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All the World is a Stage 5/5

Posted on July 03, 2010 by bp complaints

Max Igan talks – American Voice Radio – 06/10/10 thecrowhouse.com
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  1. megamorphg says:

    Yeah… I’ve been reading too much on it.
    I need to just practice. I’m going to try 2 GOOD hours per day for a month and see what happens.

  2. NowForTruth says:

    @megamorphg it couldnt hurt but I would try to stop consuming it. When i was very young i had it explained to me it terms i could understand as a child. But I didnt gain control over it until later on while i was learning to practice taiji.I first fully experienced my kundalini when I become aware of it but i do not remember practicing. The kundalini rises from deep within and travelles up ur spin. Like hackles on a dog or an arching silverback it drives more than adrenaliln

  3. megamorphg says:

    that’s interesting… i need to start meditating way more often then.
    might counteract the subjugative effects of flouride.

    when did you start experiencing kundalini? after how much practice?

  4. Jennyfromthepark says:

    Everytime I listen to you I come away with a better understanding of it all. For instance this show made me stop and think about how long it took me to come to my own conclusions. Countless hours researching the net and reading books.
    The truth hurts but it can also set you free.

  5. NowForTruth says:

    @Peter4101 accompanied by a lessoning need to “think”. Im sure you will find that you too are “feeling” your way through life more and more.. moving away from the counter-intuitive reality which has been ever so carefully engineered for us

  6. NowForTruth says:

    @megamorphg it takes intesive practice to control it. Everytime you get angry it becomes active. It is a primitive response to danger (fight or flight). I found mine come under control with taiji and meditation. Taiji helped me understand what was happening too

  7. megamorphg says:

    what about kundalini? don’t you have to do intensive practice to ignite it and get it goin?

  8. megamorphg says:

    @aodscarecrow what about kundalini?

  9. Robmar420 says:

    @joneselius I’m not the most brave person myself.. but I do what I do because I know whats right and what needs to be done. All I know is im tired of this very shady and corrupt structure we live in and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to wake up the many sleeping. In some way shape or form people will have to be awoken.. by means of information (Doubtful..too full of themselves) or by means of the government crossing that final line in which even the slowest people will understand were doomed

  10. joneselius says:

    @Robmar420 I second that, I’m 22 also. It’s not easy to get people to take you seriously. They usually think we’re being obnoxious when one asks them things. It’s an odd situation, trying to help people with something they simply do not understand. Empathy abounds in my mind. I just need courage. I’m quite a coward.

  11. joneselius says:

    @rrookie25 He would natually refuse, he says he’s not here to lead. No great man ever is, people simply follow their example.

  12. kiwirobin says:

    Memetics is the cause and memetics is the cure…
    As you say my friend we must used the same tools they do…
    I too feel the hurt…but Kia kaha…there’s work to be done…
    Keep on spreading the love meme….

    Hugs and Aroha…..

  13. Indigozek says:

    @daslove718 The point is that we govern ourselves.

  14. daslove718 says:

    @Indigozek we are not the government my friend, when you can say we are the government is the day corporate media doesn’t run the world.

  15. MrCurative says:

    Max, thanks for your take on our worlds crisis….You are helping.
    Here is a link to a man who seems to echo a lot of what you say, but with a much more ‘in your face’ manner…..caution profanity abounds!


  16. Robmar420 says:

    @aodscarecrow I will have to say that I may only be 22 years old.. But I already feel like im almost where your at max. I have the open conscience 24/7 and am constantly trying to spread truth and awareness to anyone who will listen. for example when I hear/read some “news” of the day im very easily able to sift through the crap they feed and find the part(s) where the corruption is hiding. Not to mention I have always had a big heart for animals and of course my fellow man. I just want peace

  17. adrian42583 says:

    Thank you so much,…been wanted to do something for a long time now, don’t know exactly what to do, may be a law that dictates that any corruption of any government or coorporation should be behind bars for a long time and take all of this person belongings away, there is no reason why this people full of greed can get away with “rape” to the people that put them in charge in the first place.

    In other words…GREED/ABUSE OF POWER should be punish hard, real hard….

  18. Nerfpalliesty says:

    this is why i subscribed.

  19. SirChadwic says:

    @xearther I wish I had said that!! Thanks

  20. Indigozek says:

    @xearther k

  21. xearther says:

    @Indigozek “We are the government.”

    Government is an abstraction made manifest by sociopaths who like nothing better than to control minds.

    We are not an abstraction. We are meat sacks animated by a veiled consciousness pretending to be different when in fact we are the same infinite atemporal consciousness.

    To say “we are the government” is a magician’s act of misdirection maintaining the illusion things can somehow be changed within the “system” instead of within ourselves.

    We are the Key.

  22. DACHAGS says:

    i nedd ur help teache ,e ur ways i wanna be able to peep the game to the world in my own way /

  23. lookElike says:

    By the way its Cameron/Clegg coalition in UK now. Brown is out. You probably don’t care, lol, but I’m just keeping you informed 😉

  24. lookElike says:

    Always value your talks. They have served me greatly and I do intend to contribute what I can soon. My life is again changing so I need to focus all my energy on getting settled once more. Do hope you keep it going in the mean time.
    I have noticed that when I speak out about similar issues you speak of, I no longer receive abusive or mocking replies. I think things are becoming so blatant now everyone kinda knows or feels something. I am met with an uncomfortable silence now 🙂 it’s progress

  25. obvious1dotcom says:

    Thank you Max, as always. Enlightening and inspiring talk. 🙂

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