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The Ballad of Deepwater Horizon

Posted on June 01, 2010 by bp complaints

original song by charlie benton
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New footage of the oil volcano erupting in the Gulf of Mexico. This video, taken from 5/15 – 5/16, shows oil gushing out of the failed blowout preventer of the Deepwater Horizon. The first shot is far away, the second is a closeup. Video released by the office of Senator Bill Nelson of Florida.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. caitlinnarrache says:

    Nice Job Charlie! Keep up the Good work! =D

  2. Warithe says:

    Very cool!

  3. TCroker99 says:

    @Janet6961 this is humans karma..

  4. benzzed says:

    @debrainwasher did you go to uni to work that out washout,or did someone advise you,and what is the good doctor doing on this page?stirring shit again saska

  5. TheAlexander356 says:

    How will the end begin?

  6. debrainwasher says:

    IHeardYouLikeFitness, at least, YouTube can only create oil spills in your pants.

  7. IHeardYouLikeFitness says:


    Isn’t the for profit website known as youtube a great thing.

  8. debrainwasher says:

    enslavetherich, nope. It will work the opposite way: Obama will tax every gallon of fuel with $1…3 and give this money to the oil companies, to invest this money into safety equipment and to pay the cleanup. Isn’t neo-capitalism a wonderful thing?

  9. debrainwasher says:

    The oil will run for months if not years – until the pressure will have been dropped naturally.

  10. Janet6961 says:

    The whole disaster is America’s Karma at work…

  11. 9ff70f96 says:

    @XZaapryca 21 inches external, 18 inches internal, afaik

  12. Allamericom says:

    Obama our friendly terrorist is doing a great job – would not you say?
    Wake up America your under siege.

  13. XZaapryca says:

    What is the diameter of those pipes? It would help to know the scale…

  14. holocaustexpert says:

    @ravioneu – I could not speak German, so I never knew why.

  15. ravioneu says:


    I don’t understand. They tortured you this way and then they cared enough about you to put you in the hospital and give you skin grafts? Or were you hospitalized after your rescue?

  16. GrandArchitect3D says:

    @enslavetherich Mr Obama is tight with the Queen as well.

  17. enslavetherich says:

    @GrandArchitect3D Gas? I don’t need that much.. As I don’t have a car, (for the moment) my bicycle still works great.. 🙂 1 million dollar for Obama from BP? Didn’t the banksters give him enough?

  18. holocaustexpert says:

    When I was in auschwitz, I was put in a barrel of oil for 2 days. the Nazi’s then placed me onthe ground for 24 hours and the black oil dried on my skin. I was inthe hospital for 30 days and had skin grafts. Today, I give talks about the Holocaust.
    I carry a jar of oil to remind the folks, how oily those Nazis were. I escaped auschwitz in 1944 and am a holocaust survivor. True Story.

  19. GrandArchitect3D says:

    @enslavetherich No. Chevron. Where do u buy gas? Obama accepted almost a million dollars from BP.

  20. enslavetherich says:

    @GrandArchitect3D yeah you know, most of it appears to be dropping down to the bottom again.. And nothing lives on the bottom of the ocean right? Or.. Let me guess, you always fill up your car at BP?

  21. Richardgwm says:

    America’s Chernobyl. The Gulf is dead forever.

  22. gwydyon2525 says:

    This is the liberals’ fault because… they wanted to stop offshore oil drilling?

  23. mintvagoo says:

    Still looks like deregulated right-wing capitalism being pumped into the Gulf at a rate of 500K gallons a day.

  24. EntinludeX says:

    That’s obscene.

  25. wdcsucks1 says:

    still seems like thousands of gallons a day!

  26. GrandArchitect3D says:

    its not as bad as the media is exaggerating.

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