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Succesful tests in US oil spill battle

Posted on June 03, 2010 by bp complaints

BP have announced successful tests on a system to siphon oil from a blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico. . Follow us on twitter at twitter.com .


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0 to “Succesful tests in US oil spill battle”

  1. TheTopBloke says:

    @Zenit134 Yes, that’s go.

  2. Zenit134 says:

    If you sit a bigger stone of the hole, that´s go´s, right?!

  3. Asa80ataol says:

    @furseiseki BOYCOTT!

  4. Asa80ataol says:

    1st things 1st WHO GIVES A SHT ABOUT MEXICO! no 1 not even those who live there! so Kics82 Get a life and read a book!–
    2nd and last~ FUKKKK YOU BP end of april spill is less then 1000 gallons oh wait 5000 and now its 200,000 what a joke! bunch rich ass idiots! WE SHOULD ALL BOYCOTT ANYTHING BP! AAND ALLLLLLL DRILLING! SELL YOUR STOCKS AND BOYCOTT!

  5. kics82 says:

    and i bet even after america has officially fucked mexico’s coast (part of their tourist attraction income) they are still going to be assholes to them.

  6. furseiseki says:

    nothing natural about this disaster. it’s time to pull the plug on “drill baby drill”

  7. shadman1911 says:

    We ,the citizens, must demand that our countries spend less money in pointless huge military structures and create institucions to deal with natural disasters like this… something international with the best minds and large resources… guys that can make a freakin cap… BP = 2 major fails to seal the leak and now they’re using a fancy vaccum cleaner…

  8. pauljaylee says:

    Surely, BP is beyond petroleum.

  9. 1911arthur says:

    The Boycott of BP has begun. I filled up at another station today and plan on doing that for the rest of my life.
    Boycott these bums whose solution for one of the biggest ecological disasters on this planet is a roll of duct tape!

  10. BeenInACaveWayToLong says:

    I am going to continue to beat this dead horse until somebody gets it!
    Why is BP not stopping the spill in the most expeditious manner possible to them? Instead, the effort is directed at corralling and retrieving the oil by reusing the damaged riser while 200,000 gallons per day of crude oil are polluting the ocean. The primary effort MUST be to stop the leak, not siphon the oil to the surface.
    BeenInACaveWayToLong 6 hours ago 3

  11. BeenInACaveWayToLong says:

    It has certainly been amusing, watching BP continue to attempt to rehabilitate their well into production while the world believes they have actually attempted to shut it down. There has been no attempt to stop the oil spill, only attempts to get the well back into a production status. America should revoke all permits for this well, telling BP it will never be permitted as an operating well, and force BP to shut it down.

  12. deadboy000 says:

    thank you BP for destroying the world.

  13. DillonDee1 says:

    It looks to me like Halliburton screwed up.

    Can we get any money from them since they moved their money to the Mid-East?

  14. witecracker2 says:

    @ManservantPablo i wish ithe best for you god bless.you and humanity

  15. ManservantPablo says:

    @witecracker2 dude shut up.

  16. witecracker2 says:

    this is it guys , i was nice living here on planet earth,,everynowandthen to bad humanity let it kill itself,

    we picked the wrong heroes,
    we have been played, for hundreds of years,
    the new world order is now going into effect soon,.
    martial law will be implemented soon . the whole food chain in the oceans could collapse, this spells doom, the gulf of Mexico is now a wasteland, RUINED…
    for the short term
    for the long term
    the world will be a distant memory soon

  17. wes1274 says:



  18. screenwriterOscar says:

    If BP keeps making impressive engineering stories. No one America is impress with climate changes, pollutions, worst oil pollutions. Investors aren’t happy how much damaged for small businesses. they will face foreclosure and difficult to borrow money from banks.

  19. Lumixster says:

    I hope BP goes bankrupt…if u throw a rubbish on the beach, u get fined…4 weeks of oil spil in to the sea…someone has to pay for this dearly…

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