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Accidents happen: Learn from Exxon and the Gulf

Posted on July 10, 2010 by bp complaints

The Exxon Valdez and BP Horizon oil spills shows that accidents happen. Help keep British Columbia’s North and Central Coast oil free forever. E-mail Prime Minister Stephen Harper and urge him to stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project and permanently ban oil tankers so BC is not the site of the world’s next disastrous oil spill.

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  1. llangol says:

    @Tommy528hz That’s silly we’re talking about billions of kilowatts, not a few milliwatts.

  2. llangol says:

    @Tommy528hz Dream on we cann’t even get back to the moon.

  3. Tommy528hz says:

    Our brains run off of alpha, beta, theta waves. Stars and planets put off sound and electromagnetic waves. Doesnt anyone ever whonder about the energy that we run off of? Our emotions ressonate/karma. There are waves of energy all around us, T. Henry Moray wrote a book called “The Sea of Energy in Which The Earth floats” it is very interesting stuff. Moray also harnessed this natural energy for free!! The reason we use the energy that we do is because there are powerful people capitilizing

  4. Tommy528hz says:

    @llangol Not true… Look up Nikola Tesla he invented free energy in 1920’s. He had a car that ran off an antenna. how do you make money off free energy? There are waves of energy radiating through out our univese. You think stars just exist and planets spin for no reason? The power we could harness from these ocilating radiant waves has far more potential then nuclear energy. Imagine working with the universe to tap into that energy instead of working against it with combustion energy.

  5. llangol says:

    @Tommy528hz There is only one new energy, nuclear


    Thank You Sister

  7. Tommy528hz says:

    New Energy is the future this is a critical point in history. Everyone needs to find there voice.

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