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Video: Oil Spill Undersea Damage

Posted on June 15, 2010 by bp complaints

Video: Oil Spill Undersea Damage
As the Gulf oil disaster continues, BP is containing less than half of the daily leakage. As Mark Strassmann reports, damage undersea is just as bad as the oil-stained coastlines.
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  1. LouisofEarth says:

    The BP video feed has been grainy and jumpy from the first. Do you think this is what the R.O.V. operators are seeing when they control their ROV’s.

    HELL NO they aren’t going to be operating multi-million dollar machines with cell phone cameras. They are using video cameras with the highest definition and speed possible. BP had to intentionally degrade the video signal before they sent it out. Yes, BP had to take an extra step to make the video unusable for independent analysis of the amount of oil flow.

    The Government has been foolish enough not to put its own submersibles on the scene.

    Only recently when high resolution video became available, were independent experts able to get a good idea of the flow. BP minimized the flow in their press releases and then prevented anyone else from getting the evidence of how badly they had screwed up. Without independent evidence they would have the last word on how much oil leaked!

    The Blow Out Preventer BOP
    The latest rumors, (since BP doesn’t let out any information that it isn’t forced out of it), have the main casing compromised. The events which led to the explosion appear to have damaged the casing enclosing the well. If parts of the casing had been explosively shoved into the BOP, the BOP became irrelevant. They shut down the Top Kill only when oil started bypassing the casing. The siphon device they are using now has nice big openings to prevent too much pressure in the pipe. This slows down, but doesn’t stop the erosion around the casing.

    When did BP know that the well was too damaged to repair?

    They can’t seal the leak without making the damage to the well worse. At some point as the borehole will erode and the entire casing may detach. Soon after this, erosion of the bore hole will make the relief wells irrelevant. The relief wells can plug a small 7 to 12 inch hole at these pressures, but not a washed out hole that could be several feet across. At this point the Nuclear Option becomes the only option.

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