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Planet 100: How To Clean Up An Oil Spill (5/10)

Posted on June 03, 2010 by bp complaints

As oil continues to gush from Gulf, Planet 100 takes a look at the 5 most radical methods to clean up an oil spill. For More Videos On Oil: planetgreen.discovery.com

There is increased heat on the White House to do more about the Gulf oil spill, with Senator Nelson saying that it’s time for Obama and the military to step it up on the oil spill. But with the oil industry and the government sharing such a cozy relationship – to the point where the government allowed BP to write its own evaluations – is it even possible for the government to do anything? Mike Papantonio appears on MSNBC’s The Ed Show to talk about what could possibly be done.
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  1. Enuroracer222 says:

    I wonder if you could light that oil on fire..? wouldnt that be so cool and scarry at the same time? lol

  2. EgaoNoGenki says:

    I really, really like the idea of donating hair and pantyhose to clean it all up.


  3. skunkredhair says:

    there is fungus that can clean the oil… the mushrooms themselves are clean after too.

  4. WorldStove says:

    why not use biochar to sop up the oil? a CO2 negative solution

  5. Nightzo says:

    The American government should just encourage oil looting

  6. Nightzo says:

    @saykarpaudel Many people don’t realise that ‘dirty’ energy sources are needed in this day and age to provide energy for those spikes in energy usage, something that renewables can’t do because eg. you can’t speed up the wind. Developed countries are already working towards a renewable energy future by setting renewable energy targets enforced by agreements like the Kyoto protocol. It’s just taking a long time because of the amount of planning, infrastructure and money needed

  7. Allamericom says:

    Not only was there no collar around the rig site the Government PUT OUT THE FIRE at the rig which let the oil spread into a national disaster an Obama back to work plan?- Who is our government working for? clearly not USA.
    Government u tube sites are blocking and editing the the American comments
    Wake up fools a planed failed government at work in front of your eyes O-ne B-ig A-ss -M-isstake A-merica
    Wake up America your under siege

  8. RonPaulMall says:

    you forgot about hay. you can use hay to soak up oil.

  9. pzabeti says:


  10. arseshan says:

    @BeondaPale First of all I am extremely sorry for your home being destroyed repeatedly by illicit and inconsiderate human activities. Secondly, as you rightly mentioned, if a hurricane hits landfall with oil, It will make things much worse than what it normally does. Much has been speculated about the genesis of the storm being effected by the spill, however the US Climate Prediction Center will issue its seasonal hurricane outlook on May 20, which is expected to explain this theory as well.

  11. BeondaPale says:

    @arseshan as far as I know, oil does NOT lower water temps. So any hurricane would be just as strong, but the hurricane would stir up water from deep down (where the REAL oil spill is) and make the oil spill worse

    My home is being destroyed in a man made disaster — AGAIN !! –. This time by a bunch of money grubbing business executive sociopaths who cared more for short term profit than long term thinking

  12. BeondaPale says:

    @Allamericom Bobby Jindal (Republican Governor of Louisiana and “rising GOP star” didn’t call for a “state of emergency” until nine days after the spill

    Not one BSing GOP fraud has said a single word about that – and it’s HIS STATE

    … a Southeast Louisianian

  13. saykarpaudel says:

    here is a way to keep the ocean clean … DO NOT POLLUTE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

    we should stop using fossil fuels and move to cleaner energy sources ….

    its simple … here is a example … there is a person (your enemy ) that will stab you soon … but you can make peace with that person … what would you rather make peace with that person or plan a funeral for yourself ….

    either use dirty energy sources and worry about cleaning up or use the clean and better energy and be happy!!

  14. Allamericom says:

    Let Obama know if anyone see any oil anywhere -Obama has used your money to hire Assessment Technique Teams to poke at it.

  15. littlebuch says:

    i have an idea-lets dry the oceans and put fresh water in them

  16. KatsPeanut says:

    That’s great. Now, how do we stop the hole!!????

  17. ShutUpMomImOnMSN says:

    If it was me i would just ask the fishes to give us our oil back. Thats the best way to solve this problem!

  18. psb1964 says:

    hehehe if humans are really addicted to oil, there should be a rush for the coast. hehehe

  19. arseshan says:

    What really is surprising me is the effect the oil spill will have on Hurricanes…..

    as we know that the hurricane collects sea surface temperature to gather momentum.. if the hurricane travels over the spill….could the oil spill work as a blessing in disguise or be disastrous if it stays as long as July…..

  20. Magcomplex says:

    Out of the frying pan and into the fire…
    Let’ use Germ war fare…because we know exactly how that works..

  21. Valstein0 says:

    I am ashamed to be human.

  22. shonspirulina says:

    PAP ROCKS. He hit the nail on the head about these right wing hypocrits.

  23. CO2Junkie says:

    @ShaunaDDye – PS. The oil industry taxed too much? Well maybe in California. But in Louisiana the oil industry is taxed the least, as I understand it. Also, the oil industry is regulated the least in Louisiana. And why might that be? Here’s an idea – LOUISIANA IS A RED STATE and generally speaking LA government is ANTI-REGULATION. So is this REALLY A SURPRISE? C’mon now. Where’s all that conservative anti-regulation good sense you claim to have over us libs?

  24. CO2Junkie says:

    @ShaunaDDye – You said we liberals don’t understand government’s position in disasters like this. Thus my response. How the hell you get “we shouldn’t use ANY oil” out of what I said – I have no idea.

    GROW UP. TAKE YOUR MEDICINE. How could Fed have regulated this? Have u not seen the news? Have u not heard about the goings on at the MMS? Have u not heard the testimony about regulations ignored by BP? ETC.

    Drilling this close to the coast – not worth it – oil spills will happen. Raise CAFE.

  25. ShaunaDDye says:

    @CO2Junkie What would your solution be? The oil and gas industry is heavily regulated and taxed. What could the corporation or the government have done to prevent this accident? Should we not drill any oil? How will we function as a nation with no energy?

    I didn’t blame it on democrats or republicans or anyone. Accidents do and will happen when drilling a mile under the ocean! There will be plenty of time to play the blame game later! I say, now is the time to get to work to fix the leak!

  26. ShaunaDDye says:

    @silkandolive Actually, I can argue that and believe I effectively did. Government doesn’t have to be all or nothing- it has a role which is defined within the constitution and refined by further law and precedent.

    Accidents do happen and when they happen on this kind of scale, the government has the ability to step in and gather ideas and resources quickly. What I find odd is that the current administration first sent lawyers and has spent a month ripping on BP before fixing the leak!

  27. dkkght46 says:

    Obama’s Chernobyl. Obama can’t be bothered with sand barriers for oil. He is trying to get out of the sand barrier on the 14th fairway. Where are Obama’s environmental radicals, EPA, and green czars like Van Jones who are so concerned with the environment and have all the answers to save the planet? What genius ideas are they offering? We should stuff the oil pipe with the Obama administration

  28. Why did Goldman Sachs sell 44% of its investment in BP on March 31st, 2010, 20 days before the deepwater oil rig explosion took place in the Gulf of Mexico? Lucky move? Click on my name for the official data from March 31st.

  29. mapleloaf67 says:

    like pap says BP is a felon why let these felons keep on killing people and they are in canada asking no demanding drilling rights which horror of horrors they will probably get because harper is a bush lapdog the greed is astounding

  30. barbtube01 says:

    Rick Perry was the same idiot that said the BP blow out was an act of God. Well Mr Perry start praying to God for help!

  31. FightTheCorporations says:

    Yeah, you know all the big wigs sold their stock as soon as they found out about the spill and were telling everyone it was no big deal. Just like the guys at Enron.

  32. kingsdun says:

    Pap should be on every tv channel. Everybody should hear what he has to say about this.

  33. chgosatrap says:

    And wasn’t Bobby Jindal the first one with his hand out?

  34. JustB3NJI says:

    I like Pap, he brilliantly exposes the reps double standards at the start! Of course those reps are probably just saying anything they think might harm Obama! BP need bringing down, this Oil spill controvery can be seen as just more inexcusable behaviour in a long line of inexcusable behaviour on BP’s behalf. Call me a socialist but it all started when Thatcher denationalised BP.

  35. HolyCity2012 says:

    The Pap Attacks, Hell Yeah! Thumbs Up.

  36. juliaisafilmbuff123 says:

    @CO2Junkie I think we can both agree Rand Paul is just another power-hungry politician willing to say anything to win votes and support.

  37. CO2Junkie says:

    @juliaisafilmbuff123 – Yes he did. And he also said it was not the Federal government’s job to ‘put its boot on the neck of BP’. But then of course he is also criticizing the President for not putting enough pressure on BP. He’s double-speaking… Ironic isn’t it? Since Teabaggers are supposedly against demagoguery & other Orwellianisms.

  38. CO2Junkie says:

    @ShaunaDDye – When Federal intervenes as a preventative measure u wing nuts say ‘corporations regulate themselves’ or ‘oil is as natural as seawater’.

    Then, when the predicted disaster takes place u want to blame whatever Democrat is in power for NOT taking preventative measures. We tree-huggers have been saying this spill IS GOING TO HAPPEN. You reactionaries kept calling us nuts & voting for & empower the de-regulators. Take your medicine. This is as much your fault as “the government’s”.

  39. silkandolive says:

    Shauna – you can’t have it both ways. You can’t out of one side of your mouth be “for” limited government (allowing corporations to operate regulation free), yet out of the other side be for it in case of disaster.

    Do you realize you are arguing in favor of wreckless big business practices at the expense of the American tax payer? Who do you think is going to pay for the billions in damages in years to come? BP? Do you realize Republicans are fighting a bill to remove the damage payment cap?

  40. CO2Junkie says:

    @ShaunaDDye says “Many people believe it’s the governments job to help in temporary major disasters that affect multiple states and tons of commerce.”

    But that doesn’t cover an economic meltdown? Or a housing market crash?

    No, we liberals get the difference. It’s you that are confused. You count your hits & don’t count your misses. These are classic epistemology of government issues. You bitch when Federal intervenes but bitch when disaster takes place because Federal didn’t intervene.

  41. ShaunaDDye says:

    @ShaunaDDye Never-ending, unconstitutional entitlement programs are another issue entirely.

  42. ShaunaDDye says:

    I liberals are confusing limited government with no government or anarchy. Tea partiers and most conservatives simply want a government that works within the confines of their constitutionally outlined duties. Many people believe it’s the governments job to help in temporary major disasters that affect multiple states and tons of commerce. There are several places in current law that actually say its the federal governments job to take care of this.

  43. allgoo19 says:

    “Didn’t Rand Paul say that..”

    I noticed he’s been so quiet lately too. And also Liz Cheney(from additional reasons)?
    It looks like all the “de-regulation is king” crowd suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth.
    De-regulation = Big corporates = Big contribution = Big political influence = Big profit = Small public influence
    If anybody doesn’t see this yet, pretty supid.

  44. Seldona says:

    Silly question. It is BP’s fault, and responsibility. The President does need to light a fire under their asses though.

    Every tanker BP has should there removing most of the oil at the sight, and should have been there asap! They are not.

    Every one that is sitting, full of oil they are waiting to sell in a more expensive market, should be seized, emptied, and put to work. We will keep the oil for our troubles. As a start.

    I agree, the ball is in the President’s court. Grow a pair!

  45. a300pilotster says:

    love big ed.

  46. juliaisafilmbuff123 says:

    Didn’t Rand Paul say that government intervention in the oil spill was “un-American”?

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