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BP Underwater Oil Plumes Hold Vast Quantities of Oil

Posted on July 08, 2010 by bp complaints

I must apologize to my loyal subscribers for my extended absence. For the past few months I have been feverishly working to get 5 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals. But I felt the lies, double talk, and deception on the part of BP needed addressing. Yes, scientists have not found high concentration plumes, but as I point out here, low concentration plumes hold horrific volumes of oil. It’s like saying, the earth hasn’t exploded, therefore this disaster isn’t that bad. The “gullible sheep” comment is referring to the media, who rarely check up on numbers or facts made by people they interview. British Petroleum’s CEO Tony Hayward said they will make this right, excuse me if I don’t believe you anymore. If course, stopping the spill, cleaning up the oil, paying all the Gulf Coast residents claims IN FULL, and paying the full EPA fine should be enough to convince me you’ve put your dishonest ways behind you. I won’t hold my breath. To download this video copyright free please go to: www.mediafire.com If we all gave more thought to our actions and policies, this world would be a far better place. Think about it.

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  1. NewbBOSS says:

    if all that oil is leaking – then there is obviously a huge abundance of oil in this well – and oil is used to make gasoline – so why are gas prices at the service stations between $2.00 and $3.00 a gallon? There is no shortage of oil – so how come gas is so expensive? why are they robbing us like that? am i the only one on earth who can recognize this?

  2. philip1201 says:

    @cdk007 Both can be considered to be fully guilty: the company causing the spill, and the people saying that it was good for them to drill there. For two people to be convicted of murder, there don’t need to be two bodies. The MMS failed and BP failed. If other companies involved claimed the valve was secure, then they failed too. And all should be punished.

    OnlyCreationism isn’t saying it is wrong to blame BP, he’s saying it’s wrong to solely blame BP. And in that, I’ll have to agree with him.

  3. Censeo says:

    More electric cars, investigate and develop safer nuclear power plants, investigate and develop wind power. What the fuck are we rushing with the drilling anyway? The oil isn’t going anywhere until used (unless you spill it). Humanity I’m guessing is hoping to be around for more than just a hundred years. There will hopefully be plenty of time to use up all the oil we’ve been “blessed” with. Now we drill like there’s no tomorrow (or like oil grows on trees).

  4. cdk007 says:

    @OnlyCreationism By lying to regulators. If they couldn’t drill there, supply would go down, the price would go up, and they would continue to make money. The reason the do drill there, is because everyone else is. Competition drives production up.

    I’m not saying MMS doesn’t hold blame, but BP lied about the spill impact and their cleanup capabilities, just like they continue to lie about the nature of the spill going on right now. Hence the video.

    Sorry, but your argument fails.

  5. kk207 says:


    blame rape victim much?

  6. AdmiralCasey18 says:

    @kk207 So true, so true. Denial of problems and getting people to believe you is the best problem-solving many congressmen do.

  7. OnlyCreationism says:

    BP is merely trying to supply YOUR demand. To lump the blame on BP is the ultimate in both projection and scape goating. Try a bit of introspection ……. Think about it.

  8. HybridD91 says:

    @theDracoIX Alex Jones?

  9. kk207 says:


    Its the same logic with global warming, CO2 emission? Who cares, nature will take care of it, man made CO2 is such a small amount etc etc etc.

  10. Houshalter says:

    @superduperjew, There is nothing wrong with drilling for oil offshore IF they ensure there won’t be accidents and are prepared if there is one. Making them pay for all damages and a super high fine should be enough to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

  11. superduperjew says:

    This horrific tragedy SHOULD be more than enough to put BP out of business and make this completely illegal. We live in a sick world where all we think about is money and ourselves. This will affect the world long term, no doubt about that. This is clearly a slaughter of millions of animals… but I guess it doesn’t count since they are not homosapiens. Drill baby drill…

  12. sciencemobster says:

    The oil plumes are probably an oil-water emulsion, kind of like a “crude-oil mayonnaise”? If BP get fined $20 billion or whatever, it just means they get to extend their credit line on Wall Street by $20 billion. To pay for the credit line they just lower their operating standards farther, cut corners, cut jobs or whatever, thus increasing the risk of another disaster. Good luck with the peer review–we all need that:)

  13. 7omnia7 says:

    @theDracoIX staged or not, now the south of the US is full of shit.
    “Drill baby drill!” S. Palin

  14. theDracoIX says:

    @cdk007 Blood drinking parasite anyone???

  15. theDracoIX says:

    @cdk007 Blood drinking parasite anyone???

  16. cdk007 says:

    @theDracoIX Tinfoil hat anyone???

  17. cdk007 says:

    @Films4You Actually, that’s 6 months profit. Add that to the $20 billion in the escrow currently being set up, and the $2 billion spent to date to clean up the oil and stop the leak, that has yet to be stopped, and you start getting to some pretty significant amounts for BP.

  18. cdk007 says:

    @Joffan7 I’d suggest you watch the video again then. I see you subscribe to “Dilution is the solution to pollution”. Question is, at what concentration will dissolved oil kill marine life. That I will admit I don’t know the answer to.

  19. AdmiralCasey18 says:

    Rush Limbaugh’s solution(No lie): “Don’t waste time with the oil, it’s natural like the sea water, it’ll go away on it’s own.” Conservative logic, gives us many reasons to laugh, but seriously this spill is a disaster.

  20. ticisgreat says:

    I always love your videos. Thank you for putting them out and making us ‘Think About It’.

  21. tsumui says:

    Excellent vid, good luck with the papers. In what journals are you looking to publish?

  22. theDracoIX says:

    This BP thing is such a staged event. And, cdk007 is a staged person with a staged life. Go away.

  23. scythiconatron says:

    I fear what would happen if such a spill were to happen in any of the Great Lakes, which according to Wikipedia contain about 22% of the world’s surface fresh water.

  24. Joffan7 says:

    Clearly you are upset by the massive and disastrous oil gush into the Gulf, because you presented no evidence for the vastness of the quantities of oil in underwater plumes. And even if there are overall vast quantities underwater , the dilution still makes a difference because it’s much less harmful when dilute – “the dose makes the poison”. Not your usual thoughtful approach to subjects.

  25. ENez0 says:

    “Drill Baby Drill” I <3 Sarah Palin. She's not the brightest, but she's sooooo my type. =)

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