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BP Complaints


Posted on June 20, 2010 by bp complaints

Listen to James Fox directly from Grand Isle, Lousiana. Media threatened with arrest for filming footage of the area and the plumes of oil. Disaster far worse than being reported previously. BP in total control of what is happeing in the disaster response. MARTIAL LAW MAY BE CALLED!! There is a MEDIA BLACKOUT. People are being ARRESTED. The media is not telling you the real story. Let’s keep James in our thoughts. www.veritasshow.com

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  1. NatureChasing says:

    @celtickev999 grammar 😛

  2. SuperboyXX0018 says:

    Barack Obama is the death! Holocaust is coming to America this year!


  3. InformedTexasVoter says:

    @reindeerroadkill I wish folks who want to pop off that this is nonsense, at least did their own dd. All one has to do is a quick search on orbitz or travelocity for reservations to Grand Isle, LA to find out that you can’t get a hotel room there. So much for being a total nut job. I think folks who come on youtube to naysay obvious truth are paid disinfo agents!

  4. celtickev999 says:

    @TDKING83 well obviously “TRUe ppl” like you also have no comprehension of grammer , let alone reality.

  5. TDKING83 says:

    TRUe ppl do panic over stupid shit

  6. paison318 says:

    @reindeerroadkill You are sooooooo wrong! James Fox is a reporter of high integrity and truth. What are you doing? Sittin on your ass doing nothing?? As Einstein stated many times…..”Condemnation without investigation is the height of all ignorance”. Don’t be an ignoramous!!

  7. paison318 says:

    @DwankMob I am appalled by your statement. YOU are one of the problems we have in this country. I can see how you became a wealthy business tycoon…you lack intelligence of the TRUE nature of life.

  8. celtickev999 says:

    @reindeerroadkill your obviously not of an intellect to get the severity of the problem. you have come on here and attacked James Fox with out having even researched the man and his work.

    your words are meaningless. im suprised you can even spell the word “troll”

  9. butlincat2 says:

    see the other vids of Fox.

  10. Zhvingy says:

    @celtickev999 Smells like sarcasm… nothing to get too pissed about dude

  11. reindeerroadkill says:

    God this James Fox guy sounds like a total nut job.. He keeps saying all this is going on, yet he atleast admits that he hasnt actually seen anything with his own eyes.. Un-newsworthy.. James Fox= Huge Troll..

  12. cappucinokid100 says:

    MSM reports today that” the BP crisis will not affect US/BRITISH relations”…
    The NWO are lying through their teeth as usual about the whole affair.
    What the hell do we do???

  13. pretense101 says:

    Well I sure hope Mel reads these posts I think when the middle of august comes and the waters have heated to about 120 to 130 degrees and the temps go from the average temps of 85 to 92 degrees which will give us categorie 7 or better huricanes ya thats right I said categorie 7 because of the heat and water evaporations will be crazy and then the storms will carry all the bad stuff up in the atomsphere and put it on land killing all of the water and everything it lands on sorry to say this is it

  14. MicroMouse007 says:

    oh jesus christ… there even covering it up on google earth…. itll show u some black spots then cover the rest in blue go chek it out

  15. Crashmagproductions1 says:

    THis is a NWo take over of America, they are going to declare martial soon down there, I’ve had dreams every night about this. Gorbchev said ” The Nwo would be brought into being by an Enviromental Crisis

  16. BattleBornRiverRat says:

    MARTIAL LAW MAY BE CALLED!! ? really? I dont see it lol

  17. lukeoboy says:

    @DwankMob @DwankMob You must be one f***** up wealthy business leader. I hope your future death helps BP’s image in the public eye.

  18. lukeoboy says:

    @DwankMob @DwankMob You must be one f***** up wealthy business leader. I hope your future death helps BP’s image in the public eye.

  19. lukeoboy says:

    @DwankMob You must be one fucked up wealthy business leader. I hope your future death helps BP’s image in the public eye.

  20. hubanis says:

    “Lesbians” enough said

  21. Hannahhi says:

    @Dwankmob.. you’re an ignoramus, and it is probably the most simpleton response I have seen re this disaster. There is a real world out there and you might learn something if you cared to listen. BP has no respect left and needs no defending for what they are doing to mankind, and the planet. They all need strung up by their jewels. Your response reflects total ignorance of what this disaster means for the next 50 years or longer for that part of the planet with millions seriously affected.

  22. alleygh0st says:

    BP and controversy…

    -Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline
    -Colombian pipeline
    -Mist mountain project
    -Canadian oil sands
    not to mention hazardous substance dumping on the Alaska North Slope,
    Texas City Refinery explosion, Prudhoe Bay, 2007 propane price manipulation,
    2008 Oil price manipulation, North Sea helicopter accident and now this, the Deepwater Horizon…

  23. celtickev999 says:

    @DwankMob what on earth are you talking about. I dont think you have the i.q. to run a mcdonalds francise is that is your overall opinion on whats going on in the gulf.

    you care about BP’s image in the public eye? whats that got to do with anything if the gulf coast is ecologically destroyed for years to come.

    as an “aspring wealthy business tycoon” (haha) surely your time would be better spent on said business and away from youtube where u decide to defend the criminals at BP

  24. DwankMob says:

    As an aspiring wealthy business tycoon myself, I applaud BP for this blackout, and hope this helps their image in the public eye.

  25. TrueJalik says:

    @TDKING83 All it takes is a little thought. They show you what they need to, and what people already know, and prevent all other information from getting out. They have near 24/7 coverage of the oil pouring out of the pipe to distract the ignorant. There’s a possibility that there are terrorism risks here as well, but this is fascist style, and I don’t use that word lightly. Sadly, stupid people panic easily, so in certain scenarios it’s worth preventing the spread of information.

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