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President Obama speech: Addicted to Oil

Posted on June 17, 2010 by bp complaints

Barack Obama says he will make BP pay for damage caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Amid anger over his initial response to the crisis, the President called the disaster an “assault on America” during his first Oval Office address. Almost two months after an oil rig explosion, millions of litres of oil are still pouring into the ocean. In his speech, Obama, said the disaster should mark the beginning of the end for America’s addiction to fossil fuels. But as RT’s Lauren Lister reports, the nation may not be ready for that just yet.
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Oil Rig blow out gulf of mexico. By DeepWater Horizon. Fire flame spill beer can rig hit huge gas pocket. huge fire blows in gulf. Amazing video. fishing marlin tuna offshore next to deepwater horizon
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  1. sharingundragon says:


    yo know theres a empire that the same thing happen to (well not exactly) but you know what that empires name was “rome” america is the next rome.

  2. sharingundragon says:

    hey can anybody fly me out to russia you know where smart people govern.

  3. NotEasilyRegimented says:


  4. donnyb65 says:

    It isn’t the people who drive big cars that caused the oil catastrophy. It was quite simply corporate greed. A few billionairs cutting corners trying to become overlord trillionaires. Heck they use to run cities on sewer gas before oil became popular.

  5. usam1981 says:

    @logix0 To your first points, the alternatives are WAY to expensive to even be able to be sold to anyone. It just wonldn’t be profitable for them to make them, and second, give them time, and we will see that happen, I can promise you that.

  6. sealhunter5 says:

    The jimmy carter era we had high inflation, car companies going broke ,Jobless rate double digits, and a threat of war with Iran?

    Ixtoc 1 1979 in the gulf the largest oil spill then ! WOW what coincidences!

    All sounds to familiar today . Lets tell the future here gold at all time highs ?

    Wait 1980 gold at all time highs?

    My guess BUY GOLD!

  7. logix0 says:

    @skuggange If car manufacturers would agree on any of the alternatives out there we could be rid of oil tomorrow. This is a failure of the free markets, and I am a far-right conservative. If any company made a affordable nature gas car, which produces no ‘green house gases’ and is more plentiful than oil, EVERYONE would buy it. Why hasn’t that happened? Why haven’t gas prices rocketed in the face of this crisis? They do whenever there is a hurricane in the Gulf….

  8. logix0 says:

    “we have drilled out the easy to drill at places” This is simply NOT true. This is a lie that is told over and over again. The shallow waters is where BP and the like should have been drilling. It isn’t where they are drilling because there isn’t oil there, they aren’t drilling there because the radical environmentalists has made it impossible to drill there. BP was drilling in deep water because they were forced to. This is a simple truth. Obama is not letting this crisis go to waste….

  9. dlucas90 says:

    Oh I see, this oil spill is all America’s fault for buying cheap fuel from foriegn countries? How convienient. I’m sure BP was out in the ocean drilling for oil, out of the goodness of their hearts, just so Americans could drive “gas guzzlers”.

  10. Plum369 says:

    hell i don’t know, whatever happened to Tesla?

  11. skuggange says:

    If car manufacturers would agree on a standardized removable car battery, todays gas stations could work as recharge depots. You stop by, a certified mechanic change the batteries to fully recharged ones and off you go. Petroleum companies are of course afraid of this, as it may make them the same as their fuel: fossil.

  12. OlGreyWolf58 says:


  13. TheJediCharles says:

    You obviously don’t have a point. Nevermind. It’s okay though, please keep expressing your opinions loud and clear. It’s obvious who it helps more in the end.
    See you in November.

  14. mistymoody1972 says:

    @TheJediCharles I’ll point you back to the my first comment in responds to your 1st post.Now redirect your piss,,, fight the system not me BACK OFF!!

  15. oiyabastard says:

    @ThePresidentialTouch is that b.o.m.b for short?

  16. micsc50 says:

    Barack can’t make anyone pay its unconstitutional. This is about Obama taking advantage of a crisis. Oil is our only fuel source there is no other. When one is discovered then we can deal withit put until then its all politics and BULLSHIT!

  17. bmoreravensonline2 says:

    god bless the media, stick to your own country. russia today is always hating on people.

  18. elite1980s says:

    Is not addiction to oil but the only sort of energy around. About time to change the energy currently fueling everyone’s daily lives which is a pollutant. Probably the American’s secret military trillion dollars black projects could reveal some useful ideas on more sophisticated cleaner energy power.

  19. TheJediCharles says:

    What? You think taking bits of what I say out of context and put question marks after them is “making a point?”
    You haven’t even answered my question. I’ll have to repeat it, I suppose.
    What statement are you standing behind exactly? You said you’re standing by your statement. WHAT statement?

  20. mistymoody1972 says:

    @TheJediCharles HA Ha Ha ..IF I’m not makeing sense it’s cause I used your words.If you cant see what i’m saying than you need more help than I can give. Good day Sir ///NO2NWO//

  21. ThePresidentialTouch says:

    Everyone say it with me now,

    Alternator driven supplemental hydrogen generators.

    There, was that so hard?

  22. TheJediCharles says:

    What? You don’t make any sense.
    Could you please choose a single complete thought to express instead of bouncing about not effectively saying anything? Please, focus like a laser beam. What statement of your own are you standing behind exactly?

  23. DurexDurpaneu2 says:

    Sad but true

  24. mistymoody1972 says:

    @TheJediCharles Mr, liftist?? Get off Obama’s back??Destructive President??Inaction??Placates to liberal left??What about FOX news,,come now Mr,Jedi. I stand by my statement!! Come back from the dark side,,,YOU are how ever right in that we(even you) needs to get over our selfs

  25. synn1980 says:

    @Mrmilluh Sadly, I agree… Obama just wants a carbon tax for his world army and NWO…

  26. 1z1q says:

    What up wanaqke.. I have spent many a night out in the Gulf tied off to a platform , but I aint EVER had the pleasure/horror of seeing a flare-off like that.. FREEKIN AWESOME!!! That looks like a Floater way out past the Shelf

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