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Pr. Obama Gulf Spill (1) Press Conference

Posted on June 13, 2010 by bp complaints

PRESIDENT ANNOUNCES NEW DRILLING REGULATIONS; CHIEF REGULATOR RESIGNS Today President Obama is announcing new drilling regulations hours after Elizabeth Birnbaum resigned under pressure as head of the Minerals Management Service (MMS), the lead agency overseeing US oil and gas drilling. The MMS has come under fire for lax inspections of the Deepwater Horizon rig prior to its April 20 explosion and an Inspector General’s report that identified inappropriate behavior and industry relationships by agency officials.
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  1. visionseeker50 says:

    Obama has taught us that we hate- how our government in run
    He couldn’t do anything significant to make an impact
    just bandage the oozing wounds.

  2. IranWarToo says:

    10 Year Old Children Know That It’s WRONG To Risk Calamity By Drilling Under Water, PERIOD.!!! ,,,,, It Is TOTALLY Irresponsible To Drill Under Water ,,,,, God Is Going To Remove From Existence EVERYONE That Abuses This Earth and All These Awesome Creatures ,,, Moses Writes at One Point God ACTUALLY Regretted Creating Man.!!! ,,, The Only Earthly Creature God Has EVER Regretted Making Is Man.!!! ,, The Earth Was NOT Made For The Sake Of Man ,, Man Was Made For The Sake Of Earth.!!! Peace , Dean.

  3. kimlea69 says:

    make bp pay in GOLD………kim

  4. 385Mercedes says:

    Banks are talked of as “too big to fail”. This crisis is the same. It’s a problem too big to be left unsolved.
    Brother Start, thank you for sharing!

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