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Rand Paul: White House criticism of BP is “un-American”

Posted on June 07, 2010 by bp complaints

On Good Morning America, 5/21/2010
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  1. hitmanhart670 says:

    How any politician can fix their face to support BP at a time like this is amazing to me. Yet he somehow has support…

  2. raybanfandom says:

    Thank you. I agree. Carter was way ahead of his time and we can see it now.

  3. bobodd5 says:

    yankee traitor how dare you

  4. goldenrule22 says:

    seems to me there were regulations in place but the explosion still occurred….hmmm makes you wonder….why didn’t those regulators stop this tragic event!

  5. MrYoubrian says:

    @raybanfandom FINALLY!!!! Someone stands up for a great American and human being, President Carter. We never got to see the potential of this man when he was president. He warned us about becoming dependent on foreign oil, said we need to house the homeless,and that green energy was the wave of the future.
    The Republicans crucified him for that……

  6. feelytouchy67 says:

    I have that same concern about him. It is odd that his namesake (Ayn Rand) is known mainly for touting the virtues of individual responsiblity, yet Rand Paul seems to arguing against it in this case, arguing that BP not be held liable for its own pathetic incompetence.

  7. AngelofAntistupidity says:

    Why are we asking BP to pay the money for the spill? I think it’d be much more fun if the government withdrew their protection under the law, and we could go open season on their BRITISH asses…

  8. dohboy200 says:

    I think the next step for Rand Paul is to physically paste special interest bumper stickers on his forehead…lol at the tea party – your hipocrosy is paramount

  9. raybanfandom says:

    Why are you such a name calling troll? Tubeinaredcircle is speaking about the future of the planet. A little info: Reagan smashed every effort Carter fought for. As soon as Reagan became president, he pulled the plug on alternative energy. The US government employed highly competent scientist for the task, of which two went on to win Nobel Prizes. Not C+ Physics students. More like genius level. If Reagan had vision, we would be #1 in pollution free energy, thus #1 today.

  10. tubeinaredcircle says:

    @ThePoliticalMoose What’s really scary is the depth at which we have allowed ourselves to sink into the tar pit of oil dependancy. Lucky for you though a growing number of people are willing to disconnect from that reality and redefine our energy situation.

    I think this gulf spill will tip the scales, enough of big oil already. Time to toss out the oil rigs and renovate our energy situation from top to bottom. Agree?

  11. ThePoliticalMoose says:

    It’s scary to me that someone as disconnected from reality as you are is able to vote.

  12. tubeinaredcircle says:

    @ThePoliticalMoose Bad model. Private energy control leads to situations like Enron, price gouging and the very topic of this video (BP putting profits over safety.)

    it’s much better that energy research/ production be a division of the DOE and DOT. The new energy model will be integrally tied into the road and highway system, to provide power as you drive. Government is the only entity to handle the retrofit. Private firms utilized for reaserch not distribution. Profit would offset taxes.

  13. ThePoliticalMoose says:

    Hey Retard, if ‘a teaspoon of research’ could create efficient wind energy than a private company would do that & patent it. The US has the largest venture capital force on the planet. If there is going to be a breakthrough, it will be from venture capital NOT some bureaucrat from Washington who got a C+ in high school physics.

    Every penny you take out of the capital markets and give to Washington is a wasted penny. Let American innovation work, it will solve the problem

  14. feelytouchy67 says:

    Problem: while I think he has a good legal (and Constitutional) point about Congress being the ultimate “rule-maker” (rather than the EPA), he does NOT bring up the long-standing favoritism that the oil industry has always had in regard to tax rules written by Congress. The “Oil Depletion Allowance” has been around since at least the early sixties — and it grants oil companies the biggest tax deductions of all. This is “discriminatory taxation” — everyone else has to pay more.

  15. tubeinaredcircle says:

    @ThePoliticalMoose Well.. at least we agree on something.

    We can’t agree that solar or wind is the way to go?
    We can’t agree that solar or wind is far safer (can’t recall the last solar or wind related disaster, can you) than fossil fuel?
    We can’t agree that given a teaspoon of targeted research we can make solar and wind extremely effecient?
    We can’t agree that the US should be the leader and inovator in this endeavor?

  16. ThePoliticalMoose says:

    Agreed. Goodbye

  17. tubeinaredcircle says:

    LMAO, You can’t debate a retard.

  18. ThePoliticalMoose says:

    @tubeinaredcircle You’re retarded

  19. tubeinaredcircle says:

    @ThePoliticalMoose Here’s what’s going to happen.

    1) Countries will transition to solar energy, why? Because it’s the largest source of energy in our entire SOLAR SYSTEM, that’s why.
    2) The countries that have the forsight to begin the transition sooner will be rewarded with a shitload of patenets and the wealth that brings.
    3) All else will be stuck forever scraping whatever oil is left off of their shorelines, paying 70$ per gal for whatever drops they can suck out of the ground.

  20. tubeinaredcircle says:

    People are thinking about it.

  21. ThePoliticalMoose says:

    wow! really?! Do you want to start a business? Obviously you know how to capture that energy from Arizona cheap and efficiently, so we shouldn’t have any problem becoming millionaires by selling energy! OMG!?! How did no one think of that before?

  22. sming01 says:

    Rand Paul is the man and I agree with him. The left wing media is hyping all of his comments but I think he will still win

  23. tubeinaredcircle says:

    @ThePoliticalMoose If energy independence is your main concern AND you are so willing to randomly sacrifice our land to achieve it, why not CONTROL what land gets sacraficed.

    You do realize that if a mere 100 square miles of say, Arizona desert were utilized for efficient solar energy production it would produce enough energy to power the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

    What’s your problem with that, gets rid of the oil man?

  24. ThePoliticalMoose says:

    You’re right. I completely agree. We should continue to fund foreign dictators who hate us with oil money. Energy independence? screw that! An oil spill happens every 20 years, that’s way too high of a price to pay.

  25. Michaelprotectsme says:

    alex jones supports this guy what the fuck this guy is a bp cronie fuck him

  26. ogmonkey27 says:

    @spellbinder00 Thanks. Expanding Earth Theory is the BEST explanation. Yes we are shown a picture of PANGEA when in school. But they forgot one key detail. If you take a map of Pangea and cut out the water. You will find that the one land mass can be fit together like one solid rock(with no water). There was never water at one time. The oceans are not even a % of the age of lands around the Earth

  27. spellbinder00 says:

    @ogmonkey27 I beleive you..I have seen the expanding earth theory video here on youtube. Makes more sense. They go on in the video and show this is happening on Mars as well.

  28. spellbinder00 says:

    @younitehumanity I have Heard it’s the lubricant that the earth’s plates ride on making Continental drift posible.

  29. spellbinder00 says:

    If the gusher in the Gulf is making an EXXON disaster every 4 days then there has been 5 EXXON tankers worth of oil dumped in the Gulf. The flow of oil is probably wrong so it might be over 10 Super Tankers. :{

  30. younitehumanity says:

    If Crude oil is not “Fossil”, which makes sense at that kind of depth, why is it there…what purpose has oil from a natural perspective. I’m sure God didn’t put it there for us to put it in our Escalades.

  31. videosouthafrica says:

    babbling …. shut up fools

  32. nirosive says:

    What is the date Lindsey gave on an earlier show? Anybody?

  33. tapfinger says:

    $+greed + thirst for control @ any cost – vs. – humanity = a brutal beating for humanity……..

  34. ogmonkey27 says:

    Oil is just like water on Earth. It is made from some unknown process. I believe in Expanding Earth Theory and that water is created here under/on Earth. Earth had NO water at one time. Then it began to grow…The oceans are growing and they can’t admit it. The ocean floors do just grow and are made somehow. Maybe Earth is alive. Give anything enough time and I believe it could gain consciousness..Like our planet for example.

  35. gillumine says:

    @AnduinX YEAH i want to know too

  36. AnduinX says:

    I missed when he was first on this program. What is the supposed date they’re going to crash the dollar? Thanks.

  37. Modacolorist says:


  38. uroprop says:

    @uroprop great was just strange 3 and 4 came before

  39. SetYouFreee says:

    @uroprop it is still processing. should go live soon.

  40. uroprop says:

    part 2 is missing

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