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Pr. Obama Gulf Spill (4) Press Conference

Posted on June 07, 2010 by bp complaints

PRESIDENT ANNOUNCES NEW DRILLING REGULATIONS; CHIEF REGULATOR RESIGNS Today President Obama is announcing new drilling regulations hours after Elizabeth Birnbaum resigned under pressure as head of the Minerals Management Service (MMS), the lead agency overseeing US oil and gas drilling. The MMS has come under fire for lax inspections of the Deepwater Horizon rig prior to its April 20 explosion and an Inspector General’s report that identified inappropriate behavior and industry relationships by agency officials.
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  1. gparkanzky says:

    Wrong about what? your message said nothing about what I was pointing out. Its about the lies and deciet and spending of this progressive administartion and the disregard for the issues that really are effecting Americans.

  2. jst1998 says:

    @gparkanzky Wrong – WE have to stop being the most ignorant people on the planet when it comes to consuming and wasting energy. Unfortunately too many Americans rather scream “drill baby drill” instead of working on solving our energy problem.

  3. gparkanzky says:

    I love this part. Go to 5:20 mark where pres says that BP is not forthcomming with info in order to hide the extent of the damage to american people. Sound Familiar… Healthcare.. Cap and Trade… Immigration…Bank Reform… Bailout…Unemployemnt… Tarp… Deficit… WE have to verify the damage.

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