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Wonderful BP, Just WONDERFUL!

Posted on June 17, 2010 by bp complaints

Wonderful BP, Just WONDERFUL! Music Produced by: Adamack “Better Than That”

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  1. cbr6864 says:

    they never really thought any of these plans would work, they are all just for show to make it seem like they are trying to do something. the only thing that will work is a new hole but that will take a while so they came up with all this crap just to buy them some time.

  2. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @sharpsteve2003 Ya this was a stupid move … all the great minds/potential in the world and this is what BP has come up with … what a joke … and people still have the nerve to defend BP … there might be great people who work for BP, but the people who run the show are POS’s …

  3. sharpsteve2003 says:

    Heard a report that they will be sucking up 6 % of the oil. That’s after increasing it at least 20% when they cut the pipe. I don’t think they will have this plugged till next year.

  4. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @shindak666 Ya I know its becoming more crazy everday … I’m about to upload a new vid with 3 different camera shots on the leak … its not looking good at all … shit is getting scary.

  5. shindak666 says:

    omfg this is insane….

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