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BP Gulf Oil Spill Live Feed 06-11-2010 10:53A DAY 53 ROV RISER CAP ROCKS COMING OFF LMRP

Posted on July 10, 2010 by bp complaints

In this narrated clip you can see a large plume of red fluid in front of the ROV (remotely operated vehicle). When the view clears you can clearly see the riser top cap shaking back and forth. It looks like it is about to come off or get blown off by pressure.
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April 27, 2010 (2:29) Oil off the coast of Louisiana is proving to difficult to stop, and could have a big impact on environmental policy debates.
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  1. X2YeZCAMCNC says:

    @N4CR5 Nuke will not work either. It would just make a bigger hole.

  2. X2YeZCAMCNC says:

    @mrdalewilsondw Good luck to you too.

  3. N4CR5 says:

    must have loosened the rock around the pipe which means its breaking up and which means we’re fucked cus they can’t stop it without an explosion to crush teh rock/pipe together… or the worlds oceans will eventually all be ‘oiled’

  4. mrdalewilsondw says:

    Wow, they said it was a Volcano, crazy shit man.
    I wonder what kind of trouble we are really in ???
    Shouldn’t be much longer before we find out how bad this is gonna get. This may be the beginning of the end.
    Good Luck, peoples 🙂

  5. X2YeZCAMCNC says:

    @desire4liberation Thanks

  6. desire4liberation says:

    all hells gonna break loose…. take care

  7. X2YeZCAMCNC says:

    @jamesalexandershow It is only going to get worse. You will see shortly.

  8. jamesalexandershow says:

    Bot that really looks bad down there today!

  9. batfly says:

    100 Million is nothing…. Try the figure 1 trillion or more to clean this mess up.

    The USA is already broke… There is no way we can afford to clean this up. We need to get millions of volunteers involved to help clean this mess up…. Fat chance.

  10. MegaSinar says:

    this fuckin stupid people somebody shuld kill this people

  11. mskydolphin says:

    “The good news is that this spill looks as though it will be largely contained. The Coast Guard reported Friday morning, April 23, that a remote-controlled camera found that oil was not leaking from the deep-water well drilled by the rig.”Right now it looks like we dodged a bullet,” says Edward Overton, a professor emeritus of environmental sciences at Louisiana State University”~Bryan Walsh-Time (wtf?)

  12. neveshizzle says:

    The white man is fucking up this earth so bad 🙁

  13. 22AnnaG says:

    This is terrible. Hopefully this spill will be cleaned up and they’ll figure it out how this happened.

  14. Amado Patka says:

    oh please, we all know that Oil makes the world go round

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