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The BP Oil Catastrophe part 1/4

Posted on June 03, 2010 by bp complaints

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Countdown – Oil industry whistleblower Mike Mason: BP’s BOP tests are bogus Visit: firedoglake.com


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  1. xZer0nex says:

    Depth charges at intervals of a few hundred feet past the gulf floor would collapse the well.

  2. robinvan1983 says:

    @jblcva search on youtube Oil Experts: Multiple Leaks it is from the 27th of may

  3. jblcva says:

    @ronkini123 5,000 barrels at 50gallons a Barrel.
    I am sure you can do the math…This is absurd…
    But if we are honest we only have 1 person to
    blame. Look in the mirror.

  4. jblcva says:

    @robinvan1983 Don’t own a T.V Dude…I guess
    you believe everything you hear on the boob tube?

  5. robinvan1983 says:

    @jblcva dude… watch the news once in a while… they explained why supertankers couldn’t be used

  6. dpremi1126 says:

    If BP sold all of its assets cannot be compensate the loss, which is made to the Gulf of Mexico and the poor fish and sea animals of god. . All the world environmentalist and people must be come forward and pressure on this dirty company which fail to control the disaster. Every one who love the animals and future of world people and enviromentalist must be come forward and media must inform to the world people about this criminals careless work

  7. jblcva says:

    Why didn’t Obama order BP’s supertankers to suck
    this muck up? They can and have done this before.
    They have the capabilities to separate oil from water.
    “Fact is this” We have had 0 leadership on this….
    Obama has better things to do. Go to Cal 2x for
    Barbara time to kick your Boxer ass out into
    retirement. Meet the Yankees and UConn
    women basketball team. This man is a clown.
    Comm. organizing didn’t prepare you for
    this. Let me recommend something?
    Resign.You are in way over your head..

  8. lickss says:

    Yea but with the current criminals in White House they will blow up the Gulf and then
    declare Martial law, Im half kidding but not totally.

  9. SetYouFreee says:

    @TheDurzoBlint of course it works, but it will make all oil radio active.

  10. TheDurzoBlint says:

    Use a nuke… it works! Soviet Russia pulled it off five times!

  11. newbetterandhappy says:

    Now they aren’t keeping their extermination plan secret.

  12. ronkini123 says:

    200000 barrels a day?!!! I m from Toronto and yesterday on the damn radio i heard them say 5000, why even listen to these bastards when you are told lies?

  13. caseypons says:

    Has your medication not taken effect or did you overdose….What are you trying to say. Stop babbling yourself …..and spit it out!!!! You make no sense!!!!!

  14. videosouthafrica says:

    more babble …. introductions …. i little history of the event … babble …. information gathering … anouncement …. blah blah … the solution u will not like … US went after al quaeda when they messed up … time for REVERSE GEAR … BP and US politicians need a serious dose of al quaeda …. ITS legitimate and needed …. use murderers to get rid of murderers … they are the same

  15. drusha1 says:

    seems this was done on purpose because obama opened up off coast drilling

  16. jesseleboutillier says:

    it is close to impossible to clean this up..i doubt they can stop the flow.. the pressure is too high!! this is the worst enviromental disaster in recorded earth history..
    they say this time our civlization will parish by fire.
    prepare, we need to turn our pony’s into light horses!!!
    ..what a great movie..really!
    stay happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. evcrawfish says:

    @TribulationWarrior if you want to watch lindsey’s dvds they are on youtube, search “the elite speak lindsey williams” there is a playlist with all of the dvds… just in case you want to watch em

  18. jmarfoglio says:

    Lindsey need to get his facts straight its 200,000 gallons not barrels

  19. 827rover says:

    so much oil wasted, maybe there is some process to separate it from the water and convert to gasoline??

  20. evcrawfish says:

    @TribulationWarrior matthew 12:36

    james 1:19

    2 Corinthians 5:20

  21. mavraek says:

    I am literally in tears over this! It is an ineffable event that to me could be nothing else but intentional by the dark ones. I shake my head.

  22. GOTU62 says:

    Wait… 200,000+ barrels or gallons per day (7:40)? The CG reported 210,000 gallons=5000 barrels per day. It’s all so horribly f’d up…

  23. 5starrater1 says:

    @TribulationWarrior – I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds this odd. Plus, if he was the pastor to people to evil, he did a pretty crap job of it, didn’t he?

  24. ogmonkey27 says:

    So if the oil never stops then will it flood the earth with oil….? I guess we all might burn in hell…I have kids and someone(group) is responsible for my kids possible hell for future. I wish I had power I would dust these fools…..

  25. ZebZachary says:


    SetYouFreee is a female.

  26. Beetuber says:

    This guy is a complete arse. He knows fuck all about the equipment in question.

  27. avsfan19215233 says:

    This dipshit was fired for looking up porn at work….I’m not kidding either.

  28. nunatheart says:

    Your government bureaucracy and multinational corporations are protecting us like the fox protects the hens! And we will be getting much more of both. Thank you Mr. Rockefeller Foundation for acting like the atheists that you are..

  29. madebutante says:

    “What’s good for oil companies is good for America” – GWB (Great White Bastard)

  30. leppy111 says:

    Betcha their sorry they went after him a few years back, I love it that he’s getting even.
    I can just see the BP boardroom OMG, OMG

  31. OccamsView says:

    very troubling indeed.

  32. bbbbmer says:

    oh brother, senator murkowski is worthless…

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