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Rep. Peter Welch delivers opening statement at Gulf spill hearing

Posted on June 19, 2010 by bp complaints

Rep. Peter Welch delivered an opening statement to leaders of BP, Transocean and Halliburton on May 12 about the devastating human and environmental toll of the Gulf oil spill. Welch visited the Gulf region on Friday with a bipartisan delegation of Energy and Commerce Committee members. The group flew over the spill site, were briefed by response officials and met with residents and business owners affected by the spill. Welch recently cosponsored the BP Deepwater Horizon Inquiry Commission Act, which would create an independent, non-partisan commission to investigate the causes of the Gulf spill and seek to prevent future incidents from occurring.
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Following the BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, we’re all looking for ways to cut down on gas consumption, and perhaps looking more to light rail and other transportation options. But sometimes, just sometimes, you really need a waiting getaway car. Here’s the article from the Mercury News: www.mercurynews.com “Behind the Logo” – bp logo re-imagined: www.flickr.com BP oil spill unleashes an outpouring of angry art: io9.com Santa Clara County VTA Light Rail – “Always on time!” www.vta.org
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  1. Rikotistic says:

    @kenrg, I don’t know. Now I’m having to think about it too much. lol. But good question.

  2. kenrg says:

    @Rikotistic Will it save more energy to keep him locked up, or to turn him lose? We’ll have to study that…

  3. Rikotistic says:

    They should shorten his sentence, given his concern for CO2 emissions. But then again the bank teller had a rapid heartrate, fearful, and was generating twice the level of CO2 in breathing..so he lost his gain. Serve full sentence. British P. owes the Gulf Coast big time.

  4. thechurchofdave says:

    @dunemoonbeam Cars were designed to run on hemp oil. Henry Ford was a huge proponent of Hemp oil fuel and hemp oil plastics for parts.

    If you were to outlaw oil today, hemp would would replace it quite nicely. Cleaner burning, less land fill waste, less water pollution, less fertilizer for other crops, the list is huge as far as what industrial hemp based products and industry used to supply to this country before it was outlawed by oil interests. Industrial hemp wont even get you stoned.

  5. dunemoonbeam says:

    @thechurchofdave lets hope the miracle of fusion and infinate energy solves our problems if not we are well and truley fucked, we have enough tar sand oil in canada to run the world for 200 years if we dont manage to re create the power of the sun, we will run dry someday

  6. kenrg says:

    @flan984 Can you imagine Bullet with Steve McQueen on the train instead of in a Mustang? Would not have had the same effect…

  7. flan984 says:

    I’m a great fan of light rail, really it’s the most convenient form of transportation we have here, but, to be honest I don’t think I’d choose it as a getaway trasport from a bank robbery.

    Now I can’t help but reimagine scenes from movies with public transportations instead of fast cars. Somehow I think it would make them more amusing.
    I can see the police chases now:
    “Quick Jack, if we run fast enough we can still catch the 9.15 bus down town, and intercept them near the Hospital!”

  8. thechurchofdave says:

    @dunemoonbeam Exactly. 1 single hours worth of oil is enough to be the largest ecological disaster in the history of the nation. Not exactly a good reason to stick with this form of or energy.

  9. kenrg says:

    @ThOverdrive I do my best to educate and inform ;^)

  10. kenrg says:

    @21stCenturyCat If they don’t, it’s a missed opportunity for certain.

  11. ThOverdrive says:

    lol Ken what a great twist on a story a lot of people will put up for a Darwin award. Loved it.

  12. 21stCenturyCat says:

    yep, they will no doubt be using him in their next PR campaign, stranger things have happened…

  13. kenrg says:

    @battim Well, at least going for the green.

  14. kenrg says:

    @dunemoonbeam Enough to run the US for an hour? But which hour? ‘Cause I use a lot more energy in the middle of the day than I do in the middle of the night…

  15. battim says:

    its logical the a bank robber is “green”

  16. dunemoonbeam says:

    maybe he’ll get green credits off his next train journey, oh and by the way enougth oil has spilled to run the whole usa for 1 hour

  17. kenrg says:

    @PappyStu You could try to rob the light rail, but they don’t usually have a safe on board, and it might be a little conspicuous when you come riding up on your horses…

  18. PappyStu says:

    They used to rob trains too by the way… Though I figure the environment had little to do with it…

  19. kenrg says:

    @liz1060 I think he wanted the express…

  20. liz1060 says:

    What part of loco motion did he not get?

  21. kenrg says:

    @fehquig Very carefully…

  22. kenrg says:

    @ralfonzo83 We gotta cut out the fossil fuels and promote the train anyway we can – even if it means robbing a bank and going to prison!

  23. kenrg says:

    @blackturtleshow I think a bicycle is an excellent getaway vehicle. Very nimble around traffic and unmarked allies, easy to dump when done, but not much protection when the bullets start flying.

  24. kenrg says:

    @DogWalkingTall I’m happy to help out … for a small cut ;^)

  25. kenrg says:

    @ebiannah Yep, he robbed the bank… with no getaway car, with no gun, with no plan?

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