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BP Share Holders 70 Billion Dollar Wipeout President Obama Demand Action

Posted on July 08, 2010 by bp complaints

BP Share Holders 70 Billion Dollar Wipeout President Obama Demand Action BP Oil Spill Action Review in 6 months Today A Full and Vigorous Accounting of the BP Oil Spill bp share holders 70 billion dollar wipe out costs near 1 billion transocean almost 1 million gallons of oil spilt into the ocean each day possible government takeover through august 2 months reaches al beaches shores criminal investigation negligent class action lawsuit lawyer lawyers suit 2x valdez oil spill day 43 live leek hurricane season wetlands coast reefs al la fl months years dealing with bobby jindal boom deployed multiple lines of defense hard boom skimmers sand booming coast guard army June 01, 2010 | 7:31 President Obama promises a comprehensive investigation into the causes of the Deepwater BP Oil Spill as well as the relationships between government regulators and the oil industry in remarks from the Rose Garden. The President is joined by former Senator Bob Graham and former EPA Administrator William K. Reilly, the chairs of the Bipartisan National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling.

UPDATE: Oil has landed on shorelines…Bad news for the Gulf States…This may travel North around Florida and up the Eastern Coast line
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  1. scooterss2112 says:

    There is NO safe drilling. Accidents will happen with new rules and regulations. After Obama RED TAPES shit to hell, and prices skyrocket, then we can blame the next oil accident on his head? I think, moving forward, we need a better clean up plan, THATS what we should be focused on. SHIT wil happen, as it always has. You cant trim every tree branch just because some silly kid fell out of a tree and broke his arm.

  2. SeriesTheWatchmen says:

    You’re an idiot i copy/paste nothing…
    It doesn’t matter what I say you’ll just say I pasted it, so I ended it…
    How do you want me to prove I worked in oil/gas for 15 years?
    There is no way, unless you come up to alberta and I show you.
    That would be great then I could kick your Troll Ass as well, well I’m at it.

  3. imax1971 says:

    @SeriesTheWatchmen HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH LAMFAO!!!!!!! I nailed you lying!! Copy and pasting someone else’s description of there duties in the oil industry… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…. You got caught, pal! You can’t wiggle your way out!

  4. trevG9687 says:

    Good god How can you sleep at night? seriously how the fuck do you do it

  5. SeriesTheWatchmen says:

    If you worked in the oil industry you would know what a day rate is, you don’t. You have no clue on what your talking about and are talking out of your ass. You are nothing more than a troll, and I am done talking to a troll such as yourself.

  6. imax1971 says:

    @SeriesTheWatchmen Now that I have caught you in a lie…. Explain to me a “day rate”…. Come on, get creative!

  7. imax1971 says:

    @SeriesTheWatchmen Please, Just admit you got caught lying… Your grammar was completely different from your first comment… It is so obvious you copied and pasted your last post…. Loser!

  8. imax1971 says:

    @SeriesTheWatchmen You went to google and copied and pasted what an oil worker wrote… You are not only pathetic, you are a moron! You didn’t think I could figure that out?

  9. SeriesTheWatchmen says:

    I quit my job in December, but still do a day rate…So that is why the past and present tense. I only work the odd day in the patch it is not my full time job. You really are a troll aren’t you? Sad life you must live…

  10. imax1971 says:

    @SeriesTheWatchmen The grammar in your last few comments is completely different from the one you just posted! What do you think I am, an idiot? You really are a pathetic human being! On top of that you said you Worked (past tense) in the oil industry for 15 years, yet your comment was in the present tense! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Copy and paste! What a fucking loser!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!! You really are a jack ass… Thank you for a great laugh!

  11. SeriesTheWatchmen says:

    Ah lets see I log wells, which is called Cased Hole Logging. I run Bond Log[CBL] to see cement integrity on the backside of the casing. I run Bridge Plugs, WR-Plugs, and Composites. I run Noise/Temp tools. I run Casing Inspection tools. I perforate and bring these wells into production. I run TCP[Tubing Conveyed Perforating]. I run Gamma-Ray Logs/Neutron Logs/Compensated Neutron Logs, SBT’s[Segemented Bond Tool] Logs.
    You still don’t think I work in the oil industry?

  12. imax1971 says:

    @SeriesTheWatchmen I’m sure you DIDN’T work in the Oil Industry… Answer what I asked you… What are you doing to use as little of the Greedy companies oil? Stop with your liberal nonsense and answer a question!

  13. SeriesTheWatchmen says:

    I work in the oilfield industry for over 15 years. Trust me, oil companies just like any other corporation are greedy bastards. I’ve seen them cut many corners and put lives on the line to make a buck. I’ve been put in situations you could not even comprehend, due to oil companies taking short cuts.Until you’ve worked in the Oil sector I suggest you sit down, and take a breath, and realize human life to these people are absolutely nothing,and all they care about is the bottom line.

  14. imax1971 says:

    @SeriesTheWatchmen Where do you get your facts from?? Please enlighten me… You say “greedy bastards” Do you use petroleum based energy?? There are many alternatives to you as a CONSUMER to use as little petroleum based energy as possible.. Do you do that? Have you installed solar panels in your home? do you drive a Hybrid or Electric car (that is charged from your solar panels)?? Or have you Installed a wind mill on your property? You use the products that you demonize! Get a life..

  15. SeriesTheWatchmen says:

    They switched out the Drill Mud for Salt Water so that when they moved on the, ‘Service Rig’ the completion would go faster. That my friend is the VERY definition of a shortcut. And the fact that Transocean guy faught with the BP guy NOT to do this, but was out gunned by BP and the Government that signed off on it, they went ahead and did it anyways. Now 11 men are dead, the ocean is full of oil, and your trying to backup these greedy bastards.
    May God have mercy on your soul…

  16. imax1971 says:

    No matter how many laws and oversights this pile of shit puts in place, they will NOT PREVENT ACCIDENTS!!!!!!!! This was an ACCIDENT!!!!!! NO ONE, not BP, NOT TRANS OCEAN, NOT HALIBURTON and NOT THE GOVT. wanted this to happen!!!!!! There were not shortcuts taken or laws broken. It was a fucking accident! Stop making speeches, vacationing, fund raising, and playing golf and do something to help our economy! Almost two years and this man has done NOTHING!

  17. Finnishim says:

    I agree. It´s easy to speak clearly, when you don´t kiss asses but just tell the honest truth.

  18. mrrepublican1234 says:

    In the interest of yopur busy party schedule, did Sir Paul McCartney nominate these two, Mr. President?

  19. oplixity says:

    Gotta love Obama as a speaker. Gets the point across very clearly.

  20. DealGuide says:

    This is the best picture quality I have seen on youtube.

  21. dkkght46 says:

    @Fringe111 No its that you are are as loony as this administration. And Cameron got blown off just as he should have been. A plumber would give better advise than a half assed movie director. Cameron also said that climate change was the biggest threat since WW II, that was until a pipe blew its lid. Funny thing is my two suggestions got further than his. LMAO.

  22. Fringe111 says:

    @dkkght46 Awwww Your little fantasy is being challenged?

  23. dkkght46 says:

    @Fringe111 Fuck off you stupid cunt…

  24. opAir01 says:

    what about haliburton????

  25. barbtube01 says:

    @impeachobamanow2010 LMAO……………In 2009 77% of big oil political contributions went to Republicans and 23% went to Democrats. Hmmmm which party is corrupt!

  26. daffyman32 says:

    I have a question is the oil in the ocean for cars or something what is the oil for?

  27. alltheliars says:


  28. SoaringEleven says:

    oh i hope they can fix this before it’s too late =(
    *****thumbs up
    have a great day

  29. HighArchDruidMorph says:

    @funkyfold actually the percentage of petroleum that goes into vehicles is minisceul compared with plastics like your computer,garbage bags,trash cans at infinitum.Get your facts straight before your aligator mouth over louds your humming bird ass!!!

  30. valhala56 says:

    @dualisticnature why?

  31. gypsiekiz says:


  32. TheSamara89kitten says:

    this is scary and im sad for the marine animals who died and suffered :*(

  33. jtizz711 says:

    Way to ruin my summer. Fuck BRITISH petroleum!

  34. dualisticnature says:

    i hate these text to speech synthesizers.

  35. funkyfold says:

    Those responsible are those who drive gaz guzzling vehicles in the US are the ones responsible for this catastrophe!! The drive to find oil which is a finite resource to feed the drivers of the US must stop or else there will be more disasters like this.

  36. thermostable01 says:

    It is still debated whether the oil dispersed as an aerosol by a tornado can reach explosive quality. That this situation is far from hypothetical was demonstrated by the U.S. “mother of all bombs”. Based on the same oil dispersion principle, with 16,000 lbs of explosive aerosol inside, it is equivalent to 88,000 pounds of TNT!
    The amount of the oil dispersed in a form of an aerosol in the tornado epicenter can be enormous. The extreme explosive capacity of the oil aerosol can be devastating!

  37. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    Area { X } pressure { =} VOLUME / FLOW RATE /FORCE

    every day of the week & if they gave us the pressure we could figure this out in seconds


    The so-called experts & the 44th POTUS refused to give us the accurate numbers and I have actual video of the EARS of the 44th POTUS growing exponentially!

  38. Norg1 says:

    Wow good thing it has not flowed to the Texas coast yet

  39. megadarwin135 says:

    Obama will always blame Bush. But this attack by North Korea is on his watch.
    His own Katrina.

  40. Wildrosestands says:

    How many of those, directly responsible for this horrific disaster, will ever see the inside of a Cell???!!!!!!!! Justice must come form the people! Will we stand down, as they and their cronies make their way into their disaster shelters and leave mankind to die in the filth they left behind?!!!

  41. TeacherPHD says:


  42. EZGOinRI says:

    @dkkght46 Just in case you forgot, Bush was a moron, Cheney is the devil. If the neocon klan hadn’t deregulated the industry, like all the others hat are collapsing now, we wouldn’t be up to our collective ass in oil-slicked alligators.

  43. Hemulen40 says:

    Better slick up dat filth real fast !

  44. dkkght46 says:

    The Mississippi Sierra Club is pissed off at the Obama Administration. Terese Collins of the Gulf Island Conservancy said, “Everything we have will be lost for a long time, if not forever. Our government has failed us again. Every agency is doing their own thing.” FORE!!!! And you all thought Bush was the devil! Goodbye Louisiana it was nice knowing you and your fish & shrimps.

  45. JoshTheWolf1 says:

    @Habasch78 It’s not going to be that easy.

  46. GrandMAHatesCoons says:

    Get the 3 million black thugs and 3 milion illegal mexican criminals in prison to clean up the mess and then drown them. It cost the American tax payers bilions to keep these scumbags alive.. $42,000 per criminal

    BP should right off the bat give billions to each state who gets oil on their shores! there will be millions of people now out work and every house and business for approx. 1500 miles or more along the coast will be ruined. tourism will be destroyed for years!

  47. SEEKtheRealTruth says:

    i agree, america needs to stop that flow from leaving the gulf, react now. incase of worse case

  48. Habasch78 says:

    Close Gulf between south Florida and Cuba.

  49. Habasch78 says:

    Three or five days time to construct a wall between south Florida an Cuba. Easy or not. Wake up and do all you can against a Exxon or Chernobyl disaster. If its not too late rightnow.

  50. Habasch78 says:

    Three or five days time to construct a wall between south Florida an Cuba. Easy or not. Wake up and do all you can against a Exxon or Chernobyl disaster. If its not too late rightnow.

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