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The Oil Rig Explosion – Possible Terrorist Attack?

Posted on June 10, 2010 by bp complaints

Hi, this is Jay Herrod and I would like to talk about the oil rig explosion and massive oil leak off the coast of Louisiana. Roughly one week after President O Bama announced expanding off shore drilling of this country, the exploratory oil rig the Deepwater Horizon explodes, sinks, and causes a massive oil leak and spill that threatens the entire Gulf and East Coast. I found this mighty strange. Oil companies go out their way to make sure this doesnt happen. In talking with others who know about the off shore drilling business (remember, I am from Louisiana after all), they cant believe this happened at all. Now in my talks with people in Louisiana it came up that there are groups and organizations that oppose expanding off shore drilling and were doing everything in their power to stop it. It was also noted that fiberglass boats, whether this is true or not, I dont know, are not detectable by radar on off shore drilling rigs. That workers do not know when one is close by unless just happening to see one in day time. Now I dont know if Homeland Security has considered this or not but at night, could or could not a person or persons boarded the Deepwater Horizon, set explosives on the rig undetected or dressed as a oil field worker going unnoticed and left? There are lots of ways it could have been done. Lastly, then please consider this, our off shore drilling rigs are not as protected as in the Middle East. Am others and I wrong about this, you figure it out. THANK YOU
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  1. unchellmatt says:

    @Jayherrod1 , oh do tell? You’re barely able to formulate a coherent sentence, your hypothesis on what occurred in the Gulf is comical at best, pathetic at worst. You have zero factual evidence for your conjecture, you back up your “theory” with no facts behind it, simply the ramblings of a paranoid mind. Your suggestion of this being a “terrorist attack” is contrary to evidence from the scene, testimony from employees, and completely lacks anything even remotely resembling a logical discussion.

  2. Jayherrod1 says:

    @studio8 – Be bold and speak out what you think and believe, nothing will happen to you, trust me.

  3. Jayherrod1 says:

    @unchellmatt – If you ment your comment about me let me tell you I am far from stupid and retarded. I have an IQ of 125 and higher. If you were to meet me in person like a lot people have, you would see.

  4. mdr48371 says:

    Truly a Palin-American.

  5. studio8 says:

    This video just further proves my theory of Jay Herrod for President in 2012.

  6. unchellmatt says:

    Holy crap. Dude…. If his mother and father were to divorce, would they still be brother and sister? I’m not sure if this guy is retarded or just stupid.

  7. fuadgoesforpeace says:

    First mistake of mankind was to think they own something, like: This is mine. My precious. ” Man, before they ‘conquered’ America, remember just before that they ‘thought it didn’t exist”. Idiots and they’ ruling the world..How? printing money! Paper brothers and sisters, it are the papermen. What did you think they first ‘owned’.. from all of this world..: Trees. First they’d start cutting them trees.Did ya remember them said:Papyrus from Egypt.that desertland?Then Gold.Diamonds. Oil.Now This?

  8. studio8 says:

    I think I have it all figured out. But I’m too scared of what might happen if I say anything.

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