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BP Gulf Oil Gusher Danger of Tsunamis From Methane

Posted on July 11, 2010 by bp complaints

A new and less well known asymmetric threat has surfaced in the Gulf of Mexico oil gusher. Methane or CH4 gas is being released in vast quantities in the Gulf waters. Seismic data shows huge pools of methane gas at the location immediately below and around the damaged “Macondo” oil well. Methane is a colourless, odourless and highly flammable substance which forms a major component in natural gas. This is the same gas that blew the top off Deepwater Horizon and killed 11 people. The “flow team” of the US Geological Survey estimates that 2900 cubic feet of natural gas, which primarily contains methane, is being released into the Gulf waters with every barrel of oil. The constant flow of over 50000 barrels of crude oil places the total daily amount of natural gas at over 145 million cubic feet. So far, over 8 billion cubic feet may have been released, making it one of the most vigorous methane eruptions in modern human history. If the estimates of 100000 barrels a day — that have emerged from a BP internal document — are true, then the estimates for methane gas release might have to be doubled.
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Just an opinion piece based on CNN’s latest article: www.cnn.com Link sent to me by a subscriber: www.theoildrum.com
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  1. RunWalkRace says:

    So Methane doesn’t alarm you? Then neither should so m any other naturally occuring poisons–fluoride, lead and mercury.

    Your statement basically is meaningless. We should maximize our exposure to healthy things and minimize our exposure to dangerous poisons. You can say I have a disease (orthoexia nervosa–a fanatically tendency to eat right and avoid artificial chemicals, sugar, junk food, food additives, alcohol, poisons, etc.), but I enjoy good health, just the same.

  2. RunWalkRace says:

    I appreciate you posting this information. I’ve heard a similar scenario on another post. Thanks very much.

    I realize some individuals are upset or frightened, but reality should never frighten us. Instead, we should be PREPARED to the extent that such a thing is possible. Tell all your friend in the Gulf States to be aware of the news and consider leaving their homes for a few months.

    In any case, good luck but don’t be scared.

  3. poiislifelifeispoi says:

    i don’t believe this…i believe that they are not not telling us 90% of the truth but at the same time i am not expecting something to happen until 2012 …i say this because if this is true i dont want to believe this an i dont want to live in fear of a giant tsunami every day…..BTW i live in mississippi… an i have heard enough info..im scared an these documentary have sufficiently scared the shit out of me…thanx for the download but none of this will change a thing an im just scared…

  4. shoetree100 says:

    asimov13647 pulls the covers over his head when he sharts his pantaloons.

  5. asimov13647 says:

    Who narrated this? Stephen Hawking? Regardless, any planet large enough to have gravity has methane. Methane is produced as part of natural geological processes. Methane does not alarm me.

  6. whiskerchild says:

    This hurts too much to contemplate. This hurts even more than what the politicians have done.
    Read Karl Denninger’s blogs on this. He lives in Florida. Very in-the-know.

  7. faithnotneeded says:

    Hey Drutter. The sad part is the solution is out there: /watch?v=hTOboHlcF0Q

  8. begins632 says:

    This is very very well written. Ecocide is a grave crime.

  9. ShillBasher says:

    P.S. I do understand ‘paranoia’ as, hard as it is for me to admit, I have suffered from it to a greater degree. Mine was brought on by overuse of weed and then XTC/ speed (you prob call it meth).
    I thought I was over all that, then I found out about 9/11 and it all started up again : (
    I’m ok now, that’s why I was trying to show you how I see you sometimes.. it’s because you’re like me. I wish someone had helped me see myself as I really was. Then again.. I wouldn’t have listened either ; )

  10. ShillBasher says:


    lol, the shills have learnt to not bother argueing with me anymore : )
    I, along with just about any Brit who cares to read a newspaper or watch the news, is slightly touchy about this subject for one VERY obvious reason. Barry Obama and the American media has gone all out to blame Britain for this disaster. It pisses me off to know that most Americans are happy to blame the British for this without even bothering to find out if BP is actualy a British company these days. Grrrr

  11. drutter says:

    Yeesh, man. Aren’t there any shills that need bashing? :-/
    “Gone home” in this context means quit, fold, give up, stop, cease, etc. You seem to get special meanings out of everyday phrases a lot. Psychosis?

  12. ShillBasher says:


    The words “gone home” are interesting, Dave, what exactly could one possibly mean with such small.. yet STRONG words?

    My background is Gynacology, Dave, doesn’t mean I’m not a c*nt does it!.

  13. drutter says:

    If it’s a forgone conclusion that BP is dead, why are they still trying? Why haven’t they folded and gone home? Because it’s not a foregone conclusion. Obama says he’s going to kick their butts, but if you think that means a damn thing, you’re in trouble. Hey, look up “paranoia”. I don’t think you know what it means. My background is psychiatry – I do. And for the 20th time, my name isn’t Daniel, Dan, or anything close.

  14. ShillBasher says:

    How’s this grab ya Daniel?: It WAS an accident, but they didn’t tell us about it until after they sold millions of shares.
    Ask yourself this, why would a massively proffitable company destroy itself (and they will be destroyed by this!) by doing this on purpose.
    I agree that this disaster can and will be blamed for the causing the next economic downturn BUT they would mearly be exploiting an oportunity to do so.
    You are slightly paranoid.. but I fully understand why, as I’ve been there too.

  15. PantsThatDontFit says:

    Get ready to make another video when you realize they lied again

  16. drutter says:

    (There are no honors for this video.)
    Hehe. All my videos get, at the very least, 5 or 6 “honors” during the first few days of their release. Not that I care, but I do keep track of that kind of thing. This video has more comments and ratings than my average video, but no “honors”. Ie, won’t show up on any top 100 lists or anything. Silly YouTube glitches! 😉

  17. drutter says:

    Just a thumb down and some namecalling? Don’t you have any information to share, or even some opinion, to flesh out your position?

  18. drutter says:

    No, you’re right, we really have no good options. It’s too bad we got ourselves into this position. I don’t think we thought ahead much.

  19. Seano71 says:

    Drutter, your a twit. False flag? Don’t be so nutty

  20. veritasfiles says:

    @drutter But you know my point is not to say, WRONG MORON….as I think pretty highly of you, for an atheist (Hehehe…), but it’s just to say WE REALLY HAVE NO GOOD OPTIONS. And the U.S. Government, I think, is an even worse option than just letting BP botch the job for months on end, it only being fixed by the physics itself become bored with their stupidity.

  21. veritasfiles says:

    @drutter Yeah, lame…had to reuse “hope” because my choice of optimistic just wouldn’t fit. As long as you got the point, I’ll put up with lookin’ stupid. Calling Obama a traitor seems to imply that he was somehow on your side at some point. If that’s true, then you didn’t understand him to begin with. That’s what I mean. That’s not surprising though. The vast majority of people didn’t understand him, which is why many people so foolishly placed their “hopes” in his historic presidency.

  22. drutter says:

    I can’t figure out what you meant by “If he’s truly changed from something else into a traitor, all that says is that the level of discernment show regarding Obama is somewhere south of ZERO.” Could you rephrase?
    As for the US govt doing a better job than BP, agreed. They botch everything they touch, so I wouldn’t trust them with it either. But there are more people in the world than just the US govt and BP.
    Hehe, you hope it gets fixed but you aren’t hopeful. :p

  23. veritasfiles says:

    As if the government would be able to do better or wouldn’t worsen this disaster by orders of magnitude if they were primarily involved in the attempt at stoppage. And Obama a traitor? If he’s truly changed from something else into a traitor, all that says is that the level of discernment show regarding Obama is somewhere south of ZERO. I think he sees this as much as an opportunity to pass his economy killing legislation as he does an actual disaster. I hope it gets fixed, but I’m not hopeful.

  24. drutter says:

    Another troll who exists only to thumb down every video I produce and leave useless comments that add nothing. Are you surprised that you’re now blocked? 🙂

  25. silvercelli says:

    Another bummer vid from drutter. Is anyone surprised?

  26. woodswoman783 says:

    @woodswoman783 whoops, I meant why AREN’T the prices at the pumps going up? This is just me wondering out loud.

  27. woodswoman783 says:

    You know, itmakes me wonder is why haven’t the price of gas started shooting up? If this oil is what is making the US independent from foreign oil sources and suddenly we’re losing it by millions of gallons, why are prices at the pumps going up? Does the US actually get that oil or is it sold to the highest bidder (China)? I mean gas prices go up every time they have to switch from winter fuel to summer fuel, something that happens every year. Why aren’t they going up with this huge disaster?

  28. ryonmc53184 says:

    I just maxed out all my credit cards purchasing gold and silver. I am ready for this bullshit.

  29. Austacker says:

    Good post Drutter. You’re 100% correct mate.

    We need a global revolution against these people and it needs to be harsh.

    The world is screaming for change. Change to the hypocracy. Change to the propaganda. Change to the greed. Change to the corruption.

    I’m here, way down in Australia and I hear you.

    Keep the faith brother, keep telling the truth.

  30. jdthecrazy says:

    Awesome video!

  31. Trevor Millward says:

    “Seismic data shows huge pools of methane gas at the location immediately below and around the damaged “Macondo” oil well.”

    Cite the source please.

    “If the estimates of 100,000 barrels a day — that have emerged from a BP internal document — are true, then the estimates for methane gas release might have to be doubled.”


    “Upon using a GPS and depth finder system, experts have discovered a large gas bubble, 15 to 20 miles wide and tens of feet high, under the ocean floor.”

    First it was pools of gas, now it’s a bubble. Clarity please. Wouldn’t seismic techniques be more appropriate? All a depth finder would show is a mound. it wouldn’t tell you what is inside. Even then you con’ddn’t be sure. If you CAN be sure you stand to make a fortune from the oil companies.

    “Older documents indicate that the subterranean geological formation below the “Macondo” well in the Gulf of Mexico may contain the presence of a huge methane deposit. ”

    Which documents. Please cite your sources so they can be checked. Or are these conveniently “only available to the author”.

    “Scientists warn that gases such as methane, hydrogen sulfide and benzene, along with oil, are now depleting the oxygen in the water and are beginning to suffocate marine life creating vast “dead zones”.”

    Cite your sources

    “Benzene gas ”

    Benzene is a liquid at room temperatures and pressures.

    “Some even believe that the rapid release of similar bubbles may have caused the sinking of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle.”

    I thought the theory was that it was deposits of methane hydrates which were disturbed by geoilogical activity, releasing methane into the water and reducing ship’s bouyancy.

    I do know that in 1981 , the Glomar Challenger drilled into a methane bed off Guatemala. There was no tsumani and the ship didn’t sink.

    “Every ship, drilling rig and structure within a ten mile radius of the escaping methane bubble would have to deal with a rapid change in buoyancy, ”

    You have the data which supports this?

    “If the toxic gas bubble explodes, ”

    Methane isn’t toxic. Also I don’t believe the GOM oil is particularly sour, unlike , say , Caspian Sea oil.

    “According to computer models, a second massive tsunami wave might occur.”

    Whose computer models? Can we see the report?

    “Could this be how nature eventually seals the hole created by the Gulf of Mexico oil gusher?”

    Can you point to any documented instances which would validate this theory?

  32. Randall says:

    Anyone continuing to use oil or oil derived products, whether supplied by Anardarko, BP or anyone else, is just contributing to this.



    that includes: Gasoline, diesel, lubricants, fertiliser, LNG, LPG, Natural Gas, plastics, medicines, etc, etc.

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