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BP Spills Coffee

Posted on July 10, 2010 by bp complaints

en.wikipedia.org 4.1 1965: Sea Gem offshore oil rig disaster 4.2 1993–1995: Hazardous substance dumping 4.3 2005: Texas City Refinery explosion 4.4 2006–2007: Prudhoe Bay 4.5 2006-2008: Texas City refinery fatalities 4.6 2007: Propane price manipulation 4.7 2008: Oil price manipulation 4.8 2009: North Sea helicopter accident 4.9 2010: Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Junkie rant

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  1. Mickothebest says:

    They try the most fucking retarded things EVER. xD

  2. nikkinothing1112 says:

    “my god, its encroaching on my map of Louisiana !”

  3. punDsal says:

    the hair he cut from his head looked like pubes!!!!lolol

  4. alecthesmudge says:


  5. hcaligula says:

    You guy aré really good.

  6. shezzan76 says:


  7. sandythelady says:

    goooood one!

  8. SillyStar09 says:


  9. Redthorn57 says:


  10. sabbathcrazy says:

    Well what are they doing to fix it? Giving it to BP and not letting the people clean it up. This could be the major crisis they wanted to implement a one world govt. Posilby they are going to let it get so bad that the nations have to come together to fix it? IDK another thought that this could be perfect to get GMO food that is resistance to oil acidic rain. IDK Lindsey willams is saying it was a accident but…

  11. Xelmo187X says:

    i’ve noticed a large decrease in chem-trails here in Los Angeles

  12. faceintree says:

    Hi, Paul – It’s called the ‘Shock Doctrine’.

  13. Yaheuben66 says:

    Carbon taxes aren’t to save the planet– it is to extract more wealth from 1st world countries and to prevent 3rd world countries from becoming developed.

    It is all bits of Agenda 21.

    The thing with the oil “spill”– the sea floor is rising in a bubble therre and there are fractures in the sea floor. This isn’t stoppable; they knew it a efw days after it happened, hence the media blackout and battle-ready troops.

  14. dualisticnature says:

    i’d look to people with scientific degrees. i would look to our fellow citizens and keep my bullshit filter on steady when searching for valid news info. i know you probably do, but i’m just saying. the situation is terrible, but i would avoid people who taint their messages with religion, and i would probably look a lot less to people who make their living on conspiracy theories. the conspiracies are bad enough without being over-hyped. i agree with what you said about the cleanup.

  15. dualisticnature says:

    alex jones will say things that are undocumented or unproven just to cause hysteria. in fact, there was a show with alex and lindsey williams in which they both spread lies and unfounded fear mongering against modern pagans and neo-pagans when alex and lindsey stated that these generally peaceful and tolerant people actually kill christians. they said these things without offering one piece of proof or documentation. believe what you will, but i wouldn’t take them as any kind of credible source.

  16. dualisticnature says:

    i quit listening to alex jones, and i feel much saner for it. that show is for people who like to be paranoid all the time. i personally can’t live that way. i’ve caught him spreading disinformation before. the situation is very bad, but alex jones will make it THAT much worse. no, i don’t trust the government or the media. the conspiracies are more than theories on many occasions, but panicking and being overly paranoid is not a healthy or productive way to live. don’t do that to yourselves.

  17. possetraxx says:

    Nola .com 5/23/2010 look it up bro that is the coast gard report..

  18. quantumsolutions says:

    Also, I find it very curious that this January Credo Mutwa predicted that half the world’s population would die by the year 2011 citing the cause of death as oil. Does he have inside info? or is he a shaman? My gut says he’s part of the massive game of deception. May I be forgiven if I’m wrong about that.

  19. quantumsolutions says:

    I’ve now heard a few others suggesting the same solution that I thought of a month ago. Put a funnel on top of it with a big tube feeding into big tankers. That is such a simple solution that others are seeing as well. Why won’t they do it and are instead spreading poisonous corexit and now beginning to burn it or talking of nuking it. They don’t want a simple solution. They want to stall and drag this as far as we will allow for maximum destruction. They are the destroyers. Be safe. Peace.

  20. nickyjohnny1 says:

    Hey SurfJunkie,you should get you and yours prepared and ready. You are right in the frontline. Many blessings to you. Keep the faith and be strong. Once it hits your beaches you wont be allowed on the beaches… Thanks for all your hard work.

  21. MutantKush says:

    I havnt seen chemtrails in a few days either, people are so ignorant when they call them contrails. As for the oil spill they definetly did it on purpose for numerous reasons like carbon tax, making the people need government and probably some masonic reasons. Your the man Paulie Paul thanks for making videos.

  22. theeastwatch says:

    It makes perfect sense – they don’t care about the planet at all. BP will make much more money in carbon units then they lose in the cleanup.

  23. Variax1100 says:

    they tried to pull off something that nobody else has done and totally fucked up.
    just another race against Russia to deep offshore drill the Arctic.

    dispersant is being pumped directly into the leaks
    the underwatercam are bullshit.
    25,000 barrels a day is bullshit, Ixtoc was 30. If this well is under the pressure of 20,000 PSI minimum that it may be then it’s already bigger than Ixtoc.

  24. mrphilbrick13 says:

    Well junkie… I must say I have been enjoying the information, and your point of view on things.

    I’m going with INSIDE JOB… Lindsay Williams was saying his BP informant said “Accident”, I say BS on that… There are only so many thing the elites will allow Jones or Lindsay to say. This underground / alternative information has always been, and always will be a psyops. The elites are trying to start a revolution, divide and conquer…

  25. 1974cpdmm says:

    You need to watch the movie On Deadly Ground.

    It is all about the money. Spend a billion now on clean up so they can raise prices later and make billions more a year selling less and less oil.

  26. hefeltbad says:

    Research agenda 21,the national level excersise called sons that dhs was about to drill for around the time of the oil leak.sons.spill of national signiffigance.boots and coots,it happened on earth day,and on and on.to many coincidences,to be an accident. swat team issued to the gulf a few days later.of course it was an inside job

  27. hefeltbad says:

    Of course this was an inside job.no chems here for almost a week bro.charlotte nc

  28. ThePresidentialTouch says:

    Paul, it’s like this….

    We’re fucked.
    Helplessly, hopelessly fucked.
    The oil flow can’t be cut off, it’s leaking out below sea level.
    I wish to God I was wrong.
    Surf while you can.

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