sallyerice says:

    This is approved and will be used and is rated one of the best reposes so far for remediation of the spill

  19. Twobitz1 says:

    There’s this thing. It’s called scale.

  20. DawnoftheDead787 says:

    @Pcolachic71 You are an idiot.

  21. tigereye1964 says:

    @Pcolachic71 You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  22. Pcolachic71 says:

    The scale does not match reality. You would need a hundred foot high Geo hay for that to withstand the scale of water they just showed. I hope they cleanup the retention pond they just polluted. did anyone else notice the stormrwater drainage?

  23. desire4liberation says:

    you guys are the best… ya give me hope… ty

  24. jamesarongray says:

    @puffadderbite both i think

  25. GideeshFilms says:

    @jamesarongray nein

  26. GideeshFilms says:

    @stefanherm Yeah, really haha

  27. frank63644 says:

    Bp oil leak build the wall solution — youtube.com/watch?v=G1vW43AHdTI


    they dont want any solutions. They want the mess to be as bad as possible.
    The BP spill was an inside job!

  29. puffadderbite says:

    is the leak now coming from the ground ? or from the pipe still?

  30. stefanherm says:

    i want my 5 minutes and 34 seconds back…

  31. jamesarongray says:

    i bet the end solution will be something this simple

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