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Stat’s on the Gulf oil spill. Breathtaking HD footage of water sports with a message.

Posted on June 16, 2010 by bp complaints

My name is John Lieurance and I made this fact filled film to educate and inspire an appropriate response to this disaster. Please share this video with as many people as you can! Lets make a difference together to save the Gulf marine environment. Please donate to Mote Marine! Goto mote.org The latest facts, stats, pictures and maps for the BP oil spill, its size, its impacts on wildlife, and the efforts at containment and cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion of the Transocean Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20 killed 11 people and led to the BP oil spill — the largest in US history — that threatens coastal Louisiana, Gulf Coast fisheries, Gulf of Mexico ecosystems, and perhaps the East Coast, as the spill reaches the loop current. Here, you’ll find updates about the impacts to animals, fish, birds and seafood in the Gulf of Mexico, about the efforts at containment and cleanup, facts about the oil leak’s size, as well as pictures, video, maps and more. You’ll also find information about how to help, and about individuals who have dedicated their lives to protecting the oceans from just such a disaster. The Size of the Spill 5000 to 60000 barrels a day: Rate at which oil is leaking from the Deepwater Horizon rig. Some experts now believe that original estimates of 5000 barrels a day (that’s 210000 gallons) were way off. And BP says that it’s likely that the leak rate is around 60000 barrels (2.5 million gallons) a day. (Source: Los Angeles Times) 19 million to 39

BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in pictures. Produced by Naseem Rakha
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  1. skulljoint says:

    nice video

  2. rudradev64 says:

    Powerful, Naseem! I am posting the link on FB. I see that the word is spreading!

  3. NWOIS666 says:


  4. lhartlady says:

    Hi Naseem: Thank you very much for sending the very moving video. I am sending it to almost everyone I know. I say “almost everyone” because some have told me they can’t stand to see any more images because they are already sick enough at heart. So sad. Will we figure it out before we totally kill our ecosystem/planet? You have done another amazing job!! Ann Ferrell

  5. CatiMcG says:

    Naseem! Sobering images of an immense disaster! Gracias

  6. pjsolomon1 says:

    Very powerful video – such a tragedy!

  7. Xtina47 says:

    so very powerful.I will post on my FB page

  8. namastecanyousee says:

    Wonderful, Naseem. I broke out in tears at the image of the pelican struggling in the oil with its beak open. The depression around this is almost unbearable. Thanks for this film and I’ll share on Facebook. Love, Melladee

  9. MGK24 says:

    Naseem, is it okay with you to embed your film in our blogs?

  10. mimipoet says:

    Good for your Naseem. I am Ernie Wormwood from Facebook. Will share on my page.

  11. ChatoKennel says:

    Well done, and I totally agree, we are all to blame for this. Our entire lifestyle, throw away society, instant gratification, keeping up with the Jones’s, glutenous society that we are all part of.

  12. abuelitaromo says:

    Actually I hate the video, but love the heart in it…………sigh, so full of sorrow, I could weep constantly.

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