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Bill Deagle 1 Evacuate Florida By This Summer

Posted on July 03, 2010 by bp complaints

Dr. Bill Deagle talks about the impending oil volcano tsunami caused by the BP abiotic (unending) oil well located in the Gulf of Mexico
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  1. geyser says:

    Can anyone substantiate the rumor that large blocks of hotel rooms are being reserved in Kentucky, Tennessee and the Carolinas for “conventions” but the credit cards being used to reserve these rooms are actually federal government credit cards?

  2. austritarian says:

    @Rozrr Well, it’s there choice if they want to reside near the gulf or not. The argument back will be that some have no choice. Well, unless you are very elderly and have no way of getting transported out of the area, then you have the means to leave. Like it or not, it’s going to be crazy.

  3. sprayedon1 says:

    seeing clouds here on the n.w. Florida coast that are normal white on top but look black on the bottom with smaller burps of all black clouds. I am guessing that this is from the oil being burnt ?

  4. KillaC4Mammie says:

    This whole world is a powder keg….. What an absolute mess!

  5. normski262 says:

    hahahah! I said the pressure from these deep wells, were on or around 60 to 70,000PSI, or more and these idiots said I was wrong. They cannot stop it, there is no tech available on this planet to hold that sort of pressure. it’s the early stage of a global ecological Armageddon. It is going to take a further 3 to 6 months for everyone to start to see the effects of this, but by the end of this year, life is going to change in a way you cannot begin to understand.

  6. Dreadytube says:

    @austritarian I’ll keep a look out for you on a surfboard, ok?

  7. Rozrr says:

    @austritarian I rather think your comment is a little shallow and thoughtless when many peoples lives are in great danger.

  8. austritarian says:

    This tsunami will look awesome. I hope we get some good video footage.

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